The Strongest Revolutionary Members In One Piece


  • The Revolutionary Army in One Piece features powerful individuals devoted to making the world a better place, with quirky strengths and traits.
  • These characters are strong warriors who play important roles in the Army, using their unique abilities and skills to fight for justice.
  • Many are also influential figures who have made a significant impact in the story’s universe, whether that be through their powers, intelligence, or leadership abilities.



The One Piece world is full of all kinds of powerful individuals, and each of them has their own quirky strengths or traits that make them that much more influential. Similarly, the Revolutionary Army features some of the most overpowered beings to exist on the seas who are devoted to making the world a better place.


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With vast oceans of territory and several sleeper agents pretending to blend in, the Revolutionary Army has a lot of tricks up its sleeve. It needs powerhouses to make sure it retains its dominance when it’s scaled up against the Yonkou vs Marines power struggle.

The ranking of these One Piece characters is based on power, canon feats, and their overall impact on the One Piece world as a whole.

9 Inazuma

Inazuma from the manga and anime

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First Anime Episode Appearance


From being able to cut the ground with his abilities to casually switching his entire demeanor, this gender-fluid warrior is one of the strongest warriors fighting on behalf of the revolutionary forces under Dragon.

He’s one of Ivankov’s earliest allies and was one of the main reasons why Luffy managed to escape and narrowly avoid dying at Marineford or before it. Inazuma is a quick thinker and a fearless tactician who does not hesitate when it comes to diving head-first into dangerous situations. He can adapt on the fly.

8 Karasu

Karasu from the manga and anime

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First Anime Episode Appearance


Able to stand up to fearsome opponents like Admiral Fujitora, Karasu is a soot fruit user who can mold his body and manipulate the soot at will despite basically disintegrating. Much like Crocodile, he can influence each particle and prefers to give them the shape of a crow.


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Besides having a cool sense of wardrobe, the brooding hero is also a champion for the rights of the weak. He hates watching injustice unfold almost as much as he hates getting called out for mumbling.

7 Lindbergh

Lindbergh from the manga and anime

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First Anime Episode Appearance


With some rather unique technology, Lindbergh isn’t just a mysterious addition to the Revolutionary Army, he’s also one of their biggest assets when it comes to facing up against the forces of the World Government. He can build inventions just as good as Franky or Vegapunk can, and since he’s a Mink he’s most likely very good at fighting.

Minks can also tap into a Soulong form, although Lindbergh hasn’t really shown he can or does. He uses a jetpack to fly, and his weapons can shoot lasers and ice. Not only that, he stood his ground and kept two admirals at bay during the Reverie Arc.

6 Morley

Morley from the manga and anime

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First Anime Episode Appearance


Capable enough to wipe out an army of enemy forces, this slightly perverted giant is one of the most impressive fighters in the series so far. She’s a juggernaut that can use her physical strength to lift up and molt the ground like its clay with her devil fruit. She’s also a haki user who can harden her body in case of emergencies, like the other Revolutionary Army commanders.


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Furthermore, she’s the reason Newkama land exists within Impel Down and is officially the first person to successfully escape the prison, even before Golden Lion Shiki managed to replicate the feat years later.

5 Ivankov

Ivankov from the manga and anime

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First Anime Episode Appearance


A person capable of performing miracles, Emporio Ivankov is one of the founding members of the Revolutionary Army who’s capable of using his devil fruit to enhance people’s lives using hormones. She can change a person’s gender at will, on top of augmenting their strength at will.

She’s the grand master who coined Kenpo, a fighting style that made someone as strong as Magellan wince once kicked, and was an important ally to Luffy during Marineford. She’s also a former survivor of the God Valley incident and somehow survived after years of slavery under the Celestial Dragons.

4 Vegapunk

Vegapunk from the manga

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A brilliant scientist who cares about knowledge and the world around him, Vegapunk seemed like an enemy at first, with enough hints thrown out, Oda confirmed his ties with the leader of the Revolutionary Army, Monkey D. Dragon. He is the world’s smartest man, and his devil fruit is a huge reason why.

Despite lacking in terms of physical strength, his inventions help him pick up the slack. Not only that, he somehow managed to stay on the government’s good side despite his unofficial allegiance to Dragon. He can make artificial devil fruits, utilize ancient tech, and create satellites of his own consciousness.

3 Sabo

Sabo from the manga and anime

First Manga Chapter Appearance


First Anime Episode Appearance


Fearless despite it all, when faced with the strongest in the world, Sabo doesn’t flinch. He dives straight into danger without any regard for his own well-being, and certainly earns the right to have his brother Ace’s devil fruit. Sabo is Dragon’s right-hand man, the brains, and the brawn that get tasks done.


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He’s a born leader, with tons of charisma, even though his past was so traumatizing. He can orchestrate and execute plans to infiltrate any area, including Mariejois, and thus knows how to masterfully disguise himself until the right opportunity arises. Likewise, he’s one of the most important figures in the story and may be one of the few people who are alive and aware of Imu’s existence.

2 Kuma

Kuma from the manga and anime

First Manga Chapter Appearance


First Anime Episode Appearance


Inappropriately named Kuma The Tyrant, this peace-loving benevolent giant and follower of God is a tragic being with immense power and abilities. Even without his overpowered devil fruit, Kuma was a Buccaneer who boasted above-average endurance and physical strength.

His paw-paw fruit has the ability to displace pain and generate bubbles of impact. Not only that, it can also send people flying to a destination they desire. Kuma was one of the founding members of the Revolutionary Army before he surrendered his mind in order to make sure of his daughter Bonney’s survival.

1 Dragon

Dragon from the manga and anime

First Manga Chapter Appearance


First Anime Episode Appearance


Dragon is a former Marine who took the initiative and decided to change the world instead of waiting for Nika to shake things up. Dragon carried on Ohara’s will and is seemingly one of the strongest and most wanted people in the One Piece world. As Garp’s son, he most likely trained directly under his father and possesses the ability to use strong Haki.

Dragon’s played a rather important role in the story thus far, even though his involvement’s been mostly shrouded in mystery. He’s the spark that keeps the revolution going and has a network of rather interesting allies.


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