Which Starter Spirit Should You Choose In Moonstone Island?

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  • So Which Should You Pick?

Moonstone Island brings together elements from so many different genres that it becomes a melting pot of all your favorite mechanics. Feel the partner bond of creatures, the relaxing coziness of a farming sim, and the curiosity of exploration all at once. Combine these feelings with deck-building, turn-based combat…and you find yourself on Moonstone Island.



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The creatures in this world are called spirits. Right off the bat, you are met with a familiar choice between three adorable options, each with their own strengths and weaknesses. In some ways, all three are perfect, but for some players, one spirit may be better than another or vice versa.


Moonstone Island Capacibee Starting Cards and Stats

If you are brand new to creature collecting games and are looking to ease your way into it, Capacibee is the spirit made for you. Initial impressions will show you the Recharge ability that restores ten HP the first time Capacibee loses all of its health. This is a literal life-saver when you are in the midst of battle.

The attack cards that this funky little bee carries with it are no joke either. The Shock attack deals two electric damage three times for a total of six electric damage for only a cost of two energy.

On top of this, Capacibee’s starting cards include the Charge card, which will add additional damage points to your attacks. This will lead to some electrifying combination attacks as you begin your journey across the islands.


Moonstone Island Sheemp Starting Cards and Stats

If you are looking for a slight increase in difficulty, a bit more strategy, or simply do not fancy a bee spirit, Sheemp will check your boxes. Sheemp’s play style focuses more on dealing damage than on healing and defending. The Hot to Touch skill burns the enemy whenever you take Fire damage. This will come in extra handy when you find yourself on a Fire Island.

Even if you are not surrounded by Fire spirits, you will have plenty of chances to burn enemies with Sheemp’s starting cards. The Burn card, in particular, applies four burn and removes one armor.

Removing armor is a key component in Moonstone Island’s turn-based combat, so this combination card will be a great pick every time it comes up in your hand.


Moonstone Island Anklyo Starting Cards and Stats

This cute, adorable dinosaur spirit is no creature to mess with. Ankylo’s play style will be more challenging and focus on strategy and risk mitigation, but its damage output will pay off if you learn how to manage it. Ankylo’s special skill is Bad Temper, which activates Rage every three turns. This will increase the damage you dish out and any damage you take.

If Bad Temper is not rage-inducing enough for you, you will also have immediate access to the Rage card in your deck, applying rage for the duration of your turn. Combine the rage damage with the increased damage from your enemy having zero armor, and you will be unstoppable.

But be careful: Activating a Rage when your enemy is free to attack will pose a great risk to your spirit, as you will take just as much increased damage as your enemies do.

So Which Should You Pick?

Moonstone Island Standing By House With Ankylo

At the end of the day, the choice is yours (actually, the choice happens around midday). Your starter selection will heavily depend on your play style and the level of difficulty in strategic plays that you prefer.

All options are viable, and none of them will be a disappointing choice.

  • For a relaxing experience, choose Capacibee.
  • For strategic battles and playthroughs, grab Ankylo.
  • For an experience somewhere in the middle, go with Sheemp.

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