Toilet Tower Defense Codes (October 2023)

Redeem these Toilet Tower Defense codes for free boosts and coins in this Roblox tower defense game.

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We checked for new codes on October 20, 2023. Code functionality still hasn’t been restored to the game.



Check out these Toilet Tower Defense codes and redeem them for free rewards in this Roblox tower defense game from Telanthric Development. Codes will grant you free luck boosts – so you can roll for better towers – as well as coins which are used to actually use those rolls! The aim of the game is simple: a classic tower defense game where you are attacked by waves of toilets.

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We check for new codes on a regular basis. The game is currently very popular, so we expect additional codes to be added for like milestones, events, and other updates. Check back soon.

Toilet Tower Defense Codes

  • There are currently no codes available for this game!

Expired Codes

/redeem YayMech

2 Free Summons

/redeem CoolScientist

100 Coins & Luck Boost


100 Coins & Luck Boost

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How To Redeem Codes

toilet tower defense chat box redeem

  • Codes can be redeemed via the in-game chat menu
  • Click on the chat box in the top left
  • Type in /redeem followed by the code, as shown in the table above
  • You will receive a notification on the screen if the code has been successfully redeemed

Codes can only be redeemed once, will expire after a short time, and can be case-sensitive. Make sure to copy and paste the code exactly, with matching capital letters.

If the code doesn’t work, this likely means it has already expired. Double-check that you’ve matched it letter for letter, though.

How To Get More Codes

Codes are posted in the game’s community Discord, and occasionally on other developer social channels. If you don’t have access to these platforms, we update this page regularly when new codes are added. These rewards are usually posted by the developer when there’s a big update, adding new units or worlds to beat.

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