Triple M’s Marty Sheargold breaks silence over absence

Triple M’s Marty Sheargold has addressed his abrupt disappearance from his radio show, which comes amid rumours he was kicked out of the AFL grand final.

Sheargold, who hosts The Marty Sheargold Show in Melbourne, didn’t feature on-air last week, with anchor Troy Ellis filling in for him.

Now, in a written statement to listeners, Sheargold announced he’d be taking “extended leave” from his position. He didn’t say when he’d return.

“I just wanted to let people know that I’ll be taking an extended break from work, with the very kind and compassionate permission of my employers, who have been generous in their understanding of my need for a break,” Sheargold said in the statement.

The presenter went on to share that he’s been feeling “mentally exhausted” and is in desperate need of time away to recuperate.

“I think it’s important for people like myself who have a public voice to admit that I am exhausted mentally from my range of commitments across TV, radio and live shows, in an attempt to continue to remove some of the roadblocks and stigma around mental health,” he continued.

“I need to set aside some time to get my work/life balance back into something that feels better than it has over the last couple of years. Thank you to everyone who has reached out, your support has been welcome and enriching.”

Sheargold’s statement comes after reports emerged he was booted from the AFL grand final on September 30 due to poor behaviour.

According to the Herald Sun, Sheargold was asked to leave a corporate area inside the Melbourne Cricket Ground at halftime after complaints were made.

However, Southern Cross Austereo – the parent company behind Triple M – claimed Sheargold had instead “left the AFL grand final at halftime of his own accord.”

In a statement to following the reports, Triple M confirmed that they would be supporting Sheargold.

“We will continue to support Marty’s request for personal leave to spend time with his family and we look forward to having him back on air soon,” the SCA spokesperson added.

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