Where To Find Every Chaos Emerald In Sonic Superstars

With seven Chaos Emeralds to collect, all giving you a unique ability to help you tremendously in your endeavors, Sonic Superstars brings lots to the table regarding exploration and combat options. Whether it’s to take down a formidable boss or reach a specific area, you can expect these Chaos Emeralds to put in the work, making them worth your time to seek out.



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While they aren’t mandatory to obtain to finish your first playthrough, you must collect all seven Chaos Emeralds to unlock the game’s ‘true ending,’ making them extra worth your efforts. Plus, the Powers you obtain from them are tremendously strong, just to further sweeten the deal.

Bridge Island, Act One: Avatar Chaos Emerald

Our first Chaos Emerald is located in Act One of the first Stage, Bridge Island, and is the Avatar Chaos Emerald, granting us the ability to summon a wave of Clones on the screen that damage and collect everything in sight.

This Ring is easy enough to find by simply heading to the top pathway from the start of the Bridge Island level and following it all the way to the right, just beyond the Crab enemy and below the steep ramp. You can drop off the side of the ramp directly into the Ring to begin the ‘Catch the Chaos Emerald‘ mini-game.

The mini-game will have the Chaos Emerald moving away from you in the distance and a sea of grapple points for you to utilize to reach it. Grapple from point to point to get closer to the Emerald, using the speed boosts to help close the gap faster!

Speed Jungle, Act One: Bullet Chaos Emerald

Next up is the Bullet Chaos Emerald, which you will obtain in Act One of the Speed Jungle Stage. Like the previous one, this one is easy to locate. From the start of the level, head to the vines above you, then follow the pathway to the right.

Here, you will see two tunnels you can take. Enter the bottom one, then follow the path straight through until you reach another series of tunnels. Once here, enter the tunnel in the middle and follow that one all the way through, then head right to find the Ring.

Touching the Ring will toss you into another ‘Catch the Chaos Emerald‘ mini-game, which will be handled the same as before: Use the grappling points to propel yourself closer to the Emerald, using the speed boosts to close the gap and grapple into the Emerald to collect it!

Sky Temple, Act One: Vision Chaos Emerald

Following that, your next Chaos Emerald will be the Vision one, obtained in Act One of the Sky Temple dungeon. This is another simple one to find and gather, which is relieving.

To reach this Chaos Emerald, head right from the entrance and keep following the lower pathway, heading past the fans and large spiked wheels. After passing over the two spiked wheels, stay on the ground and follow through a large opening leading to a vertical wind tunnel.

Jump into the wind tunnel to be flung into a horizontal pole, with the Ring on the right. Inch your way across the pole to the right, then jump off the pole while still holding right to get launched directly into the Ring.

Another ‘Catch the Chaos Emerald‘ mini-game will ensue, following the same rules and strategies as the previous two: Utilize the grapple points to fling yourself toward the Emerald until you’re close enough to pull yourself into it. Use the speed boosts to quickly and efficiently close the gap!

Pinball Carnival, Act One: Water Chaos Emerald

It’s time for our first tricky one, the Water Chaos Emerald, located within Act One of the Pinball Carnival Stage. Several routes can lead you here, but this is the one we stumbled on, so keep in mind that there is likely a more optimal route than this one. Nonetheless, this will get you there regardless of speed.

From the start of the Stage, head right and take the ramp downward from the two flippers, following that pathway all the way to the right, where you will encounter a Bumper Crab enemy and a bouncy platform that will take you to an elevated area on your right.

Once up there, take the series of wheels and launchers to the top, then hop off to the left, where the arrows point, and follow the tracks to the left, leading you to a pipe. Jump into the pipe, then head northeast, using the wheel to launch yourself over a small thing of spikes on the ground.

After that, there will be another ramp that leads downward. Take that pathway and head all the way to the right to find the Ring in the corner of the area. Jump into it to begin yet another ‘Catch the Chaos Emerald‘ mini-game, which will be handled the same as the others!

Lagoon City, Act One: Ivy Chaos Emerald

Speaking of tricky Chaos Emeralds, the Ivy Chaos Emerald within Act One of the Lagoon City Stage is easily one of the more challenging ones to obtain.

