The Scariest Horror Mods, Ranked


  • Fallout 4 can be transformed into a horror game with the use of mods, allowing players to experience a more terrifying and immersive gameplay experience.
  • The modding community for Fallout 4 has created a wide variety of horror-themed mods, such as Nightmare Raiders and Bleak, which introduce new characters, environments, and weather effects to enhance the horror atmosphere in the game.
  • Mods like Schizophrenia and Sinister Ambient Sound provide audio modifications that further intensify the horror experience, while mods like Whispering Hills and Children of Ug-Qualtoth bring elements from Silent Hill and Lovecraftian horror into the game, respectively.



The Fallout series is one of the most popular role-playing franchises around, full to the brim with massive titles and riveting stories. The first two games in the series were very much steeped in the CRPG genre before Bethesda took over the reins and turned Fallout into an open-world extravaganza that was beloved by many.

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While Fallout 4 might have its fair share of critics, the gameplay of this title is still phenomenal and worth the time of any person who wants to immerse themselves in a rich world for hundreds of hours. With mods, Fallout 4 can be improved and changed dramatically, with the game’s genre being altered as well! If you want to turn Fallout 4 into an outright horror title, you can actually achieve just that with the following mods!

Updated October 2, 2023 By Matthew Mckeown:The Fallout modding community are a productive bunch of people. As soon as Mod Tools became available to the public they definitely went above and beyond with some of their creations.

Despite some setbacks from Bethesda, there’s now a massive volume of Mods to install in Fallout 4 that come in a variety of fun flavors. The Horror Community side has been equally active with their add-ons, some of which substantially spookify the game. So if you’re looking to make your walks around the Commonwealth Wastelands a bit more unnerving, then try installing some more of the best horror mods for Fallout 4.

20 Nightmare Raiders

Fallout 4: The New Raider Characters In The Nightmare Raiders Mod

A Nexus favorite that’s been freaking out a lot of people, Nightmare Raiders by PrecisionTacos is a terrifying addition to any adventure into the Commonwealth. This add-on brings in 16 new unique Raiders and 22 brand-new and deeply unsettling clothing and armor sets.

The lore behind this mod is that the Raiders are ex-soldiers turned Marauders and they’ve dispersed themselves throughout the Commonwealth. They add some extra anarchy to the game and when combined with other horror mods just make each venture outside all the more unnerving.

19 Bleak

Fallout 4: The Bleak Frozen Commonwealth Weather

A pretty simple yet satisfying Weather Mod, Bleak by Sargeschultz11 alters the environment to resemble a proper Nuclear Winter. Everything looks bleak, faded, and washed out whilst snow and rain regularly drift down across the familiar wasteland.

Say goodbye to clear skies and sunny days, everything is overcast and fog-covered. It’s not a major change. But if it’s combined with some other mods that bring in new creatures, you can have all sorts of Silent Hill-esque horrors jumping out from the mist.

18 What The Hell

Fallout 4: The Alternate Main Menu Screen

This mod is a little simpler but definitely very spooky. Made by HappoMatka, What The Hell changes the main title card screen with a hellish dark landscape that’s bathed in an eerie red glow. Wrecks and ruins go as far as the eye can see and it makes the whole horror modding experience much more immersive.

It’s a minor yet satisfying change that fits right in if you’re loading your game up with all sorts of spine-tingling modifications. Plus, it’s a nice refresh from the familiar Bethesda loading screen and the mind-numbing music on the main title screen.

17 FGEP – Feral Ghouls Expansion Pack

Fallout 4: The New Feral Ghoul Models Available In The FGEP Mod

If you’ve ever wanted to see more unique Feral Ghouls roaming around the place then this is the mod for you. FGEP or Feral Ghouls Expansion Pack by Ethnet adds a bunch of unique Ghoul variants to the mix to make those ruins and empty wastelands seem a little wilder.

There’s a bunch of new models and skins that make each encounter with these wandering abominations a heart-stopping moment. On top of all that, there’s also a new crafting item called Bile, which can be used to make a new weapon. Combine it with another Mod that adds hordes and the Commonwealth quickly turns into a great Zombie Simulator.

16 Schizophrenia

Fallout 4: The Reality Warping Effects Of The Schizophrenia Mod

Don’t let the odd name fool you, the Schizophrenia mod by ProfMajkowski is a very extensive and highly customizable mod that gives the audio a nice unsettling tweak. It replaces the music, VATS noises, XP gain, Main Menu theme, and there’s various other little UI tweaks to make the experience much more disturbing.

Whispering voices and strange sounds call out from the dark and it makes you start to question reality as you explore around. Was that a Ghoul over there? Or was it just the Mod messing with you? There’s no way to tell. It’s an impressive add-on and it guarantees to shake up your usual Bethesda experience.

15 True Nights

True Nights mod for Fallout 4

Nights in Fallout 4 are pretty oppressive in their own right but completely navigatable as well. As a result, most people don’t feel threatened after the sun goes down since they can still function normally and aren’t really surprised that enemies that appear from within the shadows.

Players who want these nights to be more atmospheric and engaging needn’t look further than the True Nights mod. It’s a great modification that makes nights way more dark and creepy, making each and every encounter in this darkness downright petrifying at times.

14 Polluted Climate

Polluted Climate mod for Fallout 4

The post-nuclear landscape is something that most people would assume to be bleak and terrifying. However, most people find Fallout 4 to be way more vibrant and colorful than one would expect from an area ravaged by nuclear war.

