What To Do With The Tortured Prisoner In Lords Of the Fallen

Lords Of The Fallen features various characters you’ll encounter on your quest to cleanse the beacons, and some of them might need your assistance. Sometimes, they won’t directly ask for help, making it a bit of a mystery; that’s just how games like this are designed to add extra depth and challenge.



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Take the Tortured Prisoner, for instance. She’s trapped behind a locked cell, and when you try to interact with her, you won’t get any spoken dialogue because she’s struggling to communicate. It can leave you unsure about what to do next.

Where To Find The Tortured Prisoner

Player standing in front of the Tortured Prisoner while she is still in her cell locked Lords of the Fallen

The Tortured Prisoner is located at Skyrest Bridge, but before you can access her location, you will need to get the Skyrest Bridge Key to unlock the area where she is imprisoned.

From the key location, make your way to the end of the bridge and then head left, where you’ll see an entrance on your right. Inside, you will see there’s a locked door, but now you can use the key to unlock it.

Player crossing the bridge to make his way to the Tortured Prisoner Lords of the Fallen

After unlocking the door, walk across the bridge ahead of you, and then take the stairs on the left side all the way up. At the top, you’ll find a prisoner in a cell to your right; that’s the Tortured Prisoner.

When you interact with her, the Tortured Prisoner won’t speak. Instead, she’ll be trying to muffle her sounds. However, she definitely needs your help.

To help her, you must find and give her a catalyst known as the Searing Accusation, which is located in this same area.

How To Free The Tortured Prisoner

Player standing in front of the Umbral entity that blocking the way to get the Searing Accusation Lords of the Fallen

The Searing Accusation is locked away by an Umbral entity, and to unlock it, you’ll need to locate and interact with three Soulflay items. However, this can only be accomplished once you’ve entered Umbral, so be sure to get started on that first.

Soulflay Item #1

Player is about to Soulflay the first Soulflay Item Lords of the Fallen

After leaving the Tortured Prisoner’s cell, return to the stairs and continue until you reach an open space to your left where you can jump to the center where there are some statues.

Once you’ve made the jump, you’ll discover the first Soulflay item just behind those statues. Don’t forget to Soulflay it before you proceed.

Soulflay Item #2

Player is about to Soulflay the second Soulflay Item Lords of the Fallen

Descend from this point back to the stairs and continue downward until you reach the bridge. On the left side of the bridge, you’ll spot a Soulflay item that you can activate to bring a platform.

Once the platform is close to you, drop down onto it. Then, turn around to locate the second required Soulflay item. Remember to Soulflay it to proceed.

Soulflay Item #3

Player is about to Soulflay the third Soulflay Item Lords of the Fallen

Now, after turning back, use the Soulflay item to reach the ladder in front of you. Once you’ve climbed the ladder, you’ll notice another ladder to your right.

At the top of this second ladder, you’ll see the Umbral entity right in front of you. More importantly, you’ll find the last required Soulflay item up to your right.

Soulflaying this final item will dispel the Umbral entity, granting you access to the room it was guarding. Inside, you’ll find an Umbral belly. After Soulflaying it, you’ll be able to get the Searing Accusation.

Free The Tortured Prisoner

Player have the choice to give the Searing Accusation to the Tortured Prisoner Lords of the Fallen

With the Searing Accusation, return to the Tortured Prisoner. Interact with her, and you’ll see a prompt asking if you want to hand over the Searing Accusation.

Choose to give it to her, and she will express her gratitude through what appears to be joyful muffles, signifying your successful assistance.

Should you reload this area, you’ll have the opportunity to get the Tortured Prisoner’s Head Cage from her prison cell.

The Tortured Prisoner Location After You Free Her

Player standing in front of the Tortured Prisoner at the entrance of Pieta boss Lords of the Fallen

Now that you’ve rescued the Tortured Prisoner, she’ll leave her cell and head to a new spot at Skyrest Bridge. If you backtrack to the boss fight entrance with Pieta, She of Blessed Renewal, you’ll spot her waiting there.

When you talk to her, she’ll share her thanks, and you’ll receive the Calrath’s Noble Bow Gesture. Once you’ve finished talking with her, she’ll become a merchant specializing in Inferno items, like weapons and spells.

Below is a list of the items she currently has for sale while he is in this location:




Pyric Cultist Staff


450 Vigor

Pyric Cultist Catalyst


650 Vigor

Infernal Orb

Inferno Spell

500 Vigor


Inferno Spell

650 Vigor

Charred Finger


1,000 Vigor

Pyric Cultist Hood


1,500 Vigor

Pyric Cultist Gloves


1,500 Vigor

Pyric Cultist Leggings


1,500 Vigor

Pyric Cultist Garb


2,200 Vigor

You should also know that the Tortured Prisoner can be summoned to help you in specific boss fights, such as the Hushed Saint.

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