Where To Send Jackie’s Body In Cyberpunk 2077

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Cyberpunk 2077 takes you to Night City, a place full of sin, betrayal, and crime. But even in a place as rotten as this you can find friendship and adventure, and one of the first friends you’ll make in the game is Jackie Welles, a thief with a heart of gold.



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During the prologue, you will have to make a hard choice regarding Jackie’s body when he passes away, and depending on what you decide, you might be able to honor his death in a beautiful ceremony surrounded by his loved ones.

How To Unlock Heroes Quest

V holding Jack as he passes away in Cyberpunk 2077.

At the end of the main quest, ‘The Heist’, Jackie Welles passes away, and before you exit the car, Delamain will ask you to decide what to do with his body. Different things will happen depending on the option you choose, but if you select to send him to his family or ask Delamain to wait, this Side Job will unlock once the prologue ends.

After Act 2 begins and you regain control of your body, you will receive a call from Mama Welles, and she will ask you to attend Jackie’s funeral, which will be celebrated in El Coyote Rojo. Once you arrive, she’ll give you the key to Jackie’s garage so you can find an offering to put on the altar.

Finding An Offering & Funeral

Mama Welles hosting a funeral for Jackie in Cyberpunk 2077.

You will find Misty sitting down outside Jackie’s garage, and she will talk to you while you scan different objects in the garage that you can choose as potential offerings. Once you scan enough personal objects across the room, you will have a conversation with Misty, where you must try to convince her to attend the funeral.

The funeral will be short but sweet, and once it’s done, you can speak to several NPCs, finishing with a conversation with Mama Welles, where you can scold her for mistreating Misty. After that, you’ll receive the following rewards:

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