From the start of the level, head right and take the first waterslide, then use the waterspouts to reach the upper area on the right and follow that pathway into another waterslide, leading you to a water launcher that will launch you toward yet another waterslide.

Jump into the third waterslide, then remain right until you encounter another series of water launchers. Use them to reach the area above you, then take yet another right and use another water launcher to propel yourself over a Cloud enemy and into a Checkpoint.

After you reach this Checkpoint, walk to the right to find a waterspout. However, instead of jumping into the waterspout, drop off the ledge and onto the ground beneath the Checkpoint and waterspout, revealing a pathway to the left.

Follow the pathway to the left past the Cloud enemy and downward to another waterspout next to a tube entrance. Don’t jump into the tube. Instead, continue leftward to find a series of platforms and Cloud enemies.

Drop down from the first platform to the one below it, then jump from that one to the other platform to the right of it. Here, you will see the Ring to the right, just beyond a Cloud enemy and a sizable hole in the wall.

Wait for the Cloud to be non-electrically charged and jump into it, causing you to bounce into the air. Once in the air, hold right to enter the hole in the wall, enabling you to successfully grab the Ring.

While we’d love to say the ‘Chase the Chaos Emerald‘ bit is the same as the others, that would be a lie. Instead, this one has a series of bounce pads that launch you high into the air while the Emerald moves around the area in a circular motion.

Do not chase the Emerald here. Instead, head left and bounce around in the same area until the Emerald circles around to your location. Once it’s in the distance, drop onto it to grab and obtain it!

Sand Sanctuary, Act One: Slow Chaos Emerald

From one tricky Emerald to another, we have the Slow Chaos Emerald, which can be yours via Act One of the Sand Sanctuary Stage. From the start of the level, head right until you reach your first sandfall and jump up through it and into the area above.

Once here, head to the right and take another sandfall upward, jumping off to the left once you reach the top. Continue left, beyond the Spider and Drill enemies to find another sandfall, take that one up as well to find yet another one to the right, and use that one to reach the two Bird enemies in the area above it.

Next, head right and keep in that direction until you reach a Speed Rail that will launch you even further to the right. From there, stay right until you reach an area with three Speed Rails stacked on top of one another. Use them to reach the uppermost one, launching you to another area.

Once here, keep heading right until you encounter a large Countdown Loop. Before running into the Loop, equip the Bullet Chaos Emerald Ability. After that, run into the Loop, having it explode and launch you away from the Ring directly beside it.

Using your Bullet Power, launch yourself back toward the Ring, ultimately catapulting yourself through it, beginning the ‘Chase the Chaos Emerald‘ mini-game, which is handled the same way as the others (minus the annoying Lagoon City one).

Lastly, we have our seventh and final Chaos Emerald, the Extra Chaos Emerald, which is found in Act One of the Press Factory. From the beginning of the level, head right until you reach an area with branching paths, then take the uppermost pathway and follow it to the right.

Keep heading in this direction until you are forced to go upward, having to use the Stage’s gimmick of periodically launching you into the air to reach the area above you. Once here, you will see a narrow opening just underneath the area above you. Jump through that opening and continue heading to the right.

However, be mindful of getting launched, as you can get launched up through the floor with no means to get back down. To avoid this from happening, perform a light hop just before the Stage launches you, which can be telegraphed by the lights on the platforms and background.

Continue heading right until you’re forced to move upward again, using the platforms to navigate to the next area. Once here, walk to the right until you’re grabbed by a lift, which takes you to the section above you.

Next, head right until you encounter a Green Launcher that will fling you either straight up or at an angle to the right. Have it launch you straight upward, then move slightly to the right to avoid falling back into it.

From there, continue right, heading underneath the ‘main path’ and over the elevated part of the floor. Again, be mindful not to get launched by the stage here, and maintain going to the right until you are forced to move upward once more.

Once you’re here, navigate to the right again until you see the Ring beneath you. Before moving any further, equip the Bullet Chaos Emerald Power first, then run to the platform’s edge. Drop off the platform and activate the Bullet Power, using it to fling yourself through the Ring.

The final ‘Catch the Chaos Emerald‘ mini-game will ensue, which is like all the others except the Ivy one in the Lagoon City Stage, so you should have no trouble getting it!

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