‘We didn’t ask’: Pop star’s bizarre rebrand leaving fans confused

Pop singer Camila Cabello is in the middle of her “I’ll tell anyone, anything” rebrand, and it is alarming, to say the least. 

Cabello, 27, is on the cusp of dropping her new album after her third studio album, Familia, failed to become a monster hit in 2022.

The songstress previously had a squeaky clean image but she’s ditched that for her raunchy revamp. 

Naturally, she deleted her previous social media posts, bleached her hair blonde and started dressing like Generation Z culture threw up on her in order to let everyone know she was in a new era. 

She’s done what normal people do when they break up with someone, but she’s a pop star, so it’s slightly more elevated. 

Cabello’s now very into wearing anything skin-tight and pairing that look with her hair, which does not look washed. Occasionally, she’ll mix things up and pop on a furry balaclava, because why not?

She is dressing like a high-schooler who has just been told by their mum, ‘You can’t go out wearing that’.

She’s dropped two new singles: I Luv It, which is spelled like that because she’s a bad girl now that it is prepared to drop vowels, and a collaboration with Lil Nas X called He Knows

The songs haven’t been a major chart success.

Nevertheless, Cabello, who became a star as a teenager by auditioning for X-Factor and joining the girl group Fifth Harmony, is ready to shed her good girl image, and she is doing this by talking about everything. 

Usually celebrities wait until they are in their fifties to reveal the truth behind their dating lives and their biggest secrets by releasing a memoir that is always a fraction too long and usually written by someone else. 

Cabello has decided to jump on a bunch of podcasts and pop off like she’s had too many wines at a hen’s party.

It’s probably to gain buzz, but it is more jarring than exciting. 

In one of her most recent interviews, she revealed a series of X-rated details about her love life.

She went on actor Dax Shepard’s podcast Armchair Expert and poured her heart about losing her virginity, even going as far as to name the other person involved.

The US singer, 27, said she lost her virginity when she was 20 with her then-boyfriend, British dating expert turned TV star, Matthew Hussey.

The couple dated for just over a year from 2018, before Cabello went on to have a high-profile romance with Mendes.

“I had my first relationship at that time. It was late for my first relationship. I was 20,” she said. 

“I had actually listened to his [Hussey’s] podcast before because he had, like, a dating podcast. And he is married now, so congratulations.”

Sadly, she doesn’t stop there. She goes into far more detail, and yes, she even says the phrase “lovemaking”.

“That was my first time having sex. My first lovemaking was at 20 or 21. It was literally lovemaking. It was beautiful,” she declared. 

Prior to this interview, she appeared on Alex Cooper’s successful podcast, Call Her Daddy, and decided it was the perfect time to reflect on her past relationship with fellow singer Shawn Mendes … and everything else. 

The pop singer spoke about images of kissing Mendes at Coachella in 2023. They went viral because the pair had already broken up and released their classic celebrity “we will always love each other” statement. 

Cabello said that she’s a known “fan” of getting back together with an ex and that her impulsivity doesn’t help the situation.

She explained that the idea of never hooking up with an ex again isn’t something she can ever promise herself.

“I’m not someone you can forbid things from because I’ll want to do it more,” she said.

But she wasn’t done there.

She also discussed her favourite sex position, which she said depended on the person, adding that she prefers different positions at different times. 

The pop singer also shared that her favourite time to have sex was the afternoon because it felt so “European”, but she also enjoys a morning session.

So how are fans taking all this over-sharing? Well, they aren’t too thrilled.

“Girl, we did not ask,” one joked

“Some things should be kept to ourselves,” another wrote, with similar comments following.

“I feel like she needs to learn that not everything has to be shared with the public.”

“Nobody asked for this.”

“We didn’t ask. This is the private thing. What do you want us to do??”

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