Tips For Beginners In Just King

With roguelike games becoming more popular, games like Just King stand out by moving beyond one character and having you form a small army. As you play through the game, you’ll need to make your way through different areas, choosing various paths that lead to enemies, elite foes, and even events that can give you rewards.




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Since every run bring different events, items, and classes, it can be challenging for new players to learn how the game works and win runs. From balancing your party to understanding how to rank up your characters, you can learn how to control your army, keep your king safe, and unlock more areas.

Start With A Melee Unit When Possible

Selecting the first unit to use in the first area of Just King.

You start the game by choosing between multiple units. When possible, you should start the match with a melee unit, like the Knight or Paladin, since they’ll stay alive and deal decent damage.

You can start with a ranged unit, like an Imp, Ranger, or Wizard, but you’ll need to kite enemies. If you put the ranged unit in front, they’ll go down quickly, or you could lose the run if the King must tank.

Don’t start a run with a support or hybrid character, since you won’t deal enough damage. The King has built in healing, so you won’t need to worry about staying alive for the first few rounds.

A party with the Hoplite, Bard, Paladin, and Cleric in Just King.

Having four rank one party members is stronger than a rank two character. After each round, you’ll gain four gold, which is more than enough to buy one class.

Since enemies won’t be too strong, this is a great time to test out classes and combos. You can sell the ones you don’t want to keep and use their tokens to level up your other characters.

Prioritize Ranking Up Your Army Members

The party with all three ranks ready in Just King.

Speaking of which, ranking up your characters will be more important than items early on. Your characters will level up every time they get five tokens, which unlocks them a new skill.

Characters max out at rank three, which requires ten tokens total. They passively gain a token when they’re the MVP in a match, which is determined by how much they contribute to damage, healing, and tanking.

Because of that, you’ll mostly see your frontline characters or ranged units getting the MVP, which will leave the others in the dust. Between rounds, you can use your money to buy and immediately sell classes, leaving the traits behind as tokens.

The traits are split into categories, with each class having two. For instance, a Cleric has Heavenly and Speedy, so if you have one of those tokens, you can place them on the Cleric and work toward the next rank.

You’ll mostly get common items early, so hold off on buying them until you start seeing items worth five or more money.

Have A Fighter, Tank, Healer, And Ranged Character

The team in a circle as they prepare for the second round of combat in Just King.

If you neglect any part of your party, you’ll find yourself getting destroyed by enemies. You need a tank to soak damage, a fighter for damage and tanking, a healer to protect your team, and a ranged unit for damage.



Their Role



The front characters are the easiest to control, letting them constantly attack and tank.



The side character won’t get flanked from the back. You’ll also turn them away while positioning the other side and front to face enemies.


Other Side

You can place your cursor to have your fighter and tank in front of your other units, letting them protect the others.



If you can have the wall facing your back, ranged characters will be safe.

If you want some examples, you can have a Hoplite in front, a Cleric on one side, a Knight on the other, and an Imp in the back. You can also round out your team by replacing your tank with a Druid or Bard if your fighter does a good job of tanking.

Once you’re comfortable with a balanced setup, try to max out the trait benefits on the left side of the screen. Doing so will give you some powerful passive effects, letting you see which combinations work for your playstyle.

Take The Path With The Most Events

Multiple routes for the first act in the first area of Just King.

While events tend to be risky in many roguelikes, Just King has higher odds of good events occurring. Even if something bad happens, like someone throwing tomatoes at you, you can equip it to a character and gain some stat boosts.

Look over the different pathways and choose the one that will lead to the most events. These include question marks and treasure chests.

You can go for the stronger enemies if you’re feeling confident and want to gain more gold, but it could end your run. Going to the events also reduces your total number of battles, increasing your odds of winning.

Avoid Re-Rolling Multiple Times In One Round

Highlighting the dice roll, explaining that it costs one gold to use in Just King.

You can re-roll items and classes in the shop for one cent. Each time you roll, the next roll will cost more, so you should avoid re-rolling repeatedly.

Don’t assume a class is useless to sell just because one of the traits doesn’t match your characters. With four characters, you can only have eight traits at once, meaning you’ll always be missing one.

Since you’ll get money every time you win in combat, you can afford to use one re-roll, but anything more will be a waste of money. You can also lock the re-rolls if you have something you want to buy, but you don’t have the money for it.

Focus On Your King While Moving

The king's army prepares for combat as enemies spawn across the field in Just King.

Even though you have five characters on screen, you only directly control the King. That means when you’re moving, you should focus on where the King goes and everyone will follow you accordingly.

You must be careful while you walk along the edge of the stage, because if you push the King against the wall, your army will bunch together. This will impact your strategy, since characters can suddenly get hit and enemy AOE moves will decimate your team.

Only focus on the other characters if they’re low on health. You can make small rotations around your King, helping those characters avoid attacks.

Corners Are Powerful With The Right Setup

The party standing in the top left corner, fighting off foes while the tanks defend them in Just King.

Normally, you want to keep kiting in a roguelike, but if you have enough healing, a corner can be an amazing option.

If you’re moving around, you leave your healer and ranged unit open to attacks from enemy flanks or ranged attacks. However, if you sit in the corner with your fighter and tank facing outward, enemies won’t be able to reach your healer and ranged unit.

This setup will allow your King and healer to heal more health than enemies can deal while letting your ranged unit to deal plenty of damage and the frontline helps.

You should switch to kiting if your frontline gets low on health. You can run away while your units heal, then gather in another corner once you’re ready to fight.

Take Down Mages First

The party standing in the corner and fighting off multiple enemies, including mages in Just King.

Mages have some powerful abilities that can be challenging to deal with during a run. Some will drop AOE attacks that deal tons of damage, others will heal, and some can even revive enemies.

Ranged enemies can be a pain, but their damage will be negligent compared to what mages do. Chase the mages down, then go for ranged units, and take down tanks or close ranged units next.

This also applies during boss fights: always take out anything the boss summons. Bosses are damage sponges, so it’s better to remove the weaker enemies early, so you’ll take less damage overall.


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