Tips To Complete Star Paths Quickly In Disney Dreamlight Valley

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Star Paths are a pretty big deal in Disney Dreamlight Valley. They are similar to the battle passes in other games, but packed with motifs, decor, and clothing. Whether you want to get all the rewards, or just one that happens to be on the last page, these tips can help.



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You never know what you may encounter during Star Path duties. Each Star Path has its own theme, but the main tasks are similar to your normal daily Dreamlight duties. There are a few helpful tricks that can make your Star Path progress as smooth and stress-free as possible.

What To Know Before You Begin Your Star Path

Disney Dreamlight Valley picture of six Haunted Holiday Star Path duties.

Everyone plays Disney Dreamlight Valley their own way, but when there’s a Star Path event you may need to change your routine. In fact, if you want to complete them quickly, we recommend you don’t do anything at all that isn’t related to the Star Path duties.

You can only see six Star Path duties at a time. In some instances, the event may count some of your activities even though you can’t see the duty listed, but other times it won’t.

There’s no way to know if it will count your actions for future duties, so some things are better left undone. That may seem like a strange plan if you’re trying to complete the Star Path quickly, but it will absolutely work to your advantage.

The key to getting Star Paths done faster is to do less. It’s counterintuitive, but true. Here’s what you should avoid doing:

  • Don’t talk to villagers.
  • Don’t give gifts to anyone.
  • Don’t remove night thorns.
  • Don’t feed critters.
  • Don’t serve villagers in the restaurant.
  • Don’t do Dreamlight daily tasks, unless it’s related to a Star Path task.
  • Don’t mine ore nodes with gems visible.

If you’re wondering why you shouldn’t complete these regular tasks, it’s because the Star Path often has duties that involve them. If you’ve already talked to a particular villager for example, and then you get a Star Path duty to talk to them, you’ll have to wait until the next day to complete the task.

There are only two critters available in each zone. If you have a task that needs you to feed a critter, only feed one in case you get another of the same quest to complete later in the day.

You only want to do tasks as they relate to the Star Path duties. Since you won’t know what duties will pop up after you complete your current Star Path duties, you want to avoid locking yourself out of being able to complete further duties.

Tricks To Complete Star Path Duties Faster

Disney Dreamlight Valley avatar at a crafting table, with the crafting menu open. Various elixir recipes are shown as options for crafting.

To optimize your progress on the Star Path, follow these tricks:

  • Have enough star coins to purchase many seeds for any crops.
  • Collect task rewards as soon as you complete a Star Path duty or related Dreamlight duty. This will give you the next available duty so any actions you might do will be counted properly.
  • Sometimes Star Path duties and Dreamlight duties overlap. Do these if you also have a Star Path duty to complete a certain number of Dreamlight duties.

Star Path Duties Involving Mining Gems

Disney Dreamlight Valley avatar standing next to a mining node with red gem pieces showing.

Sometimes, a Star Path Duty may involve mining gems. Here’s our tips to making the most out of them:

  • For gem-mining duties, use Pickaxe Polish elixirs
  • Take a mining buddy with you to maximize the number of gems you receive.

Hanging out with a mining buddy won’t count for some of the gem collecting quests, but this is helpful if you also have a quest to collect star coins.

Star Path Duties Involving Harvesting Crops

Disney Dreamlight Valley avatar standing with fully grown crops ready for harvesting in the background.

Crop harvesting along the Star Path is where duties come to life in the fields of bounty. To best complete them, we recommend using Miracle Growth Elixirs.

For Star Path duties requiring you to harvest a certain number of crops, anything extra you get from a gardening buddy may not count toward the goal.

Star Path Duties For Rare Fish

Disney Dreamlight Valley avatar fishing at Dazzle Beach

For fishing quests involving rare creatures from orange ripples, use Miracle Fishing Bait elixir.

Miracle Fishing Bait will turn white ripples to orange fishing ripples, so it is best used when quests require rare fish.

Star Coin Collecting Quests

Disney Dreamlight Valley avatar standing with Scrooge McDuck in Scrooge's shop.

Sometimes you’ll have Star Path duties to earn a certain amount of star coins. Here’s the fastest and easiest way to make tons of star coins:

  • Make a Miracle Growth Elixir or Even More Miraculous Growth Elixir.
  • Buy as many pumpkin seeds as you can.
  • Apply the elixir to your watering can before you water the pumpkins.
  • Hang out with a gardening buddy to harvest the pumpkins.

If it is raining, the elixirs won’t have any effect on your crops. If it’s raining, you can wait or plant them in the best biome which can reduce their normal four-hour growth cycle a little.

If you’d rather make star coins fishing, or mining just do the following to make your work the most effective:

  • Make sure the buddy is a high level, maxed relationship level is best.
  • Use a related elixir to boost the yield from fishing or mining.

Star Path Duties To Pick Certain Types Of Flowers Or Shells

Disney Dreamlight Valley avatar standing near a flower on Dazzle Beach.

For Star Path duties requiring you to pick a certain color or type of flower, pick all the flowers in the zones. This helps more respawn, so you’ll have a greater chance of getting the color or type you need faster.

For collecting particular spawn-able items, you can pick up unrelated items as well. This frees up more space to spawn more items you need.

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