Which Blessings Should You Choose First In Hellboy: Web Of Wyrd?

Not counting his excellent appearance as DLC for Injustice 2, it’s been a really long time since we saw Hellboy star in a game. That’s just changed thanks to Hellboy: Web of Wyrd, a melee-focused adventure that acts as an adaptation of the comics and sees the BPRD investigator travelling through a mysterious realm known as the Wyrd.



Surprisingly, Web of Wyrd is also a roguelite, which means that the areas that Hellboy adventures through are randomised, and every time he dies, he’s sent back to the beginning of a biome to try again. That might sound tough, but Hellboy does have some tools on his side to help him get through.

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Not only does Hellboy have a range of different charms and guns that can be equipped that help modify his playstyle, but he’ll also get to choose between different blessings that are offered to him during his runs through the Wyrd, much like Hades’ boons. Much like with the guns and charms, there are a few of these to choose between, but there are some that are clearly better than others.

What Are Blessings

Hellboy looking at a Blessing in Web of Wyrd.

Blessings are offered up by some of the characters that you’ll run into in the Wyrd, such as Verdandi, Urdr, and Skuld, with each character offering a different choice of Blessings. You’ll find these Blessings at the start of every new level in a run, as well as randomly while exploring the Wyrd. You also have a chance of running into a shop during a run through a biome, which will take 25 Shakti Shards to permanently unlock. Once you do so, you’ll be able to buy any of the three Blessings that are on offer.

Once purchased or selected, you’ll either have to choose between two effects like whether to increase your Health or your Toughness, or have to choose whether to equip the Blessing’s effect on Hellboy’s fist, his gun, or his charm. Now that you know how Blessings work, it’s time to highlight which ones you should always be aiming for on your run-throughs of the Wyrd.

If you equip or purchase the same Blessing more than once, the effect of it will stack if you choose to place it on the same weapon as you did originally. For example, putting the freeze blessing on the fist once will give it a level 1 effect, but putting it on the fist again if you happen to equip it a second time will raise it to level 2, increasing how long enemies stay frozen for.

Best Blessings

Dignity Aura

Hellboy choosing between Urdr's blessings in Web of Wyrd.

One of the best Blessings in the game is Dignity Aura, which gives Hellboy an instant boost to his toughness, which is essentially a shield on top of his health. When offered this Blessing by Urdr, you’ll have to choose between an increase to your Toughness or your Health, but Dignity Aura is almost always the best choice as Toughness can be regained far more easily by simply avoiding damage or killing smaller enemies.

Virtua Aura is also a valid choice, and it’s not a bad idea to keep Hellboy’s Toughness and Health balanced, but more often than not it’s better to go for the Dignity Aura whenever you can.

Dividend Aura

Hellboy choosing between Skuld's Blessings in Web of Wyrd.

Another great blessing is Dividend Aura, which you’ll be able to choose whenever you run into Skuld. This Blessing makes enemies have a chance of dropping health pickups instead of gold, which is a big help considering the only other way to recover health during a run is by finding a healing room or buying a heart in the shop.

Gold can be found pretty frequently throughout the Wyrd as it is, so it’s really never worth picking up Fortune Aura, unless you’re confident in finding a shop.

Addendum Aura

Hellboy choosing between Verdandi's Blessings in Web of Wyrd.

The last of the choice-specific Blessings comes from Verdandi, who will let you choose between increasing your ammo capacity or reducing the cooldown of your equipped charm. Again, this is an obvious choice and you should almost always go with Addendum Aura, which raises how many bullets your gun can hold.

Charms can be helpful in a pinch, but they don’t have a particularly long cooldown as it is and they’re really not worth choosing an upgrade for over any of the three guns.

Fear Fist

Hellboy choosing a Fear Fist Blessing.

Without a shadow of a doubt, the best weapon-based Blessing that you can get in Hellboy: Web of Wyrd is the Blessing of Vodyanik, which freezes enemies in place until they’re hit whenever it’s activated. This not only gives you a free attack, but it also interrupts whoever you’re fighting and resets their attack, making it an obvious choice.

If you do run into this Blessing, it’s best put on the Hellboy’s fist, turning it into the Fist of Fear. You’re going to be using your fist the most in Web of Wyrd, so it’s better to apply it to the Right Hand of Doom to make it activate as much as possible.

Avarice Shotgun

Hellboy choosing the Avarice Shotgun Blessing.

Another great weapon Blessing is the Blessing of Erebus, which increases the amount of environmental damage that enemies take when it’s activated. If you’ve read any of the other Hellboy guides we have at the site, you know that environmental damage can be a huge help for taking down big enemies, which makes this a great help.

You’ll also know that the Shotgun is the best way to apply this environmental damage, making it a clear winner for which weapon you want to apply the effect to. In a pinch, it also works well with Hellboy’s fist, provided you make good use of the heavy attack and BOOM move.

Obesssion Charm

Hellboy choosing the Obsession Shotgun Blessing.

The final Blessing in Hellboy: Web of Wyrd that you’re going to want to choose if you run into it is the Blessing of the Faithless King. When activated, this Blessing will cause enemies to take more damage which each subsequent hit.

It probably doesn’t need to be explained why this is such a big help, but being able to rack up the damage by simply whaling on your enemies is a great way of mowing through some of the bigger enemies in the game.

This is also one of the only Blessings in the game I’d suggest applying to the Charm, as your other weapons should have the Blessings that we mentioned above applied to them. If, like me, you rarely use the Charms, then putting it on the Shotgun or Fist is another good option.

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