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The world of Lethal Company is abound with horrifying mystery. Between hidden Sigurd logs, chilling bestiary entries, and the abandoned facilities full of junk that you feed to an eldritch tentacle monster in exchange for the right to live, the game often leaves its players with more questions than answers.




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One especially elusive secret hidden away under the Company Building itself: a strange machine that resembles a submarine. Finding this “submarine”, however, requires some snooping around and a few clever jumps off the beaten path. This guide will show you exactly how and where to locate this strange Easter Egg rumored to hint at end-game content to come.

Lethal Company is currently in Early Access, which means that certain details and mechanics may undergo changes as the game updates.

We’ll monitor these developments to ensure that this guide is kept up-to-date with the most accurate information available.

Where Is The Submarine In Lethal Company

The video above demonstrates step-by-step how to locate this submarine hidden away on the same planet as the Company Building.

Get To The Company Building

Lethal Company - Terminal confirmation message for traveling to the Company Building

First things first, you’ll need to get to the right moon. The submarine can be found on 71-Gideon, also known as the Company Building moon.

You may want to visit here only on the last day of your quota, during which the Company will generally purchase your scrap for the highest rates.

You can get here by opening the terminal to the right of your ship, and typing in “Company Building”, or “Company”.

Type “confirm” to set the course, launch your ship, and you’ll be off!

Open The Hatch

Lethal Company - Labelled image of the hatch on Gideon

Wait for the ship to land, then disembark on the left side (facing the door and Company Building).

You’ll see two shipping containers with a gap between them. Walk through the gap, and turn left immediately and look to the ground to find a hatch you can open.

Behind the hatch will be a ladder you can climb down.

Hardcore Parkour!

Lethal Company - Labelled image of how to get to the submarine

After climbing down the ladder, you’ll find yourself standing on a long walkway that curves to the left, culminating in a flight of stairs going down.

Don’t follow the walkway to the end. Instead, just before the stairs, turn to your left and jump onto one of the metal support beams that extend to the left under the walkway.

Keep heading forward from there, taking care to jump over the gaps between the support beams, and you’ll find yourself on a large, dark platform with a huge shape on it.

Let There Be Light

Lethal Company - Labelled image of light switch near submarine

You’re in the right place now, but it’ll be too dark to see anything.

To fix that, move to the right of the platform, where you’ll find a light switch device dangling from above. Interact with it and it’ll turn on the lights in the area, illuminating the mystery you’ve traveled all this way to find.

Unfortunately, the submarine cannot be interacted with yet, though its existence hints at an interesting possible ending in a game that currently has little in the way of end-game except dying in increasingly horrifying ways.

Getting Back To Your Ship

Once you’ve investigated to your heart’s content, you can get back to your ship safely by moving to the right of the platform (towards the light switch panel), jumping onto the metal beams behind it.

From there, jump onto the lowered walkway, where you’ll be able to climb the stairs and ladder back the way you came, to find yourself back at your ship.

If you haven’t already, it might be worth taking a small detour and following the main walkway to the end, as you’ll find a Sigurd Log at the end containing more lore about the world of Lethal Company.

What Is The Submarine In Lethal Company?

Lethal Company - Zoomed out shot of the submarine on Gideon

Unable to be interacted with, the submarine is a mystery that does not yet have an answer as of patch 45 of Lethal Company. However, here’s what we do know about it:

  • The words “DON’T TELL” are graffiti’ed onto one side of the machine, with “DON’T” underlined.
  • The word “BATTERY” is written in different handwriting under a “Proprietary, Do Not Repurpose” sign.
    • This has led to some debate on whether the machine is a submarine, a battery, or some sort of drill.
  • There are two open slots on the machine where something can seemingly be inserted.
    • Based on the shape and size so far, the slots seem to perfectly fit the Apparatus scrap item.
    • The Apparatus can be found in a special room in any facility building, and upon removal, issues a warning about a rise in radiation levels, turns off the light in the building, and causes new hostile enemies to spawn.
    • As of patch 45, however, the Apparatus item cannot be placed into the submarine.


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