Where To Find Every Lumitoile In Genshin Impact

The 4.1 update of Genshin Impact gave us a new map expansion, which is great news if you cannot get enough of the Hydro nation and its gorgeous landscapes. As you set out to discover more of Fontaine’s secrets, you will fill your adventurer’s backpack with all sorts of items, like Lumitoile, a Local Specialty added in this update.



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These little star-shaped organisms are only found in the Liffey Region and the Fontaine Research Institute of Kinetic Energy Engineering Region. Unfortunately, there are only a handful you can collect at a time. We’ve separated the areas in parts, so taking a few trips isn’t as complicated as you farm them.

Some markers in the maps show the location of more than one Lumitoile, in all cases where they’re too close to each other to mark them separately.

Lumitoiles Northwest Of Marcotte Station

A map of an unnamed part of Fontaine in Genshin Impact hightlighting the locations of some Lumitoiles, a regional specialty from Fontaine. On the bottom left corner there is a small compass for better navigation.

Head to the Waypoint in Marcotte Station, then head northwest towards the shore and then along it. You will pass a Hilichurl camp and a Miraculous Antoine Roger Aircraft point that is in the water west.

Keep heading northwest along the shore, and you will eventually come across a row of Lumitoiles that are slightly away from each other in that same direction. They’re right on the shore, slightly covered by the water.

Two Treasure Hoarders are guarding a Remarkable Chest alongside a Geological Survey Mek between the first and second Lumitoiles. Two Tainted Hydro Phantasms and a Bubbler Seahorse are guarding an Exquisite Chest right after the third Lumitoile.

Lumitoiles In The Central Laboratory Ruins Area

A map of the Central Laboratory Ruins part of Fontaine in Genshin Impact hightlighting the locations of some Lumitoiles, a regional specialty from Fontaine

Head to the Teleport Waypoint furthest east of this area, right on the shore. Then, cross to the other side over the shallow water and go northwest along the shore. You will find four out of the five Lumitoiles in this area on this side of the shore. They are also slightly far apart.

As for the last one, cross over to the side you were originally on in a diagonal direction, going southwest from the last Lumitoile you just picked up. You will find this one right next to the wrecked ship buried in the sand.

The next sections are divided between Land and Underwater, as you will need to dive to find a good chunk of these.

Lumitoiles In Mont Esus East

A map of a part of fontaine in Genshin Impact hightlighting the locations of some lumitoiles a regional specialty from Fontaine. On the bottom left corner, there is a small compass for better navigation.

Teleport to the Mont Esus East Waypoint. Head north to the Fatui tent (the white circle with a blue asterisk-like figure in the middle of the map), then go south along that shore. As you walk there, you will find four Lumitoiles.

It is impossible to avoid fighting the Fatui mobs in this area, so make sure your exploration team is ready for battle.

Keep heading south until you find the area that looks like three little islets (it is rather shallow, and you can just walk there). You will find the first Lumitoile on the side you’re coming from and the second and third opposite that shore on the little ‘islets.’

The fourth one can be found to the west of the last location, on the shore of the large landmass again. Lastly, there is one towards the very edge of the smallest ‘islet.’

Lumitoiles Found Underwater

A map of an underwater part of Fontaine in Genshin Impact hightlighting the locations of some lumitoiles a regional specialty from Fontaine. On the bottom left corner, there is a small compass for better navigation.

The underwater structures in this area are, for the most part, referred to as pipes because of their rusty look. However, they are parts of buildings for the Fortress of Meropide, or Ruins.

Continue collecting Lumitoiles in the Mont Esus East area by heading east into the water until you’re off the shore in an area deep enough to dive. You should see the entrance of a cave; ignore that for now and head further east while staying underwater.

You will find two Lumitoiles very close to the cave entrance. Head north to grab the next one; it is just a little further away from the two you just grabbed. You just have to swim as if you were about to head back to the surface.

Next, continue north while underwater. You will find one of many metal structures in this area: a very wide pipe. This one will immediately stand out because it has an Ousia block floating by it. Swim to the other side and down to the base, where another pipe comes out of it that goes into the ground. You will find a Lumitoile by this base.

Continue heading north and swim down off the cliff side. There will be two Lumitoiles sitting on another pipe, one a little further down than the other.