With the Polluted Climate Mod, the Commonwealth’s weather and atmosphere actually look polluted and desolate. It adds a ton to the incredible atmosphere of this game, with the simple act of exploration becoming pretty tense in its own right.

13 Senescence

Senescence mod for Fallout 4

The Polluted Climate mod is pretty great in its own right, but some people might want even more of an oppressive atmosphere in their games. This is where the Senescence Mod comes into the picture.

This Fallout 4 Mod is an ENB preset that builds on the changes made by Polluted Climate. The end result is a great visual overhaul that makes environments look pretty sinister and mysterious.

12 Existence 2.0

The Sole Survivor looks out onto the wasteland

There are several radio stations that players can access in the game, all of which have pre-war music. Players who don’t mind the lore of Fallout 4 breaking a bit can add another radio station that has pretty unique music of its own.

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Existence 2.0 is a fan-made radio station with creepy ambient music. Exploring the Commonwealth has an entirely different and slightly unnerving feel to it with this radio station’s scary tunes.

11 No VATS Overhaul

awareness perk in vats, fallout 4

VATS is a gameplay mechanic that gives players a much-needed breather in combat when they’re overwhelmed. However, some players might feel that this takes the tension out of most combat encounters.

This is where the No VATS Overhaul mod comes into the picture. True to its name, it removes VATS from the game entirely and forces the player to either handle all combat situations in real-time, or just avoid enemies altogether.

10 Sinister Ambient Sound

A player running past Red Rocket in Fallout 4

The environments of Fallout 4 are pretty desolate at times, as is to be expected from a post-apocalyptic title. While this isolation is eerie at times, its true potential can be unlocked by downloading the Sinister Ambient Sound mod.

The soundscape of Fallout 4 ends up taking a scary turn with this mod. It’s a great way to uplift the ambiance of this game and spook yourself every step of the way… especially at night!

9 The Sewers

The Sewers mod for Fallout 4

Mods that add entire locations are pretty great, serving as a small but welcome distraction. The Sewers mod is a great example of this, with the atmosphere of this area being downright chilling at times.

Players can engage with a number of enemies and find unique loot, including a unique set of armor as well! It’s a neat little addition to the game that contributes to the atmosphere.

8 Kelly Macabre

Kelly Macabre mod for Fallout 4

neeher has released two horror mods for Fallout 4 in the form of small but spooky sidequests. Players will blast through these quests in an hour or less, but this time will feel like ages due to the chilling atmosphere of these mods.

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Kelly Macabre is one such mod that will scare the wits out of most players. A custom-made rifle serves as a reward for players who brave the dangers of this mod.

7 The Kelly Manor Horror

The Kelly Manor Horror mod for Fallout 4

Kelly Macabre serves as a sequel to this horror quest mod that put neeher’s name on the map in the modding community. Download this mod at your own risk, since exploring Kelly Manor is not for the faint of heart.

Fans of creepy atmospheres will have a ton of fun uncovering everything this mod has to offer. It’s a great way to spend around an hour just getting chills down your spine.

6 GRIM – The Curse

GRIM - The Curse mod for Fallout 4

Players who want the entirety of Fallout 4 to feel like a nightmare will be well-serviced by the GRIM mod. It adds a bunch of elements to the game that can be toggled to add a twinge of horror in this title.

From different weather patterns to enemies that hunt the player down at a moment’s notice. Thankfully, that’s precisely what most horror nuts are looking out for.

5 Fallsouls

Sleeping bag in Fallout 4

The fact that Dark Souls used a menu system that never paused the game opened up a world of possibilities. Players won’t enjoy a moment of respite even if they opened the pause menu.

Players who want this mechanic in Fallout 4 as well can simply download the Fallsouls mod. The change made is minor but still does wonders to improve immersion… especially since players can’t pause in the middle of combat to heal up anymore!

4 Creepy Mannequins

Creepy Mannequins mod for Fallout 4

There are several mannequins scattered across the world of Fallout 4. These figures don’t look intimidating in the slightest… barring a few instances where these mannequins are used to up the scare factor.

With this creepy mod, the textures of mannequins are changed to make them seem way more horrifying. Suffice it to say, players will be in for a scare whenever they gaze upon one of these twisted figures.

3 Night Of The Creeps

Night Of The Creeps in Fallout 4

Ghouls are one of the most sinister enemies in the game. These fast-moving creatures might become easier to handle after a point, but a group of them can always be a pain to deal with.

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The Night of the Creeps Mod adds a new type of Ghoul that only appears at night. These enemies are extremely powerful and will send the player to an early grave if they’re not careful enough.

2 Children Of Ug-Qualtoth

Children Of Ug-Qualtoth mod for Fallout 4

Lovecraftian horror holds a soft spot in the hearts of many fans who love the heebie-jeebies. People who want this type of horror to appear in Fallout 4 should definitely check out Children of Ug-Qualtoth.

This quest mod is extremely comprehensive and features new locations, unique enemies, and custom music as well! It’s a well-made mod that serves as a fresh change of pace from the usual goings-on of Fallout 4.

1 Whispering Hills

The Whispering Hills mods brings a whole new level of terror to Fallout 4

Fans of Fallout 4 who love Silent Hill as well would want to find a way to combine the best elements of both these games together. Modders have made this pipe dream a reality!

The Whispering Hills Mod serves as a great homage to the oppressive atmosphere of Silent Hill, coupled with enemies from the series as well! Players will have to watch out for themselves in this dense fog as they try and brave the new horrors featured in this mod.

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