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Rainbow High girls and guys can’t have all the fun. This Halloween, celebrate the rival school that shows greyscale can look just as good. Shadow High is here, and these gorgeous dolls are proving that black is indeed the new black. Whether you’re collecting or setting up a themed display of the Shadow High dolls, there are a few that need to be a part of your collection.



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From their regular outfits to their costume ball attire, these ladies and gentlemen prove that the shadows can hide some rather stunning items. Take a look at some of the best Rainbow High Shadow High dolls, especially perfect for the spooky season. Celebrate Halloween with the rest of Shadow High with the Costume Ball collection. With some of your favorite Shadow High students ready to celebrate in costume.

Updated on October 22, 2023 by Jerel Levy: As Halloween looms ever closer, you may be looking for the perfect doll to display or a cute gift to give. The Rainbow High dolls have some gorgeous collections to choose from, whether they be from Rainbow High or Shadow High. We’ve added to this collection to show you the best Halloween dolls the brand has to offer.

Get Into Halloween With These Gorgeous Dolls

Rainbow High Shadow High Costume Ball Demi Batista

Rainbow High Shadow High Demi Batista COSTUME BALL

Demi Batista dresses as a vampire for the costume ball at Shadow High. Sporting an easy-to-recognize costume, this Shadow High doll is decked out in all purple and ready to bare her fangs at the ball. Giving the Shadow High dolls a bit more color, Demi looks elegant and perfectly dressed for the costume party. 


  • Costume perfect for a Halloween or spooky decoration
  • Gorgeous purple outfitting from head to toe
  • Has everything in the package for perfectly displaying

The Rainbow High and Shadow High dolls have been invited to the costume party, and Demi Batista shows up in all purple as an adorable vampire. High fashion as always, her new outfit features accessories that really bring the look together, as well as a beautiful pattern on her dress that’s somewhat reminiscent of bats. With the classic Dracula collar, thigh-high boots, and bows in the shape of bats, she’s perfectly ready for Halloween.

Rainbow Vision Costume Ball Rainbow High Bella Parker

Rainbow Vision Costume Ball Rainbow High Bella Parker

This Rainbow Vision Costume Ball Rainbow High version of Bella Parker dazzles and sparkles in a wickedly beautiful way. Bella dons her witchy outfit for the costume ball. In gorgeous pink, a witches hat, sparkling accessories, and a chic style, this is one witch you’ll want around all year long. 


  • The gorgeous witch costume is extremely detailed
  • Bella Parker is perfect in pink
  • Collectible, posable and comes with a display stand

  • Not as creative as some of the other costume ball collection

Bella Parker proves that you can be a witch and still be pretty in pink. Bella has some gorgeous details accentuating her witchy outfit, including faux jeweled spiders and an engraved hat with the initials RH for Rainbow High. Pink dress, pink heels, gorgeous flowing hair, and perfect for display, Bella makes an adorable witch.

Rainbow High Shadow High Eliza McFee Costume Ball

Rainbow High Shadow High Eliza McFee Costume Ball

Eliza McFee comes to the costume ball dressed as a fairy. This doll has so many tiny details that truly make it shine. In a light blue coloring all around, Eliza has meticulous detail colored ion all over, from the intricate braid woven into her hair to the intricate details on her dress; this doll is a great addition to your next collection.


  • Gorgeous and distinctive light blue coloring all over
  • Outstanding attention to detail across the doll
  • Cute for gifting or collecting

Who says you have to be spooky on Halloween? Dressing up can be fun, and you can do it in a cute way. Take a look at Eliza McFee at the costume ball; for example, she’s got a hold on the perfect costume befitting of her personality. She loves special effects and has made the perfect costume to show off her passion, with an attention to detail that makes it almost look like she’s a real fairy.

Rainbow High Shadow High Lola Wilde Costume Ball

Rainbow High Shadow High Lola Wilde Costume Ball

Lola Wilde shows up as a were-cat for the Rainbow High and Shadow High costume ball. She focuses on Cosmetology in school, and her bouncy, voluminous hair definitely reflects that. She serves the full treatment as her nails are immaculate, being perfectly manicured yet long enough to sink her claws into you as part of her were-cat costume. 


  • Big hair, big nails, and a big personality, Lola Wilde truly stands out
  • One of the only dolls from the set to have her nails done
  • Perfectly on-brand for cosmetology

If you can’t decide between being a cat or a werewolf for Halloween, take a note from Lola Wilde and be both. The were-cat ensemble she sports does a great job at representing her study in cosmetology as well as being gorgeous for display. Pink up and down with a cute black lace cat ear band, you may want to cosplay as her for Halloween.

Rainbow High Robin Sterling Costume Ball Spider Costume

Rainbow High Robin Sterling Costume Ball

The spider queen makes her way to the ball as Rainbow High’s Robin Sterling stuns in a spiderweb-styled gown. With a spider web crown, beautifully twisted hair that matches her undergarments, and a dress that flares out at the bottom like a spider’s web, Robin Sterling steals the show in this gorgeous look. 


  • Her hair matches her underclothes
  • Amazing spider patterns adorn the dress
  • The crown is in the shape of a spider web
  • Attention to detail is almost unmatched

  • Not a Shadow High student

While not technically from Sahdow High, we had to include Robin Sterling from Rainbow High because of her gorgeous costume ball attire. Perfect for the spooky season, she looks like an elegant spider queen, ready to rule on Halloween night. With a beautiful teal complimenting her hair, she’s a gorgeous collector’s item ripe for display.

Rainbow High Shadow High Violet Willow Costume Ball

Rainbow High Shadow High Violet Willow Costume Ball

Violet Willow is ready to get all the gossip of the school while wearing her Cat costume for the costume ball. Her purple cat mask is molded to fit her face and ties in the back with saying string. Her faux fur stole, and her rhinestoned gloves really bring an element of luxury and elegance to her costume. 


  • Fashionably and luxurious
  • Beautiful attention to detail with rhinestones and satin ties along the outfit
  • Pretty in purple from head to toe

Violet Willow looks like a superhero in her Kitty Cat costume ball outfit. A lilac purple cat woman ready to cause some trouble or save the day, she has a molded cat mask to hide her identity throughout the costume ball. Violet herself is all about gossip, and what better way to get gossip from the ball than by hiding her true identity?

Rainbow High Shadow High Series 1 Natasha Zima

Rainbow High Shadow High Natasha Zima

Natasha Zima makes a statement as one of the grayscale dolls from Shadow High in the Rainbow High series. This doll features an extra outfit and accessories that allow her to pursue her passion for Cosmetic Chemistry. With vibrant colored eyes and skin and clothes on the grayscale, she’s quite a unique addition to your collection. 


  • Gorgeous white all over
  • Great for collection

  • Be careful, the white can get dirty easily

Stark, sparkling white, Natasha Zima shows off the lighter end of the grey scale, proving that black and white can be just as engaging as the colors of the rainbow. Seen on the show, Natasha comes with multiple outfits and accessories relating to her passion for Cosmetic Chemistry.


Are Rainbow High And Shadow High The Same?

No, they are not the dame. Shadow High came on the scene as a rival school to the Rainbow High characters. Originally launching in grayscale, the Shadow High line has released even more dolls to compete against the Rainbow High dolls.

What Age Range Are Rainbow And Shadow High Dolls For?

They suggested age range for these dolls is six to thirteen years old.

Do Shadow High Dolls Have Stands?

Yes they do. The same stands that you can pose the Rainbow High dolls on are included for all the Shadow High dolls.

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