The Most Terrifying Monsters In RPGs

When adventuring through the sprawling worlds of RPGs, you typically come across your classic monsters, like rats and bats, but there are some occasions where you encounter spine-chilling creatures that bring a sense of horror into the atmosphere.



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If you ever come face to face with these terrifying monsters, you’re likely to remember their grotesque and eerie designs. They also leave a lasting impression thanks to the way they’re introduced, the way they move, and the horrifying sounds they make. When you defeat these monsters, you’ll be glad the whole ordeal is finally over. Until you see them in your nightmares, that is.

8 Ghoul – Final Fantasy 7 Remake

Ghoul in Final Fantasy 7 Remake

Final Fantasy 7 Remake’s Ghoul has a classic ghost-like introduction, with boxes and lights being thrown towards Cloud, Aerith, and Tifa seemingly by an invisible force. When it does materialize, it’s quite the ghastly spectre.

It has skeletal arms draped with ragged fabric and long talons stained red, as if by blood. Its abdomen appears to have a face with glowing yellow eyes and a menacing grin. Above this face, it has even more eyes, similar to a spider. It’s just a little unnerving to feel that many eyes on you.

7 Ultimate Chimera – Mother 3

Split images of the Ultimate Chimera and Lucas and a close up of the Ultimate Chimera in Mother 3

While venturing through the Chimera Laboratory in Mother 3, Lucas and the party are trying to evade the Ultimate Chimera that is prowling the facility. If the Ultimate Chimera catches you, it will result in an instant game over. The scariness of this monster is less about its appearance and more about its intimidating presence.

Hearing the Ultimate Chimera roaring through the walls, not knowing if it will be behind the next door you open, is unnerving. It’s especially creepy when you think you’re safe, but it bashes against the door to try to break through. To obtain the Awesome Ring later in the game, though, you have to brave the Ultimate Chimera once again, which can be a shock if you aren’t expecting it to make a return.

6 Mind Stealer – Skies Of Arcadia

Mind Stealer in Skies of Arcadia

Skies of Arcadia’s Mind Stealers wouldn’t be amiss in a horror movie. This enemy is the stuff of nightmares – a human corpse reanimated by a parasitic insect that has taken root on its head, puppeteering the dead body.

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Encountering multiple Mind Stealers is a chilling experience. The design mixes two scary things – corpses and insects – so it’s bound to send a shiver down your spine when you meet them in the Catacombs. These monsters leave a lasting impression on you, leaving you hoping that you’re not next on the parasitic bug’s hit list.

5 Clifftop Bayern – Xenoblade Chronicles

Clifftop Bayern on the cliff in Xenoblade Chronicles

If Xenoblade Chronicles’ Antols aren’t terrifying enough, the Unique Monster Clifftop Bayern takes it to the next level. While enticed by an item you need for a side quest, you’ll approach the edge of a cliff on the Bionis Leg, only to be ambushed by the Clifftop Bayern that crawls up from the side of the cliff to antagonize Shulk and the party.

Considering how early you can encounter the monster, you most likely won’t be prepared to take on the Clifftop Bayern, and will be caught off guard by its horrifying appearance, leaving you with little choice but to abandon the item and turn tail for safety. Interestingly, Shulk recalls this encounter in Xenoblade Chronicles 3’s DLC – perhaps it gave him life-long arachnophobia…

4 Winter Lantern – Bloodborne

Winter Lantern Enemy in Bloodborne

Bloodborne is full of nightmarish monsters, but the Winter Lantern is perhaps one of the most disturbing. The Winter Lantern can inflict Frenzy on your character and has deadly tentacles that it can use to grab you.

This monster is human-like from the neck down, but the head is a whole different story. Its head resembles a huge brain with multiple eyeballs scattered across it. It will also sing eerily when you are nearby, which creates a haunting atmosphere as you decide whether it’s worth engaging with the creature or if you’re better off running.

3 Anima – Final Fantasy 10

Anima crying out in pain during an attack in Final Fantasy 10

You first see Anima as Maester Seymour’s Aeon at the blitzball game in Luca, where she has been summoned to destroy the monsters that are attacking. Anima’s appearance contrasts sharply with the rest of the Aeons in Final Fantasy 10 because of her macabre design that is more akin to horror.

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Her arms are crossed against her chest as if she’s lying inside a tomb, with chains binding her into position. The texture of her skin gives a mummy-like impression, with long fangs protruding from her sharp-toothed mouth. If that wasn’t enough, she appears to be inspired by a Venus fly trap. It’s possible that Anima’s design symbolizes a soul trapped in purgatory, which is reflected in the game’s story.

2 Abomination – Suikoden 2

Abomination in Suikoden 2

Aptly named, Abomination is a boss called by Neclord to take out the party in Suikoden 2. It’s a colossal monster with five faces that toe the line between skin and bone and an exposed ribcage on its abdomen.

Abomination is on all fours despite having two hands, which gives the impression that it’s about to leap towards the party. Even more creepily, this monster scuttles like a spider across the ground, moving each limb independently. Abomination can be difficult to beat, particularly as it can damage all of your party members by jumping and squashing them.

1 The Caretaker – The Witcher 3

The Caretaker in The Witcher 3

When you first catch a glimpse of the Caretaker in The Witcher 3, it appears to be a regular man, but as soon as it turns its face, the illusion is broken. Where you would expect to see a face, the Caretaker has a slab of skin stapled onto its head, and it appears the wound hasn’t completely healed, as blood oozes out of the edges.

Though it lacks eyes and a nose, it still has a mouth; however, even more eerily, it doesn’t speak and instead makes inhuman noises when Geralt fights it.

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