What Every Chaos Emerald Ability Is And How To Use Them In Sonic Superstars

Sonic Superstars is jam-packed with Stages, Bosses, and Abilities, giving you many things to grind your teeth on when learning the optimal paths and strategies for getting the best Time and Score on each Stage. Chaos Emeralds have long been a crucial aspect of the series, and there’s no difference here, as they provide tremendous Powers to every character in the game.



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These Powers range from granting you traversal benefits, such as freezing time or the ability to traverse up streams of water, to more combat-oriented ones that range from what can only be compared to Naruto’s Shadow Clone Jutsu and being able to launch yourself at your target with tremendous force for massive damage and essentially everything between!

Chaos Emerald Powers Overview


There are seven total Chaos Emeralds for you to find and obtain in Sonic Superstars with eight Powers in total, thanks to the ‘Super’ Power you receive after getting all seven Emeralds. Some have multiple uses, while others will only really be useful in specific situations.

The sections below will cover each of the eight Chaos Emerald Powers, what they do, and their best use cases to ensure you get the most out of them during your journey!

Avatar Chaos Emerald Power


Kicking things off is the Avatar Chaos Emerald Power, having your character summon forth a wave of Clones of themselves, stampeding across the Stage, dealing damage to everyone and everything in sight.

As you may have already guessed, this Chaos Emerald Power is beneficial against bosses. So strong, in fact, that it can single-handedly destroy many of the bosses if used at the very start of the encounter.

In addition to that, the Avatar Chaos Emerald Power can be used to collect many Rings and Medals in an area and clear out a room filled with enemies quickly and efficiently. This is one of the better Powers in the game, which is good news as it’s the first you will get!

Bullet Chaos Emerald Power

Sonic using the Bullet Chaos Emerald Power in Sonic Superstars

Bullet is the next available Chaos Emerald Power you will get, having your character turn into a ball in midair before launching in the direction of your choosing with tremendous momentum and force, demolishing most things that dare stand in your way.

Like the Avatar Power, this can be very handy in some boss encounters. Still, it shines brightest regarding platforming, as you can utilize its multiple uses to reach tremendous heights, clear substantial gaps, and even snag Medals or new Chaos Emeralds!

Vision Chaos Emerald Power

Sonic using the Vision Chaos Emerald Power in Sonic Superstars

Next up is the Vision Chaos Emerald Power, which reveals hidden Rings, Coins, platforms, and even Item Boxes, highlighting them in a bright purple, enabling you to access things you would never otherwise have access to in several Stages.

We tried using this several times in boss encounters. We found no use for it there or against regular enemies, making this Power strictly functional for the platforming and exploration sections. Still, it’s a pretty cool and unique Power worth experimenting with!

Water Chaos Emerald Power

Sonic using the Water Chaos Emerald Power in Sonic Superstars

Speaking of powers that are only really beneficial for the exploration sections, we have the Water Chaos Emerald Power, which enables you to turn your character into liquid, allowing them to traverse water quickly and efficiently.

This Power allows you to travel up specific streams of water and even comes with a dash action that will destroy the enemies trying to rough you up underwater. Furthermore, you won’t need to gather air while in liquid form, making you immune to drowning!

Ivy Chaos Emerald Power

Sonic using the Ivy Chaos Emerald Power in Sonic Superstars

Following that is the Ivy Chaos Emerald Power, which has you summon a large vine that travels upward with your character hanging onto the top, enabling you to reach higher areas to gather Rings, Item Boxes, Coins, and even reach Chaos Emeralds you may have overshot.

Like the following two before it, this Chaos Emerald Power has no actual use in combat, making it useless in boss encounters entirely. Still, it will more than likely come in handy more than a few times during your journey to reach new areas!

Slow Chaos Emerald Power

Sonic using the Slow Chaos Emerald Power in Sonic Superstars

Slow is our next Chaos Emerald Power, doing precisely what its name implies: Substantially slowing down the area and things around you. This is useful for many things, mainly bringing fast-moving objects to a crawl, enabling you to pass underneath them or jump onto them without worrying about being crushed or flung off.

Additionally, this can have some benefits in combat, especially if you want to land a hit on an enemy that may move a bit too fast for you to read or react to, making it an excellent Power for both traversal and combat, but with a slight edge toward its exploration side.

Sonic using the Extra Chaos Emerald Power in Sonic Superstars

The seventh and final Chaos Emerald will grant you the Extra Power, giving each character a unique Combat Ability when activated. These new Abilities can go a long way in clearing out groups of enemies or even help you defeat a formidable boss. As such, the table below will cover the Ability each character gets and how to use them properly!


Extra Power


Gains a homing attack, enabling him to chain together attacks to quickly and efficiently dispatch large groups of enemies.


Punches with tremendous force, sending a projectile forward with each punch, enabling him to hit targets from a safe distance.


Violently spins and swings his tails, creating a small tornado that travels forward, dealing tremendous damage on contact.


Tosses her hammers forward in an arc motion in front of herself that’s excellent against air-based enemies.

Super Chaos Emerald Power

Sonic entering Super Sonic mode in Sonic Superstars

After gathering all seven Chaos Emeralds, you will receive the ability to go Super, which will be the same for all four starting characters and different for the special character you unlock upon rolling credits for the first time. But, for now, we will stick with the original four you have at your disposal at the start of the game!

Going Super will make you completely invincible, enabling you to run through any enemy in the game without a care in the world. It will also make you substantially faster, allowing you to speed through the Stage in the blink of an eye.

However, in order to activate Super mode, you must first have 50 Rings. Upon entering Super mode, you will steadily lose a Ring every second, so gathering more as you’re soaring through the Stage is crucial to stay in the form, as you will be kicked out of Super mode if your Rings plummet to zero!

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