Yu-Gi-Oh’s Age Of Overlord Booster Set Is Available Now

The Yu-Gi-Oh! trading card game has been around for 25 years, and its creators have been doing a number of very special things to mark the occasion. Starting today, you can add the release of Yu-Gi-Oh’s Age Of Overlord booster set to that list. The set includes 101 cards, 100 of which are brand new, and 24 of them are also available as Quarter Century Secret Rares. That one new card is the 25th one available as a Quarter Century Secret Rare, but the twist is that particular card is only available in that form.



The rest of the Quarter Century Secret Rares can also be found as normal cards. The 100 cards in the Age Of Overlord set are made up of 50 Commons, 26 Super Rares, 14 Ultra Rares, and ten Secret Rares. Among those cards is support for a variety of different Decks. Magician, Mannadium, and Odd-Eyes are all covered, and there are also new strategies waiting to be unlocked for players who want to update and improve their dueling tactics.

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That’s all well and good, but the 25 Quarter Century Secret Rare cards will be what you’re on the look out for. The time you have to find them will be limited too as the celebratory cards are only available during Yu-Gi-Oh’s 25th anniversary celebrations. Adorned with a 25th-anniversary watermark so you and everyone you show them off to knows they’re the real deal, if you don’t find the cards in your booster set and booster packs before the birthday festivities come to a close, then it’ll be too late.

Yu-Gi-Oh! Age Of Overlord Booster Pack
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Yu-Gi-Oh! Age Of Overlord Booster Pack

Yu-Gi-Oh’s Age Of Overlord booster set is one of many products released for the TCG to celebrate its 25th anniversary. Including more than 100 cards, 24 of which are also available as Quarter Century Secret Rares, and one additional card that is only a Quarter Century Secret Rare.

Yu-Gi-Oh! has been doing a lot to mark the 25th anniversary of its TCG, so you probably have a little time yet before time’s up as the booster set has only just been released and there’s likely more to come. Last month, it released an anniversary dueling tin for $22 which is still available, by the way. A new Dark Magician Funko Pop! was also released at New York Comic-Con, although if it was even half as popular as the Monkey D. Luffy figure it shared the spotlight with, finding one will be pretty difficult.

Age Of Overlord’s booster packs retail for $4.49 and should be available around the world by the time you read this. Keep checking in with TheGamer for more news on what else Yu-Gi-Oh! has planned as its 25th-anniversary celebrations continue.

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