‘Wrong word’: Julia Morris’ hilarious gaffe on The Project

Comedian Julia Morris had to backtrack during a live TV interview on The Project on Tuesday night – after referring to her new on-air colleague as a “child.”

Morris appeared on the show with her newly-announced co-host for the next season of I’m A Celebrity … Get Me Out Of Here!, Robert Irwin.

Irwin is just 19 years old – 20 in December – a 36-year age gap with Morris, 55.

“Julia, you are known for being quite risque, but obviously you’ll have a different dynamic with Robert – how is this going to play out?” asked panellist Kate Langbroek.

Mum-of two Morris explained: “Robert is only a whisper older than my eldest child, and there’s a lot of children around my home.”

Appearing to realise that calling her new co-host a “child” was perhaps not the best choice of words, Morris quickly corrected herself, to the delight of the hosts.

“Children? Wrong word. Young adults!” she continued.

“I feel a tremendous friendship, there’s a great mutual respect between the two of us, and we are each finding each other very funny. Neither of us can believe our luck.”

Indeed, the pair praised each other effusively in an interview for news.com.au yesterday, revealing that Irwin had aced his first audition when he was tested as a possible replacement for Morris’ longtime co-host, Dr. Chris Brown.

“I thought it’d be a very tricky race [to find a new co-host], but the second Robert walked through the door, there was no contest. Everybody in the room was spellbound,” Morris recalled of their first screen test as a duo.

“In one second, he turned around all our thoughts: ‘This’ll be very nerve wracking, let’s help this person through that, let’s do this gently …’ The second Robert walks on, everyone’s like, ‘Oh, he knows what he’s doing.’ Then everyone relaxed. Then once he really started, it became: ‘Oh my god, I think we just got another 10 years out of the series.’”

And Morris also said she was excited to see what having co-hosts of two different generations would bring to the program.

“But I don’t remember seeing the dynamic of a turning-56-year-old woman, standing beside a 20-year-old man, presenting a prime time show. He can help me with my Zimmer frame when we get to, like, series 18.

“Robert will be on a carer’s wage as well,” she joked.

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