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Paranormasight: The Seven Mysteries of Honjo is a visual novel and puzzle game developed by Square Enix, and it’s a terribly spooky one. Following a number of protagonists as they navigate tempting curses at their disposal and pursue the Rite of Resurrection, a legendary power thought to bring the dead back to life, the game is about as non-linear as a visual novel can get.



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The guide below will help you progress through the individual chapters of the game, including how to get through them safely – stray from the instructions below, and you might find your protagonists suffering brutal and fatal fates.

Updated October 5, 2023: We’ve given this walkthrough a lick of paint and made sure that all the information contained within is clear and accurate. Happy investigating!

General Tips

Paranormasight The Seven Mysteries of Honjo - Araishi talking while the curse prompt appears.-1

As Paranormasight is a visual novel, many of the chapters detailed below simply involve reading dialogues between the main characters and examining everything that there is to examine in the immediate vicinity – only a few chapters have any puzzles or specific interactions to take.

Some chapters only involve dialogue and exploration – to progress in these chapters, you simply need to talk to characters and examine parts of the environment until a checkmark appears next to their label. Sometimes, you’ll need to examine certain things or finish other dialogue options before you can get a checkmark with every option available to you.

Paranormasight is divided into a few separate chapters. At certain points in the game, you will have to pursue and complete other characters’ routes before you can progress the entire story. You know that this is the case when the next chapter’s icon in a character’s route is obscured by television static.

Shogo Okiie’s Route

Paranormasight - Shogo after using his curse

At the start of the game, Shogo is the only protagonist you can play as, and you don’t have access to the time-bending Story Chart mechanic. This part of the game is incredibly linear, and the cutoffs between chapters are not as obvious.

You’ll begin the game in Kinshibori Park. To progress after the introductory sequences, talk to Yoko. When you can, use the Think and Recall options to get hints about what you need to do next. After the flashback, you must examine everything in the park and then examine Yoko to progress.

Talk to Yoko and exhaust her dialogue options. When something happens, and the screen flashes for a moment, pan the screen down back to Yoko and try to talk to her. Then, turn around and look to the sky. You’ll get a prompt; click it. Now, turn to look at Yoko again.

Examine Yoko and then the telephone booth to call an ambulance. After this, examine the object on the ground next to Yoko.

Examine your surroundings until you spy a shadowy figure. Call out to him and then exhaust his dialogue options. After this, turn around to face Yoko again.

This will be your first death in the game, but you get to try again, thanks to the Storyteller.

This time around, keep talking to the mysterious man and exhaust his dialogue options. After this, click the Recall button. Talk to the man, and then click the Think button. Convince him to leave by telling him about the ambulance. When he’s walking away, you will get a chance to trigger the curse yourself, but if you do not, Shogo will do it for you.

Paranormasight - The Move Screen

After the scenes, you’ll get access to the Move button. First, go to the Shumoku Bridge Area. You’ll get the 100-Yen Lighter. Now move to South Warigesui Street and examine the surroundings, and then the mysterious shifting object in the distance.

When prompted, pick the Get Closer option. In the darkness, open your Item menu and select the 100-Yen Lighter.

If you do not use the 100-Yen Lighter in time, you’ll be treated to another death scene.

Move to Ho’onji Bridge and talk to the man there by calling his attention. Exhaust his dialogue, and then select the Move option again to unlock more places to go.

Paranormasight - Tetsuo and Erio

Go to Midoricho Park and observe the two men talking together for a while. When one of them mentions a noise behind them, pan the screen until the tree covers both the men up. After this, keep listening to their conversation until they look back again – this time, get caught. Exhaust their dialogue. When they ask you which mystery is associated with Midoricho Park, the correct answer is the Taiko of Tsugaru.

When finished with the police officers, move to Komagata High School. Examine the School Gates to meet a High School Girl. Talk to her.