Next, approach the big structure. Be careful not to be spotted by the sweeping lights as you approach. You can deactivate them if you swim close and get behind the lamps.

The lamps will only be disabled for a few minutes. If you leave the water and return, they will be active again.

You will find six Lumitoiles scattered across the entire structure: one by a lamp, one right underneath it on the bottom level, one on the sand by a pipe, one on top of a pipe nearby, one on top of the edge of a pipe, closer to the surface, and another on top of a big gear.

Next, head to the Teleport Waypoint in that area and swim southwest. There are three Lumitoiles on the nearest pipe. You will find them at different heights; the first two are near the base and on the floor, while the third one is right on top of the pipe, near the surface.

Head a little further south, and you will see some seagrass and a pipe practically against a wall. There is a Lumitoile here as well. This one is easy to miss as it is on the floor, obscured by the tall seagrass. Once you find it, continue swimming toward the next set of pipes.

This will require you to lean slightly towards the east while still swimming south. There are two large pipes here, and a Lumitoile is attached to each of them, fairly close to the base.

There are some Red Meanies and Mini Meanies very close to this location. If you are not careful, they will attack you.

Return to the same Waypoint from where you started, and turn towards the east. You will quickly find a Lumitoile on top of a pipe and another a little further east by three Underwater Survey Meks.

You will zigzag now. Head northwest towards a pipe by an underwater cavern entrance to find a Lumitoile attached nearly to the bottom, then northeast towards another pipe where you will find two other Lumitoiles; one on the side of the pipe, the other one on top of the entrance to some sort of vault.

Then, you will head northwest again, towards the shore. As you come close to the surface, you will find two Lumitoiles on top of a rock.

These are not the only Lumitoiles underwater, just the ones you will find in an open underwater area.

Lumitoiles In The New Fontaine Research Institute Area

A map of the New Fontaine Research Institute part of Fontaine in Genshin Impact hightlighting the locations of some lumitoiles a regional specialty from Fontaine. On the bottom left corner, there is a small compass for better navigation.

Begin at the edge of the map, east of the pier. There will be two Lumitoiles by some broken pipes half buried in the sand.

You will then proceed west along the shore. You will find a Lumitoile right before the Waverider Waypoint. Lean northwest and continue along the shoreline to find another Lumitoile in the sand a few steps from the Teleport Waypoint and another one right below it.

Cross over to the rock in front of the Waypoint, as there will be another Lumitoile there, next to a Water Volume Detection Crystal. Then, head south into the water to collect another Lumitoile by a rock.

Walking close to the Bubbler Seahorse in this area will startle it, and it will attack you.

Return to the shore by walking northwest to find another Lumitoile in the sand, then walk along the shoreline, following the path the sand creates. You will collect another eight Lumitoiles along this path.

If you continue south and then further west past the bridge’s ruins (underneath), you will eventually reach a spot with another three Lumitoiles.

The last two you can obtain in this area will be even further west from there, by a small ruin with a stabilizer within.

Lumitoiles In The Submerged Stony Path

The Submerged Stony Path is a somewhat hidden location underwater in Fontaine. Though you can reach it in a few ways, the easiest is through the Millennial Pearl Seahorse cave.

Fast travel to the Teleport Waypoint in that location and head southwest until you reach a small water pool. Diving here leads directly to the Submerged Stony Path.

You will find two Lumitoiles along the way and then three more on the surface near the point where you surface; just climb up the little waterfall.

Proceed by climbing up the platform and heading Southeast. You will find two Lumitoiles on the platform and another if you dive ahead and swim forth. You will find some Clockwork Meka surrounding a Pneuma Block and the Lumitoile here.

Next, return to the Teleport Waypoint and climb the platform again. Except, instead of going straight ahead this time, take a left and follow the path. You will arrive at a diving point where there will be a Lumitoile on a big gear. Pick it up, then dive to find another one, and swim further to find a third. There will be a puzzle to solve to open the big gates successfully, but it is simple.

Borrow the Xenochromatic Aberrant‘s ability, and you can throw a bomb at the switch that only explodes after you tap the ability again. Use this after you’ve crossed the big gate so that when the first one closes and the second one opens, you can swim through to the other chamber to claim the last two Lumitoiles.

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