Wheel of Fortune contestant offers wild, X-rated guess

A Wheel of Fortune contestant shot to internet fame Thursday night thanks to his absurd, X-rated guess to a puzzle that sent the audience and viewers into hysterics.

In the game show’s opening segment, contestants were asked to solve the phrase puzzle as quickly as possible as letters appeared on the board.

Parts of the four word phrase, “_ _ _ _ _N T_E _ _ _T!,” were on the board when a contestant, Tavaris, confidently buzzed to solve the puzzle.

“Right in the butt?” Tavares blurted out to the shock of his fellow contestants and the crowd, who burst into laughter.

'Wheel of Fortune’ contestant offers wild X-rated guess

“What?” one female player gasps.

“No,” longtime host Pat Sajak responded, managing to keep his composure.

As the crowd was still laughing, contestant Blake solved for the correct, innocent answer: “This is the best!”

Clips of the gaffe immediately went viral on social media

“Sir this is a classy show,” Philip Lewis tweeted.

“Wheel of Fortune is now NSFW,” another user wrote.

Another called the absurd answer “One of the greatest guesses of all time.”

“Tavaris will never be able to live this one down. So many jokes. Forever,” one viewer wrote.

Many pointed out “right” has five letters, not four.

“I can’t imagine you’ll go very far on wheel of fortune if you can’t spell ‘right’,” one user joked.

“Yes, we saw the Wheel of Fortune clip you can stop sending it to us,” the X account for Merriam-Webster posted.

The gaffe comes just weeks before Sajak retires as host of the game show, a position he held for 43 years.

His final episode will air June 7, and he’ll be replaced by Ryan Seacrest.

This story originally appeared on New York Post and was reproduced with permission

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