Yuri Lowenthal Wants Deadpool In Spider-Man 3

Yuri Lowenthal, the actor behind Insomniac Games’ Spider-Man, has revealed that he wants to see Nolan North as Deadpool appear in a potential third game in the series.



Spider-Man 2 might have only just launched yesterday, but that isn’t stopping its developers and cast from thinking ahead to the future. Not only does it seem like Insomniac Games is open to making some kind of Venom spin-off, but it looks like the man behind Spider-Man himself, Yuri Lowenthal, already has some requests for who he wants to see in a third mainline entry.

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While speaking to ComicBook.com, Lowenthal was asked about which Spider-Man storyline he’d like to see adapted in a potential third game in the series. Although Lowenthal was quick to note that he hasn’t been signed on for Spider-Man 3 just yet, he quickly revealed that the one character he wants to see most in the series is Deadpool, who is most often portrayed by Nolan North.

Lowenthal said, “Look, here’s something I’ve been pitching for a long time, and I don’t know if they’re going to do it, but I love the Spidey-Pool relationship. I love Deadpool and Spider-Man. As much as I talk about Moon Knight in this universe, and Bryan Intihar is tired of me talking about that, I’ve been hard-pitching, ‘Wouldn’t it be great if Nolan North and I got to play in that?’ And so I would love to see that. I’d love to see Deadpool and Spidey in this. Is it going to happen? Probably not. Do they listen to me? Mostly not.”

It seems that Lowenthal is particularly passionate about the idea of Deadpool appearing in the as-of-yet unannounced Spider-Man 3, as he also mentioned the character while talking to YouTuber The Movie Dweeb. When asked about a potential crossover with Wolverine (which he called “terribly exciting”), Lowenthal quickly circled the conversation back around to Deadpool, noting that the relationship between him and Spider-Man is “one of the most delightful out there”.

Deadpool has had a long and storied history with Spider-Man and is one of the characters that he crosses over with the most. One of the best examples of Spider-Man and Deadpool crossing over in gaming is Shattered Dimensions, which had a whole level focusing on Deadpool, played by Nolan North, as the Ultimate version of Spidey took part in his game show and beat up his fanboys.

While Lowenthal’s comments are in no way a promise that Wade Wilson is going to turn up in Insomniac’s Spider-Man universe, his repeated mention of it does at least show that he’s passionate about the idea and hopefully fighting for it behind the scenes.

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