Where To Find Kaiser And If You Should Spare Unit 99 Or Not In Starfield

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The United Colonies Vanguard’s one purpose is to protect the people it serves, to whatever end. Knowing that the faction has more than a few secrets of its own but aims to be good-aligned overall can make joining easier in Starfield. After all, what government agency doesn’t have a few well-kept secrets?



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As you progress through the questline, you’ll learn new information about the UC Vanguard’s history, the secrets they keep, and the Terrormorph threat that continues to grow. Teaming up with Hadrian and the Red Devils is your best bet to stop it, but you’ll need help from one very special robot.

Where To Find Kaiser

Vae Victis sends you after Kaiser in Starfield

After completing The Devils You Know quest in the UC Vanguard line, Vae Victis will give you information about Kaiser, a previous member of Hadrian’s research team. You’ll need to collect him yourself, though.

Vae Victis sends you to Hadrian at the Red Devils HQ to get the schematics for Kaiser. Head to Mars and take the elevator down to the Red Devils HQ, now operational again.

Speak to Hadrian to update her on what’s happening with the research team and Kaiser. Follow her to get the schematics and head off.

You can tell Hadrian about her father being alive, but it’s recommended that you keep it a secret for now.

Hadrian points you to 1-Of-A-Kind Salvage to find Kaiser. It’s in the Narion System on Niira.

When you arrive, speak to Angelo “Gel” Alonso. He knows Kaiser as “Captain Ahab” but hasn’t seen him for a while.

You’re welcome to search the scrap yard yourself, or you can pay him for more information about Kaiser’s whereabouts.

Pay For Information

Gel at 1-of-a-kind salvage in Starfield

Gel starts the offer at 1,000 credits, though passing a six-stage persuasion attempt can bring the information cost down to 675 credits.

Paying will mark Kaiser’s last known location on your map, making it easier to find him. If you’re short on credits, we’ve already found Kaiser’s location for you.

How To Find Kaiser On Your Own

Kaiser's location in Starfield

Kaiser was last seen near the Syracuse wreckage in the scrapyard. When you leave Gel’s workshop, head up towards the northernmost site on the map.

Ecliptic Mercenaries and Sirens are roaming the yard. They’re pretty tough, especially in numbers, so watch your back and tread lightly.

Gel advises you to keep your ears open for the beacon that Kaiser has. You’ll hear it long before you see him.

Kaiser covered in heat leeches in Starfield

When you reach the Syracuse wreckage, you’ll either need to climb in through the open side door or drop down from the open hatch on top.

You’ll find Kaiser pleading for help as his battery is drained by Heatleeches.

Pick off the three Heatleeches with your weapon of choice and speak to Kaiser. To unlock his voice controls, use the password: Nos Belli Machinis.

How To Get A Microcell

Microcell crafting in Starfield

With his battery drained, Kaiser can’t operate normally. You’ll have to get him another one, though it’ll be hard to come by if you’re not flush with credits.

Head back to Gel to discuss finding a Microcell.

Purchase The Microcell From Gel

Microcell price in Starfield

The fastest way to repair Kaiser is to purchase a Microcell from Gel. This, unfortunately, costs 11,784 credits. It’s a steep price, and there’s no negotiating this time.

However, it will advance to the next part of the quest and save you valuable time in the process.

Find The Parts To Make A Microcell

Microcell collection points in Starfield

Additionally, you can make a deal with Gel: in exchange for tips on the best places to look, you’ll sell him whatever extra you find.

If you don’t like this deal, you’re welcome to find the parts on your own (or use our map to help find the best locations).

It’s recommended to make a deal with Gel, as you don’t actually have to sell whatever else you find.

Making the deal narrows down your search, and you can find a lot of ammo and crafting materials.

You’ll need to gather three different parts in the salvage yard to cobble together a Microcell. The parts are:

  • Microcell Shielding
  • Microcell Conductor Ray
  • Microcell Power Source

Once you find all three, head to an Industrial Workbench to construct the Microcell. Take the Microcell back to Kaiser.

kaiser is operational in Starfield

Kaiser has a mission to complete before joining you and Hadrian to stop the Terrormorph threat. He needs to disarm Unit 99, a Siren, and he needs your help to do it.

Should You Spare Or Kill Unit 99?

Kaiser's plan to disarm unit 99 in Starfield

Follow Kaiser as he scans for Unit 99, taking out any Sirens or Ecliptic Mercenaries that get in your way. When you reach a certain point, Kaiser will tell you he’s found Unit 99, but there’s a problem: it’s under Ecliptic control.

You have two options: go in guns blazing and eliminate everyone, or take the stealthy route.

Eliminating the Ecliptic Enemies

Stealthy approach to Unit 99 in Starfield

Running in with your weapons is the fastest and most direct way to handle things. Kaiser will join you for this batter, and a handful of mercenaries are around for you to take out.

Don’t let any mercenaries open the cage, or you’ll have to deal with Unit 99 yourself on top of the Ecliptic.

Use your surroundings to your advantage to gain the upper hand and stay alive. Once the fighting has stopped and Unit 99 is defeated, Kaiser’s mission is complete.

How To Seal Unit 99’s Restraints

Locking the restraints in Starfield

If you’d prefer not to hurt Unit 99, you can sneak around into the second level of the facility.

Kaiser will not join you for this, as he is not designed for stealth missions.

The best way is to jump down from the cliffs overlooking the camp, sneak up the stairs and into the office, then activate the computer terminal.

You can lock the cage from the terminal and deny access to any of the Ecliptic keycards, making the gate impossible to open during combat. You can continue to be stealthy and take out the Ecliptic one by one, or you can open fire on everyone.

There is a large explosive container on the bridge overlooking the camp, along with several smaller ones that can be used to deal large amounts of damage.

Sneak attacks will be your friend here. The extra damage can help you quickly deal with enemies. Once they are all dispatched, return to Kaiser.

Kaiser will then proceed to approach Unit 99 and wipe the interface, ensuring that it is no longer a threat to non-combatants under UC control. The cage will be set to unlock on a timer once you leave, so make sure to loot the area before you go.

When you talk to Kaiser after locking the cage and clearing out the camp, you’ll have the opportunity to choose between sparing or killing Unit 99 once more. This is the last opportunity to change your mind.

While there are no bonuses to sparing Unit 99, it’s more of a moral decision given the UC’s history with xenowarfare.

Kaiser, Percival, and Hadrian in the red Devils HQ in Starfield

Return to the Red Devils HQ on Mars to reunite Kaiser with Hadrian and Percival. They’re overjoyed to have their robot back, as he can greatly help with their mission.

The quest will be complete upon hearing the conversation between the trio, rewarding you with XP and credits, and immediately start the next quest by following Hadrian

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