Every Character’s Phone Case In Honkai: Star Rail, Ranked


  • The phone cases in Honkai: Star Rail reflect the unique personality and interests of each character, adding an extra layer of depth to their portrayal.
  • Some characters like Dan Heng and Blade have underwhelming phone cases, lacking personalization and design, while others like Seele and Himeko showcase their personalities effectively through their cases.
  • Characters with more personalized and visually appealing phone cases, such as Serval and March 7th, stand out and leave a strong impression on players.



Honkai: Star Rail has many fascinatingly unique and wonderful playable characters with charming qualities and personalities. Throughout their interactions with other characters and combat actions, they will put their entire heart and soul on display, showcasing what makes them shine bright.


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Another aspect that gives you a glimpse of each character’s unique personality is their phone case, which is easily missable but an incredible detail. While it is a minor detail, it makes a huge impact, as you get to see how each character handles personalizing their phone. Though, some are much better at this aspect than others…

Updated December 22, 2023, by Seth Parmer: It’s been quite a while since we’ve last visited this list. So long, in fact, that ten new characters have since entered the pool of characters in Honkai: Star Rail. As such, we have updated this list to include and rank every currently available character’s phone case in the game!

36 Dan Heng


While we’d like to say that Dan Heng’s case isn’t that bad, the thing is, he doesn’t seem to have one on his phone, which sort of throws a wrench into things.

Due to this, he simply sits at the bottom of the list regarding who has the best phone case but moves him to the top of the list for people with way too much confidence in their ability to never drop their phone.

Dan Heng’s awesome Imbibitor Lunae form also shares the same caseless phone, somehow making it much worse. Like, dude, you’re a Vidyadhara with some of the best threads in the game and *this* is what you roll with? Unreal, Dan Heng. Unreal.

35 Blade

A look at Blade's Phone Case in Honkai Star Rail

Blade is a dominant character and the current Banner Character in Honkai: Star Rail. However, his phone case is absolutely horrendous and is only better than Dan Heng’s out of technicality since he doesn’t even have a case on his phone.

His phone case is a gradient that goes from black to dark blue to dark red… and that’s it: no design, touch of personality, or anything of the sort. Imagine being one of the most formidable characters money can buy to show up with this in your pocket. Yikes.

34 Hanya


Hanya, much like the previous two entries, is a tremendously fascinating and devastating character who somehow drops the ball when it comes to decking out her phone case despite having one of the best attires and aesthetics in the Honkai: Star Rail.

While there is at least a large flower decal in the bottom left corner and some diamonds here and there, the case is overall rather boring, with not much going on that highlights her personality or interests. It’s not the worst one, but it’s nowhere near the best.

33 Seele


On the other hand, Seele takes care of her phone and has provided a case for it, and while it won’t necessarily blow you away, it does its job and fits her overall personality and abilities.

When you first meet Seele, she can appear overly serious and strict, but as you spend more time with her, you will quickly learn that she’s a big softy once you crack that hard exterior of hers. This case signifies that excellently and ties into her Ultimate, further showcasing her personality.

32 Gepard


Like Seele’s, Gepard’s phone case is fine for what it is but pales in comparison to the others. Though having a giant shield cover the back of your phone signifies it’s protected, it only makes sense with Gepard, as no one else would ever rock this.


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Furthermore, while this case isn’t terrible, the colors are sort of dull, leaving out the deep blues that highlight his outfit and ice-based abilities. If there were splashes of blue here, it would likely be a bit higher, but nonetheless…

31 Bronya


Bronya’s phone case is where things start picking up. Still, it falls victim to many of the same issues the others do, lacking meaningful personalization by focusing purely on what they’re capable of during combat.

It’s undoubtedly flashier than the ones listed before, but we would have loved seeing more of her personality injected into the overall design. That said, we still really enjoy the overall look of the phone case and the colors used.

30 Jing Yuan


Jing Yuan is the star of the new banner and has one of the best aesthetics overall in the game, which is why it’s surprising his phone case doesn’t hit the same highs his outfit or flashy combat animations do.

Overall, Jing Yuan’s phone case is solid, but it’s a bit too much for our taste. The lion’s head is an excellent touch, but there’s just too much going on in such a small space that it seems overly crowded.

29 Argenti


While we do pride characters for stepping up to the plate and blasting their full personality on display with their phone case, there is such thing as having too much going on, which is the case with Argenti’s.

The elegant picture frame with three large, gold roses on its frame, along with the single red rose in the center of the frame, is definitely a choice, but one that will get you into the bottom half of the list. Unfortunately. Sorry, Argenti.

28 Himeko


Himeko’s is essentially the direct opposite of Jing Yuan’s, leaning heavily on simplicity while showcasing a bit of their personality without going overboard.

