What Is Cloud Gaming?

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Within the gaming community, you may see the phrase ‘cloud gaming’ used from time to time. If you are familiar with the ‘cloud’ for phones, such as the Apple iCloud system, you may see some similarities between the two. Still, what exactly does this have to do with gaming?




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Does cloud gaming differ from normal gaming directly on a console or computer? Here, we are going to go over everything there is regarding cloud gaming, as well as what platforms/services allow you to do this. Before we dive into cloud gaming, let’s take a look at what the cloud is.

What Is The Cloud?

xbox cloud gaming popular options

The Cloud is a term that can apply to several different areas of online services. Essentially, this is a collection of content that you can access from anywhere. The content itself is stored on the cloud, allowing you to view/interact with it remotely.

What Is Cloud Gaming?

Two heroes on their mounts look at oncoming danger near a Plank Golem and allay box in Minecraft Legends.

With the description of the cloud in mind, let’s look at cloud gaming. When you partake in cloud gaming, you are essentially streaming a game to your device, while the game itself runs from a remote location.

Let’s take a look at a real example. Minecraft Legends can be played via Xbox Cloud Gaming, which is still in beta. When you play this, the output of the game is streamed to you. Any moves or actions made by you are sent to the server, where the action is then taken.

Does Cloud Gaming Take Up Space On A Device?

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Since you are not actually downloading a full game, cloud gaming doesn’t take up as much space as traditional gaming.

Is Cloud Gaming Laggy?

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The answer to this is both yes and no. Cloud gaming requires a stable internet connection, and if there is any disturbance, then yes, you will experience lag. Thankfully, cloud gaming has come quite far in recent years. With stable internet, you should still have an enjoyable gaming experience.

Cloud Gaming Examples

Peter Quill holding his Element Guns in Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy

Above, we mentioned Xbox Cloud Gaming. You can also play games on the cloud with Nvidia GeForce NOW, which gives you access to hundreds of games.

Some consoles only have cloud versions of games as well. For example, Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy is available on the Nintendo Switch as the cloud version. If you were to download it, you would only need 83 MB worth of space. The downside is potential lag and framerate drops.

Google Stadia was a popular cloud gaming service, but in January 2023, the service permanently shut down.


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