Where To Find Turnips In Paleo Pines

Paleo Pines has a lot of different vegetables and fruits available to cook dishes with or find for the valley’s residents, and many of them you can use to befriend dinosaurs with. Some are more important than others though, and Turnips are one of them. Alongside crops like Carrots and Potatoes, Turnips are one of the more requested crops that you’ll want to stock up on throughout the game.



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In particular, you’ll need them for the main quest, The Parasaurolophus Puzzle, but you can’t obtain the seeds or already-grown crops easily. In this guide, we’ll show you the quickest and easiest ways to obtain this important crop.

How To Obtain Turnips

Player character standing over a farm with several ripe Turnip crops while holding their Journal and getting an informational UI about Turnips in Paleo Pines.

There are several ways to obtain turnips: completing Marlo’s Mystery Seeds quest, completing the quest step Track A Corythosaurus in The Parasaurolophus Puzzle quest line, Agami begins to sell them in Cretumnus, and Lilli occasionally sells them at her stall in the Archeo Pelago.

You can also get a single Turnip as a reward from Owynn’s quest, Owynn’s Unfinished Masterpiece.

Turnips have a low chance of showing up at Corlan’s shop or as a reward from a notice board quest at both Pebble Plaza and Archeo Pelago.

Completing the Marlo’s Mystery Seeds quest or Track A Corythosaurus goal is the quickest way to get Turnips, as neither of these quests are season or luck-dependent.


How To Unlock And Complete It

Mystery Seeds

Mystery Seeds becomes available after you’ve opened the path to Dapplewood Forest and completed several of Marlo’s other quests, such as helping him feed Poco.

You’ll find Marlo at his home in Dapplewood one day, and he’ll mention finding a mystery seed packet and asks you to deliver it to Owynn. Bring it to Owynn, and he’ll end up giving them to you instead, and you’ll be rewarded with four Turnip seeds.

Track A Corythosaurus

This quest step is part of the main quest line, The Parasaurolophus Puzzle, and becomes available once you’ve opened the path to Dapplewood Forest and progressed through the main quest enough to follow the Parasaur tracks and learn to track from Mari.

Once you learn how to track from Mari, you’ll get the quest step, Track A Corythosaurus, and you’ll find a set of dinosaur tracks on the path to Owynn’s house. A Corythosaurus will be wandering in the bushes nearby, and you’ll need to approach and interact with it to progress. Return to Mari and she’ll hand over a set of six Turnip seeds.

Shopping at Lilli’s stall in the Archeo Pelago is also relatively quick but more resource intensive: you’ll need to open up the way to Ariacotta Canyon to meet her, which requires a large amount of resources and dinosaurs with the Stomper, Slasher, and Smasher skills.

Dinosaurs with these three skills can all be obtained in Veridian Valley: the Styracosaurus has Smasher, the Wuerhosaurus has Slasher, and the Ankylosaurus has Stomper.

Both the Wuerhosaurus and Ankylosaurus are found in areas blocked by breakable objects in the northeastern section of the Valley.

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