Where To Find The Artificer Strange Prism In Dried Lake In Risk Of Rain Returns

Several Survivors in Risk of Rain Returns have unique Strange Prism skins that can be obtained by finding their particular Prism, hidden deep within one of the stages of the game. Artificer’s Strange Prism, located somewhere on the first stage, Dried Lake, allows her to wear her original colors from Risk of Rain 2.




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If you want to outfit Artificer closer to how she appears in Risk of Rain 2, you’ll definitely want to get this skin. Below, we’ll take a step-by-step look at where to find the Strange Prism to unlock this skin. A video guide is also available with the exact path to take.

Where To Find Artificer’s Strange Prism

Artificer’s Strange Prism is found on a variation of the first stage, Dried Lake. Before you can get the Prism, you’ll need to actually have Artificer unlocked, which is done by visiting ten unique stages at least once.

Her Prism is found on the stage variation with three columns submerged underground on the left side of the map, as well as three consecutive geysers going up, also found on the left side of the map.

If you’re having trouble getting this stage to appear, turn off the “New Stages” option in the rules before a new run, as this will limit the available variation options.

Once you’ve found this stage, we recommend clearing out the teleporter event first, before you start trying to get the Prism. There are a few spots where, if you fall, you will be teleported back up to the surface and have to restart from the beginning. Clearing out the enemies from the teleporter will make the whole experience much less difficult.

You’ll need at least one Hopoo Feather to get to the Prism, but we recommend also having the Photon Jetpack, as this will make things much easier. Use the Artifact of Command to ensure you get these items. The Artifact of Sacrifice can also come in handy, allowing you to farm for item drops once you’ve found the correct stage variation.

After clearing the teleporter on the correct stage, you’re now ready to begin. Proceed to the left side of the map and find the three geysers. You’ll need to jump up these three geysers, then land on the small platform with the fishing skeleton at the leftmost side of the map.

artificer prism step 3

Land here, then climb down the pillar closest to the edge of the screen. Now, move to the left, off the screen, and you’ll start falling. As you fall, move to the right, or else you’ll fall off the map and have to start again. Doing this will land you in a room below the ground of the map with three large columns.

Now, head to the right and jump up to the hidden ledge circled in the image above. Be careful, as the tile just after this hidden ledge in the wall does not have a platform, meaning you’ll fall down unless you jump over it. Continue over this gap into the next room. Here, stand on top of the small post and move down to start climbing down into a hidden passage.

In this passage, move to the right a short distance, then jump into the open room above, either using your Hopoo Feather or Jetpack. Continue to the right for a while until you come up to another open room. Here, instead of going inside the room, jump above it and move to the right until you drop into the second room next to it.

artificer prism step 8

Move to the left part of this room and you’ll drop under the floor. Now, you’ll need to carefully jump to the left and then right, into the small room with the skeleton fisher below. Falling here will teleport you back to the surface, forcing you to restart.

After landing here, continue to the right and down a short distance, and the Strange Prism will spawn. Use your Feather or Jetpack to fly up and reach it, unlocking the Artificer’s Stasis skin.

Artificer’s Strange Prism Skin – Stasis

artificer strange prism skin stasis on character select screen

Artificer’s Strange Prism skin trades her light brown ENV suit for a bright white one, mirroring the character’s original appearance in Risk of Rain 2. While the difference between her default skin and this unlockable skin, called Stasis, is subtle, fans of the Survivor in Risk of Rain 2 will definitely appreciate this skin.


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