The Most Valuable Straw Hat Pirates In The One Piece Card Game

Although the One Piece Card Game can be pretty affordable when it comes to base rarity decks, the alternate arts printed exclusively for larger-scale events, like regional tournaments or Bandai’s series known as Treasure Cups, can run your credit card quite a bit.



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Every One Piece fan has a favorite Straw Hat pirate, but if you are also a fan of the One Piece Card Game, let’s hope that your fave doesn’t fall in the $4,000 bracket. Being the protagonists of the series, every Straw Hat pirate has had multiple cards printed of them, and although some are quite cheap, being printed as a common rarity, you’ll have to prepare yourself for some serious spending if you want to collect them all.

This list uses the market price as listed on TCGPlayer; however, numbers may fluctuate over time as supply and demand change.

10 Jinbe (Event Pack Vol. 1) – $39.46

jinbe event pack 1 one piece card game

Jinbe’s appearances in the One Piece Card Game have been underwhelming, even though he is one of the most vital members of the Straw Hat Pirates. Without Jinbe’s help, Luffy might have never made it out of Impel Down, and his strength was key in the Marineford War.

His Event Pack card is among the best cards to include in a blue Doflamingo deck, since his leader ability can cheat out Jinbe’s play cost, making him an instant threat on the board.

9 Brook (Winner Pack Vol. 4) – $25.29

brook winner card tournament pack 4 one piece card game

This Brook card is an alternate art version of the one found in the Straw Hat Pirates starter deck. You can find yourself a copy of this hyper-realistic Brook if you can hang with the best of them at your local game store and win your weekly tournament.

Not only is this card technically the max rarity for this version of Brook, but the hyperrealistic Soul King is just too neat to look at while using its amazing 2,000 counter.

8 Nico Robin (Store Championship Participation Pack) – $32.21

nico robin store championship card one piece card game

You can only receive this beautiful max rarity version of OP-01 Nico Robin through officially sanctioned Store Championship events. These events are held at local game stores in multiple waves, usually two, throughout the year.

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The best part about these cards is that they feature a unique foiling, where the cost, attribute, power, and name have a beautiful gold foil. As this wave of Store Championships is now over, getting this Robin card will become harder and harder as time passes, increasing its price as well.

7 General Franky (Event Pack Vol. 2) – $16.90

general franky tournament pack one piece card game

The Straw Hat’s resident cyborg has had some interesting cards printed throughout the lifespan of the One Piece Card Game. Unlike the four-drop vanilla card from the starter deck, Franky’s cards don’t see much play in competitive play, but their effects are usually interesting enough to include in some fun and casual decks.

General Franky is no different. It can be used in some fringe Zoro decks with its “anthem-like” effect, but its effect is not what dictates this card’s price, but rather how cool the art is and how scarce the printing was, being that you could only receive it in an official Bandai event.

6 Tony Tony.Chopper (3-on-3 Cup) [Winner] – $279.82

tony tony chopper 3-on-3 winner one piece card game

Chopper has found his way onto many valuable card lists, and it’s obvious why: he’s just too darn cute. A lot of fans can agree that Horn Point is one of the cutest transformations that Chopper has so immortalizing it on an exclusive card is sure to drive up its price.

This art has been featured before, but this three-on-three tournament version was only available for a short period, defaulting this version as the most expensive one of the lot.

5 Sanji (Offline Regional 2023) [Winner] – $150

sanji regional winner card one piece card game

Another max rarity starter deck card upgrade, this Sanji is the “rush” version of the Straw Hat cook, meaning this card can ignore summoning sickness as long as you attach two DON! Cards to it. Holding his iconic plate of seafood risotto, this handsome card was only available if you managed to win an in-person regional tournament.

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During this period of regional tournaments, decks like Whitebeard and Zoro were at their peak, as they hadn’t been nerfed by a restricted list, so owning one of these Sanji cards is quite an accomplishment.

4 Usopp (3-on-3 Cup) [Winner] – $433.16

usopp 3-on-3 cup winner one piece card game

Just like the Chopper cards, this Usopp alternate art of its OP-01 counterpart was available multiple times during the Treasure Cup circuit of large-scale events. This version of Usopp is only chased after due to its gorgeous art, since its effect is not that relevant in current high-level play.

It seems that Bandai is obsessed with giving underplayed cards an alternate art version even though players would love an alternate for FILM Usopp instead now that it is seeing play in the FILM Doflamingo deck.

3 Nami (Parallel) – $186.78

nami parallel art full one piece card game

Interestingly enough, Nami is one of the two Straw Hats that has not received an alternate art only found at a bigger tournament. She doesn’t have a shortage of different arts, being one of the members with the most versions of cards printed of her.

Her OP-01 alternate art still reigns supreme. The searcher version of Nami is one of the strongest cards in the game and as Bandai continues printing red-colored Straw Hat cards, she will remain on top.

2 Roronoa Zoro (Treasure Cup) – $2,995

roronoa zoro treasure cup card one piece card game

One of the best parts about the competitive scene in the One Piece Card Game is that if you grind out and practice every match-up there is, you will be rewarded greatly, and it shows with this incredible Roronoa Zoro card.

By winning a Treasure Cup event, you are awarded this beautiful purple and gold foiled version of the best Zoro card in the game. You better double-sleeve this card if you are planning on playing with it at your locals.

1 Monkey.D.Luffy (Serial Number) – $4,712.41

monkey d luffy serial number card one piece card game

It’s pretty hilarious to think that a small piece of cardboard can buy you a small used car. With this serial number Monkey.D.Luffy, your midsize sedan dreams can come true. Not only are regional events hard enough just to get in, but then you’ll have to spend most of the day playing a Swiss-format tournament against some of the best players in your country.

A $4,000 price tag on an individually numbered card out of 700 made is almost justified when you think about the time and money spent by players to become the best at the One Piece Card Game.

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