Where Can You Find Krampus In Fortnite?

If you’re looking to find Krampus in Fortnite for Winterfest, we’ve got everything you need to know right here.

It’s the holiday season in Fortnite again, with new surprises added to the game as part of Winterfest 2023. This year, both Krampus and Sgt. Winter has been added to the game, and you’ll be tasked with taking down the former before he ruins the holidays.




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For one of the Winterfest Snapshot quests, you are asked to find and defeat Krampus after he has stolen presents from the island’s inhabitants. However, to do so, you’ll need to venture into the southern snowy area on the map.

How To Find Krampus

A screenshot from Fortnite showing the location of Krampus's house on the southern tip of the island, with a blue marker inside an orange circle

Krampus can be found on the southeast tip of the island, with his house noticeable on the southernmost point of the game’s map. If you start at Hazy Hillside and head south, you’ll eventually see a single yellow house where the Christmas villain lives.

However, that’s wasting precious time that others might use to take out the present thief, so your best bet might be to place a marker on the small black box representing his house and land there at the start of the match.

Krampus isn’t guaranteed to be in any one spot when you land at his house, as he can be found on either floor or wandering around the immediate area outside on the decks.

How To Defeat Krampus

A screenshot from Fortnite showing Krampus noticing the player, as Santa Jack Skellington, and begins to run towards them

As for defeating the monster, he’s not as strong as any of the Society’s bosses on the island, and he can be taken out by a single player without much hassle. Even if you land at his cabin and spend a few short moments collecting consumables and weapons from nearby, you can likely take him without trouble.

Krampus is a melee-only boss, which means he will charge at you the second he sees you and begin smashing you with his pickaxe.

If you can keep your distance at a ranged position, like on the roof or a second level, you can eliminate him quickly.

Krampus’s attacks aren’t anything special, but he will be unrelenting when he gets close enough to start hitting you with his pickaxe. Don’t underestimate him, as he can do an incredible amount of damage in the time it takes you to reload your weapon.

If you haven’t progressed to part four of the second Winterfest Snapshot quest yet, you won’t get credit for the objective. You’ll need to progress to that point in the quest to be rewarded with the experience.


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