Where To Find Sgt Winter In Fortnite: Chapter 5

With Fortnite‘s Winterfest well underway, many players are eager to find the special NPCs and complete the limited-timed quests featuring the Christmas mascot, Sgt. Winter. While he’s traveled the island on a truck in previous years, players can now find him at a specific location in each match.




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Sgt. Winter is more docile than in previous years, waiting for players to find him on his winter island. While he’s more patient and giving this year, he’s still not afraid of an honest fight, and here’s all you need to know about it.

How To Find Sgt. Winter

A screenshot from Fortnite's Winterfest event showing the island in the northernmost middle of the island with an orange circle around it.

You can find Sgt. Winter on the island in the northernmost middle part of the map, where he’ll be wandering around on the frozen lake in the middle of the houses. As he walks around, he’ll throw presents to each player he sees, and you’ll need them to complete the third Winterfest Snapshot quest, with Sgt. Winter helping you with the first and fourth stages of the third quest.

These objectives include collecting an item from one of those presents and emoting near him.

There may be a bug that prevents the island from being shown on the map in the game’s lobby, but once you board the battle bus, you’ll see it from above.

How To Collect An Item From A Sgt. Winter Present

A screenshot from Fortnite's Winterfest event showing Jack Skellington as Santa Clause breaking into a present to find Shockwave Grenades

To collect the item from a present, you’ll need to find your way to Sgt. Winter’s Island early in the game, while he wanders around the frozen lake and throws them to any player he sees. These presents spawn as enclosed rooms that you’ll need to break through, and once you’re inside a present, you’ll need to collect an item from the ground.

It seems like the objective won’t always get triggered if you pick up a gun, so you may need to try multiple of the thrown presents until you pick up an item like throwables or certain consumables.

How to Emote Near Sgt. Winter

A screenshot from Fortnite's Winterfest event, showing Jack Skellington in his Santa outfit doing the Christmas sweater knitting emote near Sgt. Winter

Once you’ve reached the final stage of the quest, you’ll need to break into dance near Sgt. Winter or use any other emote. This can also be accomplished with Holiday Boxy, but visiting Sgt. Winter again means you can get more presents to open.

How To Defeat Sgt. Winter

A screenshot from Fortnite's Winterfest game mode, showing Jack Skellington in his Santa Claus outfit aiming a pistol at Sgt. Winter, with a present to his right

Just like with Krampus, you could eliminate Sgt. Winter without much of a fight, but you won’t get much for your trouble except for an Epic rarity AR and a stack of coal for being bad. Considering you can get better items from the presents that he throws out, it’s not worth it to eliminate him.

While this Sgt. Winter is a departure from recent years, you will have a much easier time completing the quests since he can be found in the same spot every game.


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