The Most Valuable Cards In OP-04: Kingdoms Of Intrigue

Kingdoms Of Intrigue is the fourth set in the beloved One Piece Card Game, and features characters from the popular Alabasta and Dressrosa arcs including the first appearance of Gear Fourth Bounce-Man Monkey D. Luffy in the card game.



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Featuring six different leaders in OP-04, and their alternate arts which are a bit harder to pull, these tend to be some of the most expensive cards in the set. If you pull one, make sure to hold on to it to flex your collection to your friends.

This list uses prices from TCGPlayer, which is subject to change.

10 Monkey.D.Luffy (Alternate Art) – $35.53

Monkey.D.Luffy (Alternate Art) one piece card game op04

Bounce-Man makes its first appearance in the One Piece Card Game. Not only is the art in this alternate art incredible, but the card itself is one of the key cards for the Rebecca leader found in OP-04.

Although this card is not as pricey compared to others in the game. Every Luffy collector will want at least one of these for their collection binder. Make sure to pick it up before it skyrockets in price when everyone starts to realize how strong this card can be.

9 Yamato (Alternate Art) – $39.41

Yamato (Alternate Art) - Kingdoms of Intrigue (OP04)

Yamato got their own starter deck with ST-09, and although the leader card comes with a powerful effect that buffs your Yamato whenever your life total is less than two, the cards included were a bit mediocre to say the least.

They did not have any real synergy with each other, being a combination of different types, and sorely lacked a top end for the deck. With OP-04, players got a new Yamato that serves that purpose, and the art for it is to die for.

8 Sanji (Alternate Art) – 47.25

Sanji (104) (Alternate Art) - Kingdoms of Intrigue (OP04)

One of the most handsome cooks there ever was gets another even better alternate art. This time, wearing his white-on-white wedding outfit from the Whole Cake Island arc. His fiery kicks cover the entire art of the card, adding a subtle combination to the already yellow card.

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This card price will hold up for quite a while since this Sanji becomes a great addition to most yellow decks in the game. It’s a shame that it cannot be searched by Nami since it’s not listed as a “Straw Hat Pirates” type.

7 Queen (Alternate Art) – 47.95

Queen (040) (Alternate Art) - Kingdoms of Intrigue (OP04)

Up until OP-04, every group featured in the One Piece Card Game, excluding the Straw Hat Pirates and the Navy, has only had two different characters from each group as leaders. Animal Kingdom Pirates is the first group to join the three-leader group with Queen.

Every One Piece fan can agree that Queen is up in the list of worst people in the Wano arc, but there is no denying the power of his leader ability, combined with being able to use some of the most powerful cards from OP-03, makes this leader one of the most expensive cards in the set.

6 Nefeltari Vivi (Alternate Art) – $51.13

Nefeltari Vivi (001) (Alternate Art) - Kingdoms of Intrigue (OP04)

Upon seeing this card, most people can agree that this is one of the coolest leader arts ever printed. Bandai has been printing alternate art leaders as Manga drawings of the characters featured, but in OP-04, they decided to give each one a unique artwork with their crew behind them.

Being the Princess of Alabasta and not a pirate, Vivi has no crew, but she is considered a Straw Hat by everyone in the crew. The art shows them all holding their arms up to show Vivi she is one of them as they are leaving Alabasta.

5 Trafalgar Law (SP) – $60.67

Trafalgar Law (SP) - Kingdoms of Intrigue (OP04)

Just like every other set of One Piece Card Game, OP-04 features a set of lottery chase cards that are quite difficult to pull. These cards are all alternate arts for OP-01 Boa Hancock, OP-02 Magellan, OP-02 Edward Newgate, OP-02 Sakazuki, and OP-01 Trafalgar Law.

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This copy of Trafalgar Law is another alternate art for any Law fan to collect —a very expensive goal to have to begin with— and is technically now the max rarity of this extremely playable Law. Whether you are a hardcore Law player or even keen on building an Issho deck, it’s probably best to pick this one up sooner than later.

4 Boa Hancock (SP) – $79.03

Boa Hancock (SP) - Kingdoms of Intrigue (OP04)

Just like the Trafalgar Law card found in this booster set, Boa Hancock is another expensive lottery card. While this Hancock hasn’t seen much play in a while. It is still considered one of the best blockers in the game since it can double as an attacker, all while drawing you extra cards.

Being one of the most popular characters in One Piece, it is no surprise that fans will pay top dollar for another alternate art of the captain of the Kuja Pirates herself.

3 Donquixote Doflamingo (Alternate Art) – $102.43

Donquixote Doflamingo (019) (Alternate Art) - Kingdoms of Intrigue (OP04)

Doflamingo has been prolific in the One Piece Card Game. With four different character cards printed as of OP-04, he rivals the protagonist, Monkey D. Luffy, in amount of cards printed in the game.

Receiving his second leader card, Doflamingo takes over OP-04 by introducing the rest of his pirate crew, aptly posing behind their captain in the alternate version of green / purple Doflamingo.Being that specific color combination opens up the opportunity to play all the “FILM” type cards, making it the most popular version to build his deck.

2 Rebecca (Alternate Art) – $106.78

Rebecca (039) (Alternate Art) - Kingdoms of Intrigue (OP04)

Up until OP-04, every dual color leader was only allotted four life cards. This was used to make the game balanced for single-color leaders due to the game’s color restriction stating that you can only include cards of the same color as your leader card.

Both Vivi and Rebecca are dual-colored leaders with five life cards. The catch is that these leaders cannot attack, but that doesn’t mean that Rebecca is not an absolute monster.

Arguably one of the best decks in the OP-04 meta, her pool of Dressrosa cards introduced in this booster set are so powerful that her leader price is one of the most expensive cards in the entire set.

1 Sabo (Alternate Art) (Manga) – $349.98

Sabo (Alternate Art) (Manga) - Kingdoms of Intrigue (OP04)

Every booster set has a lucky Manga Rare card hidden within its packs, and Flame Emperor Sabo is the winner of the Manga treatment in Kingdoms Of Intrigue. The best part about Manga cards is the inclusion of some of the most iconic moments featuring that character, and Sabo is no exception. You can see the wonderful moment of Luffy reuniting with his long-lost brother.


Not only will this card cost you an arm and a leg on its own, Sabo is a must in every Rebecca deck, so if you are a max rarity Rebecca player, then forget about finishing the deck unless you have tons of Berry to spend on this…

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