Paranormasight - Harue using her Curse

With that done, there are two final locations to explore. Pick the Former Yasuda Gardens first. Pan the screen around until you meet a woman. She will give you a limited amount of attempts at convincing her not to kill you, but they will all be in vain – eventually, time will run out, and the woman will kill Shogo but also hint at her activation condition.

When you try again, open your Items menu before panning around to see the woman and select the 100-Yen Lighter. Choose to throw it away.

Once that’s done, move to Ryogoku Bridge. Before talking to the man you meet here, go into the Options menu, click the Audio tab, and slide the Voice Volume slider all the way down to zero. The game has no voice acting anyway. With that done, exhaust the man’s dialogue. The following scenes will conclude the first playthrough of Shogo’s story and unlock the Story Chart.

With access to the Story Chart, go back to Kinshibori Park (Part 2) and resume from the ‘Something’s happening to Yoko‘ point. This time, don’t turn around; just keep trying to talk with Yoko until you get the option to yell her name.

The next two chapters will play out automatically. With this done, you will unlock three more characters to play as.

Rather than exhaustively detail the rest of the chapters in the game, the sections below will list the individual chapters in each route and the actions that must be taken within them to complete the game.

Harue Shigima’s Route

Paranormasight - Harue looking at Richter



Not Dreams

  • Exhaust Richter’s dialogue. Your choices do not matter in this conversation and will not alter the story.
  • Examine everything in the room, including the rooster Mocking Bird sticker on the wall to the left, the rotary phone, and the fax machine.

A Nice Thought

  • Examine the newspaper on the floor and read the Society Articles.
  • The newspaper will move to the coffee table. Examine it twice more, reading the Society Articles both times until you learn about Michiyo.
  • Once the Society Articles have a checkmark next to them, examine the rotary phone twice.
  • At Komagata Bridge, examine your surroundings. The Sumida River will require two examinations.
  • Exhaust Richter’s dialogue. When prompted to make a guess, select the following choices:
    • Mr. Jonouchi
    • silenced Michiyo Shiraishi
    • with blackmail
  • If you are prompted to Suspend the chapter here and progress Tetsuo’s route until you’ve completed The Hunt for the Curse Bearer’s – Part 1. Resume this chapter from the ‘Start from conversation on the bridge‘ option.
  • Pan the screen around and talk to the woman behind you.
  • Exhaust Ayame’s dialogue.

No More Curses

  • Examine the mansion entrance.
  • Select Go inside.

Life Can Be Tough

  • Exhaust Richter’s dialogue until the Move option unlocks.
  • Move to South Warigesui Street.
  • Talk to Richter here and then examine the Hihaku Soaps Office Building until he investigates inside.
  • Move to Midoricho Park.
  • Talk to Richter until he investigates Ayame’s apartment.
  • Move to Komagata High School.
  • Talk to Richter and ask him to Inquire.
  • Move to Michiyo Shiraishi’s house.
  • If nothing happens here, Suspend the chapter and go to Tetsuo’s Fancy Sushi chapter and go to Michiyo Shiraishi’s Neighborhood before suspending the chapter.

Dead or Alive

  • Exhaust everyone’s dialogue until you enter the house.
  • Examine everything inside the house until they all have checkmarks – you’ll have to save the Old Books for last.
  • After examining the Old Books a third time, you’ll be presented with choices. Pick the following:
    • Are you saying that…?
    • Kankichiro Iwai’s
    • living sacrifice
    • was a child

Too Much to Handle

  • Exhaust Richter’s dialogue.
  • Move to Midoricho Park.
  • Pan to the left and examine the woman – call out to her.
  • Exhaust Ayame’s and then Richter’s dialogues.
  • Move to Kinshibori Park.
  • Exhaust Richter’s dialogue here.
  • Move to Ho’onji Bridge.
  • Exhaust Richter’s dialogue.
  • Examine the surroundings until Richter investigates.
  • Examine the curse echo next to the large tree in the background.
    • This will unlock the Fifth Character’s Route.
  • Choose to Finish the Investigation for now – you’ll complete this chapter as part of the Fifth Character’s Route.

