This Mortal Kombat 1 Ad Might Have Cost $450,000

Mortal Kombat 1 had a huge ad campaign, including but certainly not limited to a live-action ad featuring Dave Bautista, and bagging Megan Fox on the voice cast. But perhaps the most eye-catching of all was its ad spot on the MSG Sphere, something no one nearby would have been able to look away from.



Now, it turns out that an ad this extravagant would have cost Mortal Kombat 1’s publisher, WB Games, a pretty penny. Leaked prices for ads on MSG Sphere suggest that just one day of your product being featured on the stadium will set you back $450,000 – so certainly a bit more than a few billboards around the city.

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The reports detailing the cost of advertising on the MSG Sphere don’t specifically mention Mortal Kombat 1, but given that the game was showcased on the stadium just a couple of weeks ago, it’s safe to assume that this would have been the bill WB Games was hit with for the promo.

Multiple sources state that this is the price of advertising on the sphere, so it’s looking increasingly likely that WB Games went all out on the marketing. Advertisement costs like this often make up much of a game or film’s budget, and it is often part of the costs that the public doesn’t get access to. If this price is accurate, then it sheds some light on how the publisher thought the game would perform – certainly a vote of confidence on WB’s part.

Of course, this is hardly the only way Mortal Kombat 1 was promoted. In the run-up to its launch, we got multiple trailers reintroducing us to the cast. While every fighter had appeared in prior games, MK1 gives us a new version of the characters, both in terms of their abilities and personality. It was important to explain this new timeline to fans before release, so we knew what we were getting into.

Then, we have what was the presumably pricey decision to get Megan Fox to play Nitara. Admittedly, this one didn’t go down very well with fans, so this may not have been the best use of the game’s budget. That being said, the decision got our attention, so it worked in that regard. It might be for the best though that Ed Boon didn’t get his wish of having every single character played by a famous actor, both due to the high cost and how much it would likely irritate fans who have had enough of these celeb cameos.

TheGamer has contacted WB Games for clarification, and will update this report should we receive a response.

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