The Most Valuable Cards In Scarlet & Violet 151

The Pokemon TCG usually releases a supplemental expansion with big surprises every now and then. These expansions usually don’t alter the meta that much, as these cards are more focused on being collectible items with high values.



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This is exactly the case with Scarlet & Violet 151, an expansion focused on giving a spotlight to the very first 151 Pokemon from Red & Blue. This adventure through the original Kanto region aims to reignite the passion and love for the retro adventure, where everything started. Collectors matched this love when putting a price tag on the most important cards of the set.

All the prices taken for this article come from TCGPlayer, and they are subject to change depending on the current meta and how it develops around this set.

10 Mew ex 193 (Ultra Rare) – $23

Pokemon TCG Mew Ex Ultra Rare Card

Mew got an ex Card, which was much needed after the success of its VMAX Card, which got a lot of deck variations and was loved by both competitive players and collectors.

Mew has several cards in this set, which you’ll see later on. This one, the Ultra Rare, has Mew in the spotlight in front of a rather plain backdrop. Nonetheless, the high value this card gets comes from its usage alongside a staple of the Scarlet and Violet meta, the mighty Gardevoir ex.

9 Mew ex 205 (Hyper Rare) – $24.82

Pokemon TCG Mew Ex Hyper Rare Card

You won’t have to wait that long to see which of Mew ex’s Cards got the spotlight when it comes to the valuation. The New Species Pokemon also got a Hyper Rare, beautiful golden card.

The price of this card makes sense when you check out its ability, Restart, which lets you draw cards until you have three in your hand. It was a much-needed help to make up for the wide usage Iono and Roxanne have had in the current meta. Genome Hacking, its attack, is also useful to help decks with bad damage output in early turns, like Gardevoir ex.

8 Erika’s Invitation 196 (Ultra Rare) – $26.15

Pokemon TCG Erika's Invitation Ultra Rare Card

We can’t have an expansion without certain fan-favorite characters coming at a premium. This time, it’s the turn of Erika, the Grass-type gym leader from Celadon City.

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This card is gorgeous, focusing on Erika under a beautiful cherry blossom. The contrast between Erika’s clothes and the background creates a heartwarming image. This card’s usage also creates a contrast with how beautiful it is, as it lets you take a look at your opponent’s hand and pick a basic Pokemon to send it to the Active Spot, like a more evil version of Boss Orders. How ironic.

7 Charizard ex 183 (Ultra Rare) – $26.39

Pokemon TCG Charizard Ultra Rare Card

A Kanto-focused set can’t be a success without a Charizard card, and a most valuable list can’t be complete without a Charizard card. It’s written in stone. And this isn’t the only card our fiery lizard will have on this list.

This Charizard card is powerful. It comes with Brave Wing, an attack that deals 60 damage, plus 100 if Charizard got previously injured, and Explosive Vortex, which deals a whopping 330 damage, more than enough to sweep most of the staples of the meta. But as a drawback, it forces Charizard to discard three Fire Energy Cards.

6 Venusaur ex 198 (Special Illustration Rare) – $41.67

Pokemon TCG Venusaur Ex Special Illustration Card

The price of this card skyrocketed for three reasons: Everyone loves Venusaur, it’s a beautiful Illustration Rare card, and it’s a great Grass-type card with excellent potential.

Venusaur is exploring the depths of a colorful jungle, and it can heal itself (or his friends) with his ability, Tranquil Flower, for a total of 60 damage. But if you are a foe, it’s better to not underestimate this beast, as it can confuse and poison you with its Dangerous Toxwhip.

5 Alakazam ex 201 (Special Illustration Rare) – $45.44

Pokemon TCG Alakazam Ex Special Illustration Card

Finally, the stray, the forgotten, the banned Pokemon, Kadabra, has returned from its magical prison. Uri Geller, the warden, has decided to let it go. This can only mean a second-stage Alakazam also returns with an ex card as if nothing changed after years away. Everyone missed you.

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Alakazam gets welcomed back with a powerful and potent Psychic-type card. Its main attack, Mind Jack, has a potential damage output of 240 (if your opponent has a full bench), and it can even attack from the bench with Dimensional Hand.

4 Zapdos ex 202 (Special Illustration Rare) – $51.26

Pokemon TCG Zapdos Ex Special Illustration Card

The list is reaching the honor roll, and with a whopping 52 bucks pricing, Zapdos takes the fourth place. The reason behind its valuation is its competitive usage, as it has no retreat cost and can deal 90 damage to a benched Pokemon that has already received damage during the match.

But that’s not all, as this beautiful card boasts of having the three Legendary Birds on its art. Zapdos is soaring the Kanto skies alongside its brothers, Articuno and Moltres. It’s a card you won’t get tired of seeing, and it’s a card a real Poke-fan would love to have tattooed on an arm.

3 Blastoise ex 200 (Special Illustration Rare) – $51.26

Pokemon TCG Blastoise Ex Card

This list only needed Blastoise to be fully representative of the favorites of Kanto. It’s a menacing card; Blastoise is floating in the middle of the sea, with a menacing pose, death staring at something we can’t see.

Its frightening pose is not a coincidence; this card is tearing the meta apart thanks to its bulkiness (330 HP is a lot for an ex card) and its offensive output. Even its attack’s name, Twin Cannons, is frightening. No one wants to be in front of a single cannon, let alone two. Blastoise’s deck, alongside Palkia VSTAR, is a threat you want to be very far from.

2 Erika’s Invitation 203 (Special Illustration Rare) – $58.12

Pokemon TCG Erika's Invitation Special Illustration Card

Guess who’s back. Erika gets the second spot in this list, reinforcing the creepy “Waifu Tax” theory. Regardless of the really disturbing context, this card is even more gorgeous than its Ultra Rare version.

This card’s art is fully handmade and looks extremely detailed. It gives a warming feeling, which goes atone with Erika’s vibe. It’s chilling and enjoyable, and it even makes you desire to be there, having a great time smelling those perfumes with her. Even the sunlight going through the windows in the background is beautiful.

1 Charizard ex 199 (Special Illustration Rare) – $108.55

Pokemon TCG Charizard Ex Special Illustration Card

There’s no competition if Charizard gets a full art card. It happened with Obsidian Flames, and it’s happened with practically every other set Charizard has shown up in, and it’s now happened again.

The card’s art is very different to what you’ve seen in this list, as it goes for more of a geometric style, parting ways with the anime-like designs that predominate this expansion. This unique style, alongside its great competitive potential, gives Charizard Illustration Rare the crown of this list. Last but not least, Charizard boasts a beautiful belly in this art, and it just looks lovely.

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