Where To Find Malachite In Lego Fortnite

Here’s where you can get some Malachite to make some sweet gear.

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  • What Is Malachite Used For?

Upgrading your gear is one of the main ways you can progress in Lego Fortnite. While you run around on your adventures, you’ll be collecting different types of materials with all different kinds of uses. Many items you find are used to make better tools, or buff the ones you have.




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As you get to tougher areas in the game, you’ll eventually stumble across ore deposits for Malachite. Here’s what you’ll need to know about where to find Malachite, what you need to mine it, and what you can use it for.

Where To Get Malachite

A Lego player stands near green-hued Malachite stalagmites.

You’ll find Malachite as you adventure deeper into the Frostlands, as Malachite will be on the mountains in the Frostlands. Be on the lookout for green stalagmite ore deposits.

Stock up on cold resistance items as you explore the Frostlands. Especially if you are trying to explore and mine Malachite for long periods of time.

While you can find Malachite without scaling the snowy mountains, you should plan to craft and bring a Grappler with you. This will let you scale the side of the Frostland’s mountains to reach higher levels, which is where you will find more Malachite deposits.

You will need at least an Epic Pickaxe to mine Malachite, which you will be able to craft after upgrading to an Epic Crafting Bench. This is the recipe for making an Epic Pickaxe:

What Is Malachite Used For?

The inventory screen of Lego Fortnite showing the Cool-Headed Charm equipped.

After collecting enough Malachite, one of the first things you’ll want to do with it is turn it into Malachite Slabs. You’ll be able to do this with a Stone Breaker utility station, which, if you don’t already have one, can be built with these ingredients:

The main use of Malachite is to craft strong charms. You’ll be able to make the Hearty Totem for bonus health, a stronger Cool-Headed Charm for heat resistance, and the Charm of Resilience to help in fights.

Hearty Totem (Rare) Crafting Recipe

Provides bonus health when at full health, additional hearts, and armor.

Heavy Wool Thread x3

Arctic Claw x3

Malachite Slab x5

Brute Scale x3

Cool-Headed Charm (Rare) Crafting Recipe

Provides heat resistance, additional hearts, and armor.

Heavy Wool Thread x3

Frost Shell x5

Sand Brute Scale x1

Malachite Slab x3

Charm of Resilience Crafting Recipe

Provides bonus armor after taking damage, additional hearts, and armor.

Heavy Wool Thread x3

Iron Bar x5

Malachite Slab x5

Cursed Bone x5


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