Last Resort

  • There are two ways to end this chapter, both of which lead to separate game endings.

Tetsuo Tsutsumi’s Route

Paranormasight - Tetsuo and Erio in a park



Crime Scene Investigation

  • Exhaust Erio’s dialogue and examine the surrounding area.

The Hunt for the Curse Bearers – Part 1

  • Move to Ryogoku Bridge.
  • Examine the Shadowy Figure to the left of Erio.
  • Exhaust Erio’s dialogue until Yutaro approaches you.
  • Turn your Voice Volume down to zero in the Options menu.
  • Exhaust Yutaro’s dialogue.

The Hunt for the Curse Bearers – Part 2

  • Move to Midoricho Park.
  • Exhaust Araishi’s dialogue, picking the following dialogue options to progress:
    • What were you doing?
    • The Record of Fates.
    • Exhaust his dialogue options again until presented with a choice of four.
    • Curse Stones.
    • Show curse stone.
    • Reveal curse details.

A Threatening Phone Call

  • Move to Kinshibori Park.
  • Pan the screen for a while until you hear the phone ringing.
  • Examine the phone booth and answer the phone.

Sorting Things Out

  • Exhaust Erio’s dialogue.
  • When talking about the Serial Killings, the correct choices are as follows:
    • The Whispering Canal
    • The Foot-Washing Maiden
    • The Fool’s Procession
  • After completing all four dialogue options, use the Move button to end the chapter.

Fancy Sushi

  • Move to Komagata High School first.
  • Examine the surroundings until everything has a checkmark.
  • Move to Michiyo Shiraishi’s Neighborhood next.
  • Examine the surroundings and send Erio to investigate the house.
  • Wait for Erio to come back.
  • Suspend the chapter until you have completed Hitomi’s Help by selecting Komagata High School.
    • If you picked somewhere else, just resume Hitomi’s Help from the ‘Start from location selection‘ option.
  • Move to Komagata High School.
  • Examine your surroundings inside the school, including the crime scene.
  • Talk to Mio and pick the following choices in the conversation:
    • The One-Sided Reed
    • Fumichika Nejima
  • Exhaust Mio and Yakko’s dialogues.
  • Select Move to end the chapter.

Standing By

  • Exhaust Erio’s dialogue until you have a full conversation about nail polish and pens.
  • Select Move to end the chapter.


  • At Yasuda Gardens, exhaust Erio’s dialogue.
  • Examine the surroundings.
  • At Komagata Bridge, talk to Nejima and choose the ‘Not a chance‘ dialogue option to tell Erio to keep the gun held up.
  • After exhausting Nejima’s dialogue, pan the screen around and examine Ayame, who is behind you.


  • When talking to Ayame, make sure you choose ‘About being taken hostage‘ first when exhausting her dialogue.
  • Later, when tasked with deciphering the Yin Scroll, the order of seals is this:
    • The Taiko Drum
    • The Beech Leaf
    • The Reed
    • The Carp
    • The Light
  • The end of this chapter hints toward a secret ending. To find this ending, click this link here.

Yakko Sakazaki’s Route

Paranormasight - Yakko worrying about Mio



Spirit Board

  • When prompted, click on the coin to place your finger on it.
  • Recite the following, being careful not to pick the trap options.
    • Specter of the Spirit Board.
    • Specter of the Spirit Board.
    • Please visit us.
  • Ask the spirit about Michiyo’s cause of death.

Two Things to Remember

  • In the flashback, pan the screen around until you run out of groups of students to listen to.
  • Exhaust Mio’s dialogue.
  • In the darkness, keep panning the screen around until you eventually find Mio.

Escape from Komagata High

  • After entering the classroom, pan the screen to the right until you see two figures.
  • When outside, pan the screen to the left until you see Ashimiya.
  • You’ll be given a choice with one option blurred out. Choose I’m worried about Mio.
  • When trying again, choose Go home without checking on Mio.

A Successful Getaway

  • Just progress the dialogue.

