Volume One Of A Guide Covering Almost Every Pokemon Is Up For Pre-Order

Pokemon has come a long way since the original 151. There are now more than 1,000 Pokemon. So many that even fans who have been dedicated to the series since the very beginning must see a Pokemon occasionally and think to themselves, “What on Earth is that?” If you’ve done that a time or two, or if you’re catching up and want to learn more about Pokemon you’re unfamiliar with, someone has been busy curating an extensive guide that includes information on almost every single ‘mon.



Pokemon: The Complete Pokemon Pocket Guide will cover the first 898 Pokemon, so presumably everything up until the Pokemon added to the Pokedex via Scarlet & Violet. The Paldea Pokemon are likely missing because this has been quite the undertaking and has probably been in the works since before the newest Pokemon games launched. Such an undertaking that only volume one, which will cover the first 442 Pokemon in the ‘dex, is ready to go right now.

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Volume one of the guide is available to pre-order on Amazon by clicking the link below. Shipping in April 2024, the guide will cover every single Pokemon from Bulbasaur to Spiritomb, and there’s even a slightly cheaper Kindle version available. Not only is every entry in the guide illustrated and has a full description, but it also provides details on how each Pokemon evolves, its move set, and even information regarding Gigantamax and Mega Evolved forms.

Pokemon: The Complete Pokemon Pocket Guide Vol. 1
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Pokemon: The Complete Pokemon Pocket Guide Vol. 1

Pokemon: The Complete Pokemon Pocket Guide will cover the first 898 Pokemon extensively. Volume one starts with Bulbasaur and ends with Spiritomb, including illustrations and descriptions of every single Pokemon as well as info on their evolution requirements, move sets, and even Giganatamax and Mega Evolved forms.

With more and more Pokemon being added to the Pokedex with each passing game, I know I can’t be the only one who’s scrambling for information online when I come up against something I’m unfamiliar with, or when a Pokemon’s strengths and weaknesses have slipped my mind. A quick Google search is usually the faster option, but in this instance, it would probably be more efficient to flick to that Pokemon’s entry in this guide and have everything you need to know right there.

You can even use the guide to help you journey through Paldea. Yes, there will be some omissions, but Scarlet & Violet are filled with Pokemon from previous games that are included in this guide. Even more now that the DLC has added 200 extra ones from the past. While you wait for the guide to arrive, now might be the perfect time to hunt for Pokemon in their Squishmallow form. Pokemon has been restocking its sought-after plushes, Togepi getting that very treatment on Amazon earlier this week.

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