Why Mayim Bialik was fired from Jeopardy hosting gig

There’s always a risk of losing work when a union strikes, and in Mayim Bialik‘s case, her support for the WGA strike may have caused her to lose out on more work than she anticipated.

TMZ reports that though former Big Bang Theory star Bialik had the support of Sony Studio executives as she took time off from Jeopardy to strike with her fellow union members in recent months, her time away from the show may have led them to believe they could continue to do the show without her.

The report states that “her absence opened execs’ eyes about their dual host system,” and also allowed Ken Jennings to gain more practice in her absence. “Mayim stepping away gave Ken an opportunity … and he took it and ran with it, improving his hosting skills while she was away.”

Managing both Jennings’ and Bialik’s schedules also reportedly became a chore for Sony, and streamlining to one host made more sense to them, per TMZ.

Last year, both Bialik and Jennings were each making $US4 million per year (almost $AU6 million) for their duties hosting the game show.

Bialik also reportedly clashed with production about certain decisions behind the scenes, including the hiring of producer Michael Davies, and her absence caused her to fall “so far out of touch” that the show felt it would be easier to continue without her, TMZ reports.

Bialik’s departure from the show was made public on Saturday, when she announced that she had been fired, writing at the time on social media, “Sony has informed me that I will no longer be hosting the syndicated version of Jeopardy!”

While the option for Bialik to continue hosting prime time specials was left open, this report also states that “Mayim made it clear it was all or nothing.”

This story originally appeared on Decider and is republished here with permission.

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