This phone case has a lovely gold trim over a white background, with golden flowers making up most of the bottom half, giving you a glimpse of the elegance and power of Himeko with very little design. It’s straight to the point and packs a punch, making it the best one so far.

27 Luocha


Luocha may be the current prize in the gacha machine, but his phone case is a little underwhelming when it comes to his overall aesthetic and appearance. While the colors and design match, we were hoping for a bit more personalization. That’s not just what he’s wearing but now on his phone.

Overall, it’s not a terrible phone case. We just prefer the ones that have a bit more personality in them, such as the cutesy animals, anime characters, or things that they consider precious to them such as a pet or their passions.

26 Luka


Luka’s phone case is very personalized, with a cartoon-like portrayal of his personality and interests. It’s very similar to Sampo and Hook’s cases (which you will see very soon), making it stand tall above all the others listed thus far.

Still, something seems off about all these cases, and Luka having what is seemingly the word ‘YOLO’ on the back of his case in edgy lettering makes us refuse to put it any higher than here. What a cringy thing to do, Luka. Shame on you.

25 Sampo


We have to be honest; we struggled with the placement of this one strictly due to Sampo having himself on the back of his own phone case. But, the absurdity of the design saved its chances of being placed any lower than it is.


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Like, come on, Sampo riding on a moped while throwing a bomb with a heart on it in front of him like he’s playing Mario Kart is delightfully him, and OF COURSE he would have himself front and center of his phone case, have you met him?!

24 Hook


Hook runs into the same problems as Sampo (sorry, Hook), but hers is much cuter and more forgivable since she is a literal child that clearly drew it herself. As far as we’re concerned, Sampo commissioned someone to draw himself for his own phone case, making his marginally worse.

Nonetheless, Hook’s case is adorable and fits her upbeat and warm personality, making hers delightful compared to some of the others listed thus far.

23 Serval


Serval’s phone case is the definition of simplicity drenched with personality, and we love it. The record with a lightning bolt striking its center showcases everything you need to know about this rock icon that uses Lightning Damage in combat to best her foes.

The colors used on Serval’s phone case are also excellent, giving you a gradient of blues for the background that’s complimented with various shades of purples and pinks that bring the entire thing together.

22 March 7th


Our funny, quirky, and undeniably lovely teammate, March 7th, has one of the best phone cases in Honkai: Star Rail, and one of the more simplistic ones at that. If you’ve had her in your party for any period of time, you will recognize the flower and colors almost immediately.

Light blues and pinks and a highlight of yellow make everything about this case pop, giving you a taste of her bubbly and bright personality. There’s never a dull moment with March 7th, and this case encapsulates her seemingly endless energy.

21 Yanqing


Despite not being as bright or bubbly as March 7th’s phone case, Yanqing’s is a remarkable design that shows off his flashy yet elegant nature. The swirls of blues and purples, unique trim around the camera lens, and a flock of doves make this one of the best offerings in the game.


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Much like Yanqing’s attire and combat animations, his phone case displays a brilliant combination of colors and designs, reflecting his excellent swordsmanship skills and abilities that make him nearly unmatched in battle.

20 Herta


Herta’s phone case can be hit or miss for many, but we love it as it captures everything you need to know about her in an elegantly designed pattern. The Gothic Maid design nails Herta’s overall vibes and outfit, complete with splashes of blue and purple, adding some contrast to the mix.

Additionally, the purple flowers hanging over the edges of the phone gives this design bonus points as it’s seemingly something she put on her phone herself as a way to express herself further. Herta crushed it with her case and deserves all the praise it gets.

19 Fu Xuan


We know we criticized several phone cases so far for having too much going on, and while Fu Xuan’s definitely falls under the same category, it somehow pulls it off quite well with a stunning offering.

The deep purples, gold, black, and white colors will always blend expertly, and the constellations highlight her personality and overall interests, making it one of the best cases in the game, certainly putting it firmly above all the others we’ve seen up to this point.

18 Welt


One look at Welt’s phone case, and one might assume he is a huge weeb (he is, and that’s one of many reasons we love him), but there’s more here than what meets the eye. The mech featured on his case is an Arahato from Honkai Impact 3rd, a game released nearly seven years ago.

Welt confidently displaying his love for mechas and gaming makes us love him even more than we already did, and the lovely red trim that goes around the entire edge of the case is just extra points at this rate. This case, much like Welt, delivers in spades.

17 Yukong


At the moment, there is no official illustration of Yukong’s phone case, so a close-up of her holding it in her hand will have to suffice for now. And, while it’s not clear what it is, she appears to have a bird of some sort on her case, resembling the ones in her Banner Image.

This also goes hand-in-hand with her outfit, as you can see the wings on the bottom end of her dress, making it a very pretty and stylized case. While it’s not the best, it’s a pretty solid and fitting one for Yukong!

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