The Most Useful Materials To Have In Starfield

If you’ve traveled through the Settled Systems of Starfield, you probably know that you need many elements, tools, and resources to improve your weapons, ships, and outposts. Many of these things can be picked up, mined, or purchased.



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However, knowing which of these materials you need to prioritize is challenging. Which have the most diverse uses, which ones will serve you best, and in what areas? There are an overwhelming number of valuable materials in the game, but you’ll be pleased to learn that a few are a cut above the rest and deserve more of your attention.

10 Fiber

Starfield, Screenshot Of Fiber On The Vendor Screen

Fiber has several crafting and outpost uses that you will find essential to continually improving your character, companions, and equipment.

With fiber, you can research projects like decoration levels one, two, and three to improve your outposts, and you can craft armor mods like ballistic shielding and graviton composites for your space suits. However, fiber is most helpful when it comes to crafting outpost structures. You can use fiber to craft a spacesuit workbench, chairs, rugs, and even toilet paper to improve the immersion and personalize your outposts.

9 Amino Acids

Starfield, Screenshot Of Amino Acids On The Vendor Screen

Amino acids are essential and valuable when it comes to their research implications. They offer limited versatility in terms of what they are used for when researching; however, the few things that require amino acids are very important.

If you need pharmacology research like medical one and two, then you have to own amino acids, as they are vital ingredients to this piece of research that improves your health and makes it more difficult to kill you when you come up against hostiles. Amino acids are also essential in crafting the regeneration pack slot for your armor.

8 Lubricant

Starfield, Scrfeenshot Of Lubricant On The Vendor Screen

With lubricants, you don’t get a lot of applications, but the few applications are too good to pass up. Lubricants are critical components in crafting mods that improve your weapon handling. This is sort of ironic, as a lubricant would typically make things slippery and harder to handle.

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You need lubricant when crafting the stabilizing barrel mod, which can be applied to one of the best particle beam weapons, the Va’Ruun Inflictor, among other impressive rifles.

Starfield, Screenshot Of Metabolic Agent On The Vendor Screen

Metabolic agent doesn’t have a wide range of uses and cannot be applied to too many different tasks or research projects.

However, it is essential when you need to research performance enhancement in the pharmacology department, as well as medical treatment three, which is also in the pharmacology department. Both of these research projects significantly improve your character’s stats and health.

6 Polytextile

Starfield, Screenshot Of Lootable Polytextile

Polytextile can be implemented when crafting armor mods like EM shielding for your spacesuits, energy shielding, and the pocketed spacesuit mod, which increases your carrying capacity so you can pick up more loot.

The most interesting thing about polytextile material is that you can craft them with two fibers and one cosmetic. This means you can buy, loot, and even make your polytextile material if you want.

5 Cosmetic

Starfield, Screenshot Of Cosmetic On The Vendor Screen

Cosmetic material is interesting and quite useful because not only is it used to craft mods, but it is also used to research the mods themselves.

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With the cosmetic material, you can research helmet mods one and spacesuit mods one as well. You can also use the material to craft some beneficial mods, such as ballistic, EM, and energy shielding for your helmet for extra protection. You can also craft ballistic and EM shielding mods for your spacesuits with cosmetic material.

4 Immunostimulant

Starfield, Screenshot Of Immunostimulant On The Inventory Screen

In the dangerous Settled Systems of Starfield, where there are pirates, bounty hunters, mercenaries, spacers, and aliens to worry about, it is always important to be prepared, which is where the immunostimulant material’s one and only use will come in handy.

You may have the best handguns or the most powerful rifles in the game, but they’re no good to you if you’re dead. With the immunostimulant, you can research medical treatment four, which is a game changer for your health stats.

3 High-Tensile Spidroin

Starfield, Screenshot Of High-Tensile Spidroin On The Inventory Screen

The High-Tensile Spidron material greatly improves the defensive capabilities of all the equipment you have on your person. These mods are crucial, especially further down the line when you start to encounter more deadly enemies that cause more significant damage.

High-tensile Spidron material is crucial when crafting heavy shielding mods for your spacesuits. The material is also utilized when crafting heavy shielding mods for your helmets.

2 Polymer

Starfield, Screenshot Of Polymer On The Vendor Screen

Polymer is exceptionally versatile and can be used in several different areas, like a bunch of weapon and armor mods that you will find incredibly useful.

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With polymer, you can craft the focus nozzle and stabilizing stock mods, improving the range, accuracy, and handling of your weapons. You can craft EM-charged shot mods, slug shot mods, and double barrel muzzle for improved damage and more versatile effects. For better stealth, you can craft a suppressor. You can also craft armor mods that improve your defenses, health, and carrying capacity.

1 Adhesive

Starfield, Screenshot Of Adhesive On The Vendor Screen

In everything you do connected to your weapons and armor during your playthrough, you will realize that adhesive is needed. It is a crucial ingredient in the crafting and modding of so many different essential items, making it one of the most important materials you can find in the game.

Adhesives can be used to craft weapon mods like armor-piercing rounds to tear through enemy armor, explosive rounds for more damage across wider areas, drum magazines for more ammo, and electromagnetic beams. For your armor, you can craft energy shielding for your spacesuit, explosive shielding, and even explosive shielding for helmets, to name a few. If you find adhesive, grab it; it could come in handy.

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