Where To Find The Sunless Skein Key In Lords Of The Fallen

It’s not a soulslike game if you don’t come across many locked doors that you have no idea how to open, and that’s exactly the case with Lords Of The Fallen. You’ll encounter numerous doors that either need to be opened from the other side or ask for a special key.



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For example, as you explore the Lower Calrath area, you’ll encounter your first door that requires the Sunless Skein Key. Another one appears when you reach the Sunless Skein. The key’s name gives you a hint; you’ll find it in the Sunless Skein, but it’s pretty easy to miss.

Where To Find The Sunless Skein Key

After reaching the Sunless Skein Hoist/Vestige of Catrin, which is part of your journey through Sunless Skein, backtrack to the area with water. Follow the path on the left until you come across a ladder. To the left of that ladder, you’ll notice a lever.

Interact with this lever to lower the water level, allowing you to use the ladder to descend. After going down, continue straight ahead and follow the path to the left, you’ll come across a bridge you can now cross.

After crossing the bridge, turn left, and you’ll unlock a shortcut to the Vestige.

Player standing in front of a bridge to cross it Lords of the Fallen

Head to the right, but be cautious of some thrown barrels. As you reach an area with a locked door, move to the right and follow this way, where you’ll find another gate.

If you use your Umbral Lamp, you can bypass it, or if you’re already in Umbral Real, the gate will be accessible. Follow this path until you reach a semi-open area. From there, head to the right until you find an entrance on the left side.

Before entering, you’ll spot another ladder shortcut in front of you.

Player standing near an entrance to the left, and a shortcut ladder to the front Lords of the Fallen

Enter the entrance on the left side and use the ladder to climb up. Continue along the path until you come across a hole in the ground where you can safely drop down.

After dropping down, go to the right. Along this path, you’ll see a lever on the left side. Interact with this lever to unlock the first locked gate you encountered, creating a handy shortcut.

Player using the Umbral Lamp to reveal a hidden bridge leading to the Sunless Skein Key Lords of the Fallen

At the end of this path, you’ll notice some loot atop some cages. It might seem unreachable, but in Lords of the Fallen, there’s always a way.

You can either use the Umbral Lamp or enter the Umbral realm to reveal a hidden bridge that leads to the loot.

Grab that loot, which happens to be the Sunless Skein Key.

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