Where To Find The Huntress Strange Prism In Magma Barracks In Risk Of Rain Returns

Here’s how to get Huntress’s Extinction skin by finding her Strange Prism in the Magma Barracks in Risk of Rain Returns.

Strange Prisms are mysterious objects hidden throughout the world of Risk of Rain Returns. Interacting with one will unlock a new skin for a specific Survivor, letting you swap the color palette of your favorite character. While not every Survivor has access to a Strange Prism skin, Huntress fans are in luck.




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Huntress’s Strange Prism is found inside the Magma Barracks, but getting there can be a bit tricky. Below, we’ll take a look at how to find Huntress’s Strange Prism, including step-by-step instructions for getting there.

Where To Find Huntress’s Strange Prism

an arrow pointing down a narrow column in the magma barracks

The Huntress’s Strange Prism is found in the Magma Barracks. In particular, the stage variation you’re looking for is the one with the lava pool on the right side that leads to the trapped Miner, but does not have lava on the bottom left side of the map.

If you’re having trouble reaching this variation of the Magma Barracks, try turning off the “New Stages” option in the custom rules before a run. This will limit the stages that appear to only the ones available in the original game, which includes the variation you’re looking for.

Once you’ve found this variation, head to the left side of the map and find the fourth column just before the lava pool on the right side of the map. Here, drop down while moving to the right to land on a hidden platform inside the wall, as shown in the image above.

Now, continue to the right and down, dropping into a small room. Here, move to the right to pass through another secret wall. Keep moving to the right, then head diagonally down into a room with some lava. Climb up the rope in this room and the Strange Prism will appear. Interact with the Prism and complete the run to unlock the Extinction skin for Huntress.


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