Wiggles star’s heartbreaking confession about his son in Amazon Prime doc

The Wiggles star Murray Cook makes a heartbreaking confession about his son in the new Amazon Prime documentary Hot Potato: The Story of The Wiggles.

The stars of the beloved group talk openly and honestly about their time in the band throughout the new doc, and reveal some sad home truths with fans.

Cook, who has two children — daughter Georgia Munro-Cook and son Hamish Cook — revealed in the documentary that while he was busy entertaining children around the world, his own kids were left to feel second best.

Cook confessed that his son wasn’t a fan of the Wiggles for one heartbreaking reason.

He shared that at one point Hamish said of his dad’s career: “I don’t like music because it takes Daddy away.”

Elsewhere in the documentary, original Blue Wiggle Anthony Field talks openly about his long-term struggles with his mental health and how he found difficulty coping while at the height of his fame.

His lowest point came when the band toured England, with his co-stars not understanding at the time what was wrong with him.

“Talking to one of my brothers, I told him I felt sad all the time and he said, ‘What have you got to be sad about? You’re successful, you have got all the comforts – what’s wrong with you?’” he said.

Meanwhile, the original Wiggles which also include Jeff Fatt and Greg Page were all smiles this week as they marked the release of the documentary with other members of the group from over the years.

Sadly, there was one glaring omission in the shape of Emma Watkins, who appears in the doc but hasn’t mentioned its release on social media or spoken about it since.

Hot Potato: The Story of The Wiggles comes out October 24 on Prime Video, and gives some insight into the tragic moment one of the group almost died onstage.

One of the original Wiggles, Greg Page, suffered a life-threatening heart attack during a reunion show back in 2020.

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