Weapon Forge Simulator Codes For October 2023

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According to our Google search, it can take two to four years to become a blacksmith…in real life. But in the digital world of Roblox, you can become a blacksmith today by playing Weapon Forge Simulator by DragonJoy. In Weapon Forge Simulator, you’ll train, forge weapons, and sell your weapons for coins. Then, you can use those coins to unlock performance-enhancing pets and access new worlds.



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Gems are another important currency you gain by completing missions in Weapon Forge Simulator. You can spend them on weapon enchantments, pet upgrades, and more. Unfortunately, gems are more challenging to earn. Luckily, these Weapon Forge Simulator codes reward hundreds of gems and other game-changing power-ups.

Working Weapon Forge Simulator Codes




Receive 300 Gems! (NEW CODE)


Receive 10 Gems! (NEW CODE)


Receive 100 Gems! (NEW CODE)


Receive a 30-minute Damage Boost! (NEW CODE)


Receive 200 Gems! (NEW CODE)


Receive 200 Gems! (NEW CODE)


Receive 500 Gems! (NEW CODE)

Weapon Forge Simulator codes are case-sensitive and last for a limited time. We recommend redeeming new active codes as soon as possible before they expire.

Expired Codes

There are no expired Weapon Forge Simulator codes at this time.

How To Redeem Weapon Forge Simulator Codes

A step-by-step diagram for redeeming codes in Weapon Forge Simulator.

You can redeem Weapon Forge Simulator codes via the Settings window. Follow the steps below.

  1. Click the cog icon in the upper-left corner of the screen. This button opens the Settings window.
  2. Type the code into the text field labeled “TYPE CODE HERE.”
  3. Click the green “OK” button to submit the code.
    1. If you received a message saying “Code: Not Valid Code,” the redemption failed.
    2. If you received a reward message detailing your prize, the redemption succeeded.

Check your code for errors regarding spelling, letter-casing, spacing, numbers, and special characters (&, $, #, @, etc.) if your first redemption attempt fails. Then, if these edits do not remedy the issue, you can assume the code is faulty or expired.

How To Get More Weapon Forge Simulator Codes

The best places to get more Weapon Forge Simulator codes are the DragonJoy Discord Server and the game’s Roblox page. The Roblox page lists the latest codes. Meanwhile, the Discord server lists older working codes in the Weapon Forge Simulator category’s #Code channel. See the links below for more Weapon Forge Simulator news and updates.

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