Hitomi’s Help

  • Simply exhaust the dialogues with Mio and Hitomi.
  • At the end, you are prompted to choose a location to go to next, choose Komagata High School.


  • Move to Kurokikyo Cafe.
  • In the dialogue with Araishi, choose the following options:
    • Flatter him.
    • Ask about his research.
  • Later in the chapter, when asked to go with Yutaro, choose instead to go to the school.

I’ll See You Again

  • Exhaust the dialogue until you are presented with a spirit board again.
  • Click on the coin.
  • Exhaust the new dialogue options until you are prompted to do something to show that you won’t forget about this moment.
  • Save the game from the Options menu to progress.
  • Move to Ryogoku Bridge.
  • Exhaust Yutaro’s dialogue.

Let’s Do This

  • Examine the Hihaku Soaps Office Building twice and choose to ‘Go inside‘.
  • Exhaust Mio’s dialogue.
  • Examine your surroundings.
    • If nothing happens, Suspend the chapter and complete the Fifth Character’s Route. Once you have completed that route, examining the surroundings at this point will progress the story.
  • Exhaust every character’s dialogue until the chapter ends.

Preparing for Battle

  • Exhaust the characters’ dialogue.

The Fifth Character’s Route

Paranormasight - Mayu looking in the mirror

This chapter is a bit different to the rest, as it involves a lot of chapter switching using the Story Chart.

When the chapter begins, examine the floating words to make them disappear and then select ‘Get up.’ Click Recall when prompted and type the name ‘Hajime‘ in.

Once you are standing and able to look around the room, do the following:

  • Examine the mirror.
  • Examine the container on the steel shelves and take it.
  • Examine the mirror again.
  • Examine the lockers and open the left locker.
  • Examine the mirror one last time.
  • Hit the Recall button and type in the name ‘Mayu‘ when prompted.

Now that you have remembered who you are, it’s time to find a way to contact the outside world and get rescued.

Firstly, pan the screen upwards to the ceiling and examine the lights to clean them. Now, you can examine more things in the room. Examine the curse stone on the ground.

Paranormasight - Looking around the room in Darkness

You’ll get Mayu’s curse stone and then get to play through a flashback. After the first few lines, pan the screen to the left to find Takumi. In the next scene, pan the screen up to Takumi’s head to listen to his conversation. Whenever Mayu’s gaze drops back down, shake her head left and right by panning the screen to keep her awake before panning back up to Takumi’s head.

After the flashback, examine the cabinets on the ground until you look closely at the lock. You learned in the flashback that the code is the date of Hihaku Soaps’s foundation. Examine the lock and choose to enter a number. The code is 1946. You’ll find a fax machine inside – now all you need are a phone number and a pen.

  • To get the pen, examine the desk.
  • Examine the pen from your Items menu to find that it’s totally dried up.
  • Select the ‘Can be fixed with nail polish remover‘ option.
    • If you don’t have this option, you’ll need to Suspend this chapter and go to Tetsuo’s Standing By chapter and talk to Erio until he mentions nail polish remover.
  • Examine the cardboard boxes in the corner to get nail polish remover.
  • Use the nail polish remover from your Item menu to fix the pen.

Now all you have to do is find a phone number to use.

  • Suspend the chapter and resume Harue’s Too Much To Handle chapter by resuming from location selection.
  • Move to the Shigima Residence.
  • Examine the fax machine to learn Harue’s phone number.
  • Select Finish Investigation and return to the Darkness chapter.
  • Examine the fax machine.
  • Select Ho’onji Bridge.
  • Suspend the chapter and head back to Harue’s Too Much To Handle chapter.
  • Move to the Shigima Residence to receive the fax.
  • Move to Ho’onji Bridge and examine the Factory.

With that done, there are only a few more things left to do back in the Darkness chapter. Before the chapter ends, you must witness all the scenes available to Mayu through the Think action and by examining the sticker found in the bottom drawer of the desk.

Once you’ve completed those actions, examine the door to end the chapter.

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