The Toughest Mini Bosses In Lies of P

The bosses in Lies of P are incredibly challenging and create massive roadblocks where you will need to go back and level up, or change your whole build in order to progress. While the main bosses are definitely one of the hardest aspects of Lies of P, the mini-bosses can often end up being just as tricky.



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These mini-bosses can be harder to retry since they usually won’t be as close to a stargazer as a boss is, and you have the added drawback of other enemies sometimes joining the fray too. So, which mini-boss in Lies of P is the most difficult?

9 Puppet Policeman

the puppet policeman about to fight in lies of p chapter 1

Lies of P is a fair, but occasionally unforgiving game, and the best example of this is how quickly you are thrown in at the deep end with the Puppet Policeman. This puppet is significantly harder than any of the other adversaries in the first chapter, and will require that you learn to dodge or block effectively to take it down.

This is also a mandatory mini-boss since you will need the key it’s holding to progress. However, in Chapter 2, the policeman shows up again as an optional boss, and by the time you reach it in Elysion Boulevard, it should be a lot less of a challenge.

8 Robber Weasel

the just defeated robber weasel in lies of p chapter 9

Chapter 9 will have you revisiting Krat Central Station, now transformed with decay and mutation. It is a much tougher area to traverse, and before you are allowed to exit the building, you will have to take down the Robber Weasel.

This is one of the last humanoid mini-bosses you will face, and part of what makes them so challenging is just how quick they are. If you learn their patterns then they will not pose too much of a threat, but with their speed, you will struggle to start combos without any planning, and can easily fail if you can’t dodge or block their onslaught.

7 Door Guardian

door guardian lies of p chapter 11

Plenty of the enemies in Chapter 11 are tough, with it being the final chapter in the game, and just the normal enemies you face the higher up the abbey you get will hold you back. However, early on in the chapter, you will run into the Door Guardian.

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This mini-boss is unique since when you hit it normally, you will notice it takes hardly any damage. To beat it efficiently, you will need to take down its leg, and then use a fatal attack when it is down. This is not as simple as it sounds, due to its wide AOE attacks, and dodging is tricky with how easily it gives P the shock status effect.

6 Fire Guard

the fire shovel mini boss moving along a road in lies of p chapter 3

Venigni Works is a twisting and turning area of the map and you are almost guaranteed to miss something on your first visit. However, an enemy class that you are likely to run into are the Fire Guards. This class of enemy is introduced in this chapter, and you will find a couple of them lurking around the grounds.

They are able to inflict overheat in between attacks, and their fury attacks are timed unnaturally to make blocking them tricky. Even worse, they can keep hammering P while he is down, doing extra damage unless you are able to escape in a short window of time.

5 Owl Doctor

lies of p player approaching a barren swamp

The corruption filled Barren Swamp is clearly an unforgiving environment in Chapter 8, with abandoned puppets constantly attacking P from every angle. This makes the house hidden off to the side of the main swamp an appealing prospect for some respite. But, if you’ve made it this far in Lies of P, you know it isn’t this simple.

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Upon making it down to the main room, you are greeted by the Owl Doctor, who will start fighting you in the enclosed space if you talk to him. The fight would not be so tricky, if it weren’t for how tight the arena is, but if you manage to back him into a corner you can do some good damage.

4 Mad Donkey

Lies Of P, Mad Donkey Boss Fight shows the boss ready to fight

Before meeting Geppetto in Chapter 2, you will have to save him from the Mad Donkey who is harassing him. This is likely the first fight you will have with a human in Lies of P, so adjusting your timing for their less robotic movements can be a challenge. It is also not that helpful that the arena for this fight is pretty slim, and there are a few awkwardly placed obstacles as well.

However, when you finally take down the Donkey, you get their whole outfit, accentuating the feeling of satisfaction you’ll get from beating this tough mini-boss

3 Jester

The Jester in Lies of P holds a weapon and looks ready to attack.

Working your way through Lorenzini Arcade is one of the more challenging parts of Lies of P, and lets you know that Chapter 7 will be no respite. After looping back on yourself multiple times to find the exit, your last main goal with be the ambush from the Jester Puppet in one of the wine cellars.

This enemy has unpredictable movements and plenty of range, making them a challenge in earlier attempts, and even worse, they will free imprisoned enemies to ‘help’ them in the fight. However, if you leave the range, these enemies can actually fight the jester, who will beat them, but will shave off some health, giving you an advantage.

2 Walker of Illusions

lies of p walker of illusions at full health in chapter 9

You know you’re in for a challenge when you enter the arena for the Walker of Illusions, with the enemies terrifying form creepily standing in the eerily lit room. This enemy is aggressive with short brutal attacks that are hard to predict and get a perfect block.

Even worse, they have some tricks up their sleeve, like a disruption shockwave to stop you from being able to pull off a fatal attack, or summoning an illusion to distract you from hitting the right target.

1 Mad Clown

P Doing A Critical Attack On Mad Clown Puppet in Lies of P

The Mad Clown itself is not an inherently tough mini-boss, but the arena and other enemies that will bother you during the fight make it infuriating. The narrow street is on fire, and sends one rolling boulder to surprise first-timers. Then depending on luck you might be able to take down some of the flamethrower or grenade throwing puppets before you aggro the mini-boss itself, but this is unlikely with its long-range.

If there is any mini-boss that will be interrupted by other enemies, it’s this one, and subsequent attempts are time-consuming with how many obstacles you need to remove to get a good fight. At least you are rewarded with quartz, and fighting the same mini-boss again in Chapter 8 is significantly more easy.

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