Video Games Better Than The Movies They’re Based On

During the 2000s, the rule of thumb was that video games based on movies were always going to be bad. There were exceptions, but during the decade, that was the common thought of many gamers. Even many of the good video games based on movies aren’t usually better than the films themselves.



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The 1997 Blade Runner PC game is one of the best adventure titles of all time, and still can’t hold a candle to the revolutionary film it’s based on. However, there are key video games that surpass the films or at least offer a more enjoyable and entertaining experience.

8 X-Men Origins: Wolverine

X-men origins wolverine logan jumping at enemy with claws

When it comes to the worst X-Men film of all time, a lot of you will say X-Men Origins: Wolverine. It was Wolverine’s first solo movie and the film debut of Deadpool, which made Origins highly anticipated. The end result was a total letdown, and Hollywood probably would have been better off showing a two-hour playthrough of the video game instead, as that’s far more enjoyable.

The X-Men Origins game, specifically the version by Raven Software for Xbox 360 and PS3, is an incredibly violent action title. You truly feel like an unstoppable killing machine, and the game makes good use of the M for Mature rating. The fun factor here is off the charts. It’s seriously night and day in terms of the quality compared to the movie.

7 The Mummy Demastered

The Mummy Demastered Spider Boss

One of the biggest Hollywood failures in recent memory has to be the 2017 Tom Cruise Mummy film, which was supposed to be the start of Universal’s Dark Universe. That didn’t exactly pan out, and the film is ultimately most remembered for a humorous unfinished trailer with no sound Universal released.

The game, on the other hand, is pretty good. It’s a Metroidvania developed by WayForward, who has a great track record of these types of retro-inspired titles and does a solid job as usual. It’s definitely worth checking out for genre fans, though it doesn’t tend to go on sale for cheap, unfortunately.

6 King Kong

King Kong fighting prehistoric creatures in Peter Jacksons King Kong The Official Game of the Movie

A great movie game from the early seventh generation is King Kong, based on the 2005 Peter Jackson remake. You play as both Kong and Jack Driscoll as you go through Skull Island. It’s a phenomenal action-adventure title with tons of great moments, plus it never gets boring.

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You can’t really apply that last part to the movie because it’s just way too long. Jackson’s remake is actually pretty solid, but it can put many people to sleep with its ludicrous runtime. The game is a much smoother experience overall.

5 Sweet Home

All five playable characters in one room from Sweet Home.

Sweet Home is the best horror game that you’ve probably never played. Based on a Japanese horror film of the same name and only released in Japan, Sweet Home is an RPG survival horror hybrid. That is what the game would be considered today, but it launched in 1989, before the genre was well established.

In truth, Sweet Home might be the most important horror game of all time, creating many staples of the genre still used today. It’s also a great game on its own and still holds up. The Sweet Home movie is pretty forgettable, but the game’s high quality and massive impact on the horror genre easily make it superior.

4 Quantum Of Solace

Quantum of solace Video game bond in cover

Daniel Craig’s era of Bond was amazing and produced some of the best Bond movies. Quantum of Solace is not one of them. A movie largely hindered by the 2007-2008 Writers Guild strike, it’s probably the worst Daniel Craig instalment. However, the game was pretty decent. Being the last non-Call of Duty game by Treyarch and even using Duty’s IW engine, it’s a quality FPS.

The Quantum of Solace game does follow the film, but most of the levels are actually from Casino Royale, which is definitely in the game’s favor. Recreating many moments from the two movies, it has a fantastic FPS campaign akin to Call of Duty’s best. The multiplayer is also a lot of fun and even has Facility from GoldenEye 007. How awesome is that?

3 Ecks Vs. Sever

Playing through a level in ecks vs sever for the GBA

Ballistic: Ecks vs. Sever is one of the most critically panned films of all time. It’s an incredibly boring early 2000s action flick. Even action film specialist Ray Park (Darth Maul from Star Wars) couldn’t save it. The game of it is weird, though, because there’s not one but two GBA FPS titles based on the movie.

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Both of them are excellent FPS handheld games. They were developed by Crawfish Interactive, who had a history of technologically impressive Game Boy ports like Street Fighter Alpha 1 and 3. With Ecks vs. Sever, there simply is no contest regarding which is better.

2 Minority Report: Everybody Runs

An enemy ragdolling in Minority Report Everybody Runs

The 2002 Steven Spielberg action film Minority Report is fantastic and pretty underrated today. Its themes are powerful and well-handled, but in terms of what piece of media gives out more pure joy, that goes to the video game.

Minority Report: Everybody Runs is a phenomenal so bad it’s good game. This is a title you want to experience with wacky cheats on because the ragdoll physics and havoc at play here will make you laugh out loud. It’s a total blast from start to finish, and while not objectively better than the movie, it’s way more entertaining.

1 Captain America: Super Soldier

Captain America attacks an enemy soldier on a dirt road

Looking back, the first wave of MCU movies is a little rocky. Some still hold up, but you can definitely tell Marvel Studios was just getting its footing for this massive universe it’d later perfect. The first Captain America is a good example, as it’s a solid movie but pretty forgettable. If you play the game, however, you definitely won’t forget it.

Developed by Next Level Games, who did Punch-Out Wii and Luigi’s Mansion 3, Captain America: Super Soldier is a really good time. Its awesome ragdoll physics will have you laughing a lot, and the game itself isn’t half bad, either. In terms of pure entertainment, it surpasses the movie, and it’s far better than all the other comic book movie licensed games at the time.

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