Where To Find The Three Samples For Hostile Intelligence In Starfield

Things are heating up with the UC Vanguard after the Terrormorph threat has been revealed. Your relationship with Hadrian and the Red Devils leads you to the source of the trouble and to terrible secrets never meant to be found. As part of the UC Vanguard, it’s your mission to protect and serve the people of the United Colonies in Starfield.



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What happens when those duties conflict with the faction’s secrets? You’ll learn more about the tragedy of Londinion, who is behind the Terrormorph attacks, and how you plan into all of this. You’re in for adventure and danger, all in pursuing the truth behind a legacy.

Where To Find Hadrian

Hadrian talking about the Aceles in Starfield

Immediately following the War Relics quest, you’ll be ushered into the Hostile Intelligence objectives. Follow Hadrian in the Red Devils HQ to the containment center. Here, you’ll learn more about the Aceles, the creatures that eat Terrormorphs.

They were thought to be extinct until you notice one inside the containment room, which has been brought here as one of two solutions to the Terrormorph crisis.

The best ways to deal with the problem are to either repopulate the Aceles or use engineered microbes to exterminate the Terrormorphs. Regardless of which course you want to take, you’ll need materials and samples to test your theories from Londinion.

Before you set off, visiting Lieutenant Azvedo for any gear you’ll need is a good idea. Londinion is unforgiving, and you’ll want to come prepared.

Where To Find Commander Hatoum

Commander Hatoum in Starfield

Head to Toliman II in the Toliman System. You can reach it by selecting Alpha Centauri on the map and using the drop-down menu to pick Toliman.

When you arrive, you’ll be intercepted by the UC Sec Phalanx II. Tell them you have clearance to speak with Commander Hatoum and land at Forward Base 441.

Before landing, it’s a good idea to stock up on Heal Paste, Injectors, and Snake Oil. The planet is freezing, which will cause Frostbite and Hypothermia.

Once you land on the planet, head into the base, past the barriers, and speak to Commander Hatoum. You’re cleared for your mission into Londinion, but you won’t receive any support from her team.

When you’re ready, you can meet Hadrien and Percival by the entrance to the city. It’s time to head in and collect the samples you need to stop the Terrormorphs.

Where To Get Your New Equipment

X-989 Microgun in Starfield

Before heading in to collect the samples, you can stop at the armory at the base of the tower to collect your newly awarded gear. There are legendary items on the table that you can use to protect yourself during the mission.

You can also loot the gun range toward the front of the base for ammo.

How To Get The First Samples

Fighting the cloaked Terrormorph in Londinion in Starfield

To get the first sample, wait for Kaiser to power up the controls, flip the switch, and head through the door to Londinion. Immediately, you’ll be attacked by several creatures under the Terrormorph’s control.

Defeat the thralls and clean out the facility to reach the back door.

You’ll pass through the Forward Base’s cache of weapons and ammo. Take all that you need (and then some).

Once you’re outside again, you’ll encounter two Terrormorphs: The Cloaked Terrormorph can turn invisible, and the Albino Terrormorph will screech over and over to distort your vision.

After they’re defeated, you can collect samples from the area. They’ll be in storage containers inside larger containers around the field. There are three samples to collect: Alpha, Beta, and Gamma. Before moving on, give them to Kaiser for safekeeping.

How To Get The Second Sample

Collecting a Terrormorph sample on Londinion in Starfield

Kaiser will open access to steam tunnels under the city. Head in and move past a hoard of heat leeches. You’ll find Lazarus plant blooming beyond a contained room. You’ll witness a terrifying transformation.

Speak to Hadrian about what you just saw. She suspects that someone set up the attack on New Atlantis, but you’ll need to collect a sample from the newly evolved Terrormorph.

Move into the next room and take out the Terrormorph. When you collect a sample from it, Kaiser confirms that this evolution is the same process used on the Terrormorphs in New Atlantis.

How To Get The Final Sample

Fighting the Terrormorph Anomaly in Starfield

To get the final sample, follow Kaiser to the spaceport. The door needs more power to open, so head upstairs to the office to use the controls.

There are some meals assembled on the counter that you can take to restore health.

How To Restore Power To The Door

Activate the utility controls in the office in Starfield

Use the utility controls in the office to restore power to the door. You’ll need to reboot the system by pressing the large red button. When you do, listen to the audio recording left behind.

It’s a recording of Vae Victis during the fall of Londinion. With the information revealed here, Hadrian needs to talk to you.

You can tell Hadrian the truth about Vae Victis here. Doing so will impact future quests, so it’s advised that you do not tell her yet.

With the recording over and the truth of the Londinion tragedy revealed, head back to Kaiser and go through the door. Head out into the spaceport until you reach the marker.

There, the Terrormorph Anomaly bursts through the snow and attacks. You’re in for a tough fight, so use your surroundings to take cover and get out of range.

After dealing a bit of damage to the Terrormorph, it will send out a signal that summons allies to its aid. You’ll easily be overwhelmed if you don’t act quickly. Fall back and wait for Percival’s instructions.

Throw any grenades toward groups of thralls you can’t get away from, but don’t try to take all the thralls out. You can use them to your advantage.

How To Disrupt The Terrormorph Anomaly’s Signal

Switch to stop the Terrormorph signal in Starfield

You’ll need to activate three different switches around the field for Percival to disrupt the signal. With each one you use, the less control the Terrormorph Anomaly has.

The thralls will eventually start to regain control and attack the Terrormorph with you. They’ll help take down the fearsome foe much faster if they’re alive.

Move around the field, steering clear of the Terrormorph Anomaly until you’ve activated all three switches.

Fighting the Terrormorph Anomaly at the spaceport in Starfield

The anomaly is incredibly tough, so you’ll want to keep your distance and fire continuously. Thankfully, you’ll have Hadrian, Kaiser, and the thralls to help you.

Once the Terrormorph is defeated, the thralls become passive (even Terrormorph thralls). This is the perfect opportunity to loot fallen thralls and collect a sample from the Terrormorph Anomaly.

Give the sample to Kaiser and track your way back through Londinion to Forward Base 441.

Return To Forward Base 441

Base 441 on Toliman II in Starfield

When you return to Forward Base 441, find Percival to discuss your findings. He marvels at the truth about Terrormorphs and what it means for the attack on Londinion.

You can tell Percival and Hadrien the truth here again, but it’s not recommended since it impacts future quests and is not reversible.

After speaking with Percival and Hadrian, you’ll wrap up the quest. The next step is to confront the Cabinet with your findings about Terrormorphs.

Your reward is 9,600 credits, and you’ll start the next (and final) quest in the UC Vanguard line.

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