What Are Overkill Weapons In Payday 3?

Payday 3 introduces a new weapon type called ‘Overkill’. These are equipped in a third slot separate from your primary and secondary weapons as they’re more like special abilities. You start out with the grenade launcher but, after playing enough, come to unlock a hefty sniper that can put a dent in even the strongest of response units.



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The training mode shows you how they work if you want to see them in action, but there’s far more to Overkill weapons than simply deploying them, like when they’re useful and how you unlock them. Let’s break it down.

How Many Overkill Weapons Are There?

Payday 3 Overkill weapons menu showing the Marcom Mamba MGL and locked HET-5 Red-Fox

As of writing, there are only two Overkill weapons – the Marcom Mamba MGL grenade launcher and the HET-5 Red Fox sniper.

The grenade launcher has a revolver barrel that holds six rounds. You can dole out some serious damage before having to reload.

The sniper meanwhile has incredibly low recoil and even comes with a thermal scope. It’s semi-automatic and holds 20 rounds.

How To Unlock The HET-5 Red Fox Sniper

Payday 3 Het-5 Red Fox sniper over a yellow and orange comic background

To unlock the HET-5 Red Fox sniper, all you need to do is reach Infamy Level 40.

You can do this by completing challenges and heists. Once you’ve reached level 40, it’s completely free and can be equipped in place of the grenade launcher.

How To Deploy Overkill Weapons

Payday 3 civilians queing up to be served at Secure Capital Bank

In the bottom right of your HUD will be an Overkill meter. You can fill this by completing objectives and killing enemies.

Once it’s full, a prompt will appear to deploy your weapon. On PC, it’s ‘Z’.

When you press the prompt, a package will be delivered in front of you containing the Overkill weapon. Simply interact with it and you’ll equip it automatically.

How To Choose The Best Overkill Weapon For Your Build

thermite burning through a floor in Payday 3

The grenade launcher is not subtle. That goes without saying. You’re firing off explosives that are going to make a lot of noise. As such, it’s best used when you’re going loud and need to take out crowds.

If you like taking hostages and fighting waves of cops, the grenade launcher is perfect. It can easily dispatch several enemies at once in rapid succession. It’s best used for mid-range builds, complimenting assault rifles.

The sniper is still a loud weapon, but it’s better for long-range builds that will provide cover fire. If your teammates are focused on enemies within your proximity, you can take out snipers from afar or hold back reinforcements before they get close.

The sniper is best for a support role, such as the team medic, as you can keep your squad safe without having to put yourself in too much danger.

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