Tips For Playing Payday 3 Solo

From games like Sly Cooper all the way to the much more graphic Grand Theft Auto series, it’s clear that everyone loves a good heist. Perhaps the series that really puts that to the test is that of Payday. Its third installment takes pulling robberies to a whole new level.



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Whether you focus on brains or brawn, you’ll need something to give you an edge in Payday 3 because the police and guards don’t take kindly to what you’re up to. What can make the game harder is playing solo. While there is a learning curve, it’s far from impossible to run a heist on your own. If you know some tips to make it easier, that is.

9 Get To Know Your Skills

Payday 3 hostage crouched on the ground with two prompts,

There are plenty of different skills to put points into, to the point that it may get a little overwhelming when you first start the game.

Part of what you choose depends on playstyle, but there are some great skills for solo play regardless. Skills like Manipulator, Infiltrator, and Quick Fingers will make sure you stay on the move and that guards don’t pin you down early on.

Triage and Field Surgery will keep you alive and healthy for a longer amount of time. Plus, if you have enough points, skills like Tank and Mower are great for when things get hairy and allow you to take and deal out damage in equal parts.

8 Utilize Your Bots

Hoxton protecting some bank money in Payday 3.

Bots are often an overlooked part of many games. But, in Payday 3, they can definitely save your skin on solo runs. The best player is better than a bot, but bots are better than the worst players.

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So, if you’re tired of syncing with a random squad, bots aren’t always a bad idea. You just have to know how to use them. The key is using them in later phases. They’re great pack mules for carrying loot and they make great sentries. You just have to be there to support them in case some of the tougher baddies come in.

7 Know Your Playstyle

Payday 3 using the Overkill grenade launcher weapon in the training mode to blow up the SWAT team

There’s a variety of ways to approach any of the various heists in the game. While no one is right or wrong, you have to know what works for you.

You may like to go in with your assault-rifle blazing and take as many enemies out as you can. Or, maybe you like the stealthy approach using your gadgets more. Know what you like to do, and what you’re good at. This is key when playing solo as you’re the one setting the tone for the entire mission.

6 Learn The Maps

the centerpiece of the surphaze art gallery in payday 3

There’s a wealth of replayability in each of the various maps Payday 3 has to offer. Your first time on a map may be rough, but from there you get to learn each map’s quirks.

Where the guards are, what kind of security they have, where the best sniping points are; there are a lot of things to learn for each map. This game though is definitely one where knowledge is power. The more you memorize the maps the more you can prioritize them and the faster you will be at these missions. Who knows? Maybe you’ll get out without anyone being the wiser.

5 Know Your Enemy

a bulldozer fires at a player from the stairs to the nightclub vip area in payday 3

Payday 3 doesn’t hold back with diverse enemy types, each with their own weaknesses, strengths, and skills.

To do well, especially alone, you’ll want to know what you’re up against. Your everyday guard and first responding police are one thing, but Payday 3 definitely doesn’t stop there. You’ll want a go-to strategy for dealing with Cloakers and Bulldozers, especially when relying on your bot teammates to have your back.

4 Be Patient

the player marks a camera's location on the roof of scb bank in payday 3

While going in guns blazing is often a viable strategy, it never hurts to take your time and strategize what you’re going to do.

This is definitely important for early playthroughs of the missions. Wander around, see how many guards and cameras you’re up against, and see if you can find any weaknesses in their defenses. Once you pull out your mask and gun, everything gets a lot more hectic, so spend your time wisely before then.

3 Have A Plan And A Backup

cassandra rifkin looks over the dance floor of the neon cradle in payday 3

This directly follows the idea of being patient. After understanding what you’re working with, you’ll want to know what you’re going to do with it. Have an order of events in your head about the steps you need to take to get the loot and get out.

Perhaps more importantly, know what you’re going to do once that plan goes awry. A bot suddenly going down, or a Cloaker between you and the preferred exit can really mess up a plan. Remember: you’re the one taking the lead.

2 Watch Your Ammo

Payday 3 SA A144

Things can get hectic pretty quick in Payday 3. When waves of police are coming at you, it can be easy to lose track of your ammo count.

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It’s never a fun time running out of ammo in the middle of a firefight, especially when you’re the only player on the map. Keep an eye on how much ammo you have per clip and in total when you’re walking into a heist. From there, check in every so often. It never hurts to pick your shots wisely early on so you don’t end up with just a sidearm, or worse.

1 Don’t Forget Your Gear

the player uses a thermal lance to open the vault door at gold & sharke bank in payday 3

While your mask and firearms are the main part of your equipment, they’re not the only thing you have at your disposal. There are a handful of gadgets and other equipment available to you, all of which can be useful to the right person.

Take a look at them and pick your loadout wisely. Things like Medic Bag and Smoke Grenade are helpful regardless of playstyle, but don’t be afraid to have favorites beyond that. More importantly, don’t forget to use them during the mission.

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