You Can Now Pre-Order Final Fantasy’s Corduroy Chocobo Plushes

Final Fantasy’s chocobos have been turned into corduroy plushes, available for pre-order now.


  • Chocobos, a staple in the Final Fantasy series, are being turned into corduroy plushes available for pre-order.
  • The design of the plushes features a cream-colored chocobo with an orange beak and matching feet, deviating from the usual yellow appearance.
  • The release date for the corduroy chocobo plushes is currently set for September 2024, but it may be subject to change. Pre-orders for cube plushes are also available.



Even though every new installment in the Final Fantasy series isn’t connected to the one that came before it, there are always elements you’ll find in every single game. You’ll always meet a Cid and crystals are always involved. There are also always chocobos. Big old birds that the occupants of Final Fantasy’s worlds use as mounts. They’re pretty adorable too, hence them being turned into corduroy plushes you can now pre-order.

Since Final Fantasy has been running for so long, the appearance of chocobos has changed quite a bit. Ambrosia and the others you’ll find in Final Fantasy 16 would be pretty tricky to turn into plushes, but the older, more animated-looking versions of the feathered creatures are prime plush territory. Cream-colored, rather than the shocking yellow that might spring to mind when you think of an OG chocobo, with an orange beak and matching feet.


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You can pre-order your very own corduroy chocobo at the Big Bad Toy Store through the link below, but there is some bad news. It’s going to be a while before you can give it a little squeeze. The site currently has a loose release date of September 2024 for the plush and notes that the date is by no means locked in and could still change. Hopefully that means bringing it forward rather than pushing it back should the date need to change.

Final Fantasy Corduroy Chocobo Plush

Final Fantasy Corduroy Chocobo Plush

Square Enix has turned its adorable chocobo design into one of its knitted corduroy plushes. A far more calming color than your typical chocobo yellow with an orange beak and matching orange feet.

If you need a chocobo plush before then, Square Enix still has pre-orders for its cube plushes available. Releasing in April 2024, the plushes are available in three sizes, and there are moogle ones available too that look just like the one Clive converses with at The Hideaway. Sadly still four months until they ship, but a chocobo plush to look forward to and break up the wait until your corduroy one arrives in September.

Plushes are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to everything Final Fantasy fans have to look forward to in 2024. Rebirth launches in February, Final Fantasy 16 is getting more DLC, and Final Fantasy 14’s Danwtrail expansion is slated to be here over the summer. Interesting that we’ll have had all three of those before our corduroy chocobos get here. Good job it looks like they’re worth the wait.


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