The Most Memorable Quotes From Lies Of P

Lies of P is a more brutal horror Soulslike retelling of Pinocchio’s story that offers rich and atmospheric enemy-filled environments, but another area where it also excels is populating its world with effective characters who have well-written dialogue. This, in turn, leaves you with some great takeaways in regard to their quotes.



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With so much lore, NPCs, side quests, and story for you to explore in Krat, you’ll be just as busy with dialogue as defeating the Puppet and Petrification Disease bosses Lies of P throws at you. And here are some of the more memorable lines and conversations you’ll hear in the game.

Beware some major spoilers for Lies of P’s story below.

1 “Geppetto’s Puppet… We Need Your Help.” – Sophia

A blue butterfly sitting on Pinocchio's mechanical arm about to bring him to life during the opening credits montage.

These are the first words you hear from Sophia in the game before you even know who she is as a character. It’s right at the introduction to Pinocchio’s character, who’s lifeless in his chair in the train car at Krat Central Station until a blue butterfly dissolves into his body to bring him to life.

This is the pivotal moment that initiates Pinocchio’s adventures in the original tale, and the game seems to have taken inspiration from Disney’s adaptation, where the Blue Fairy sees to it that Geppetto’s puppet comes alive. This quote is also a call to action echoed throughout the game since, Pinocchio is Krat’s chosen one to stop the Puppet Frenzy and further devastation of Petrification Disease.

2 “Ergo Is The Miracle That Made Krat Prosper.” – Sophia

Pinocchio's legion arm holding a flame of Blue Ergo amid the backround structures of Krat as appearing on the game's cover art.

Ergo is the glowing blue essence you collect from fallen enemies to use for enhancements and other purchases, and it’s also the compound keeping you alive. This is tragic irony coming from the Blue Fairy Sophia because, while Ergo does power Stargazers to replenish your health and create checkpoints, Ergo is what ultimately contributed to the Puppet Frenzy and Petrification Disease that led to the downfall of Krat.

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The opening credits and closing reveal that what went down in Krat was something along the lines of the Black Iron Prison experiment in The Callisto Protocol. The founders of Krat discovered large rock deposits with blue Ergo fragments that the Alchemists used to try and advance evolution, unleashing the Petrification Disease that claimed and transformed innocent townsfolk.

3 “Finally, We Meet, Son.” – Geppetto

A close-up of Geppetto from Lies of P when you first meet him in the game after the Mad Donkey boss fight.

Unlike in the original story and the movie adaptations of Pinocchio, Lies of P changes the order of events and has you meet many other characters first before finally reuniting with Geppetto. Neither he nor Pinocchio are found anywhere near home, and the game makes it quite the journey to get to him, having you clear difficult bosses through many areas just to hear him say: “Finally, we meet, son.”

When you’ve completed your Soulslike business with the Mad Donkey boss, Geppetto exits the carriage he was trapped in and meets Pinocchio in his live form for the first time. It’s one of the more beautiful and heartfelt moments to witness in this darker retelling and establishes the father-son relationship for the rest of the game.

4 “Grand Covenant’s Fourth Law: A Puppet Cannot Lie.” – Hotel Door, Polendina

Lies Of P, Showing a puppet factory

Another important theme explored in Lies of P is that all puppets are built with pre-programmed laws, sort of like Isaac Asimov’s Three Laws of Robotics. Except Krat’s puppets must follow four, and the fourth law says that a puppet cannot lie. This is especially significant to Pinocchio’s character, because Geppetto created only him with the ability to tell lies.

Pinocchio being allowed to do the exact opposite of the programming becomes a key mechanic in the game that will alter the story’s outcomes. There will be certain points where you choose between lying or being truthful, and depending on how much more you do the former versus the latter will result in you obtaining one of three possible endings.

5 “I’m Gemini, Your Friendly Puppet Guide. Or Friendly Guide Puppet? One Of Those.” – Gemini

Split-image of Pinocchio with the lamp containing Gemini the cricket guide in Lies of P, and Jiminy Cricket from the animated Disney movie Pinocchio.

A more lighthearted and funny quote in Lies of P comes from your cricket companion named Gemini. Yes, precisely that Gemini, just spelled like the astrological sign and stowed away inside a lamp on your waist. Similar to the story and as the quote states, this talking cricket remains your guide throughout the gameplay.

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Gemini is just coming out of a state of shock when you first start interacting with him, so you’ll have to excuse him for struggling to come up with a better title for himself. The cricket knows he’s there to be a guide for puppets and is not exactly a puppet himself, so “guide puppet” is certainly one that doesn’t belong in this case, but “puppet guide” can just as likely be misconstrued.

6 “This Is Where Evolution Becomes Real.” – Champion Victor

A still of Lies of P's boss Champion Victor showing off his moves by swinging and punching the air prior to your battle.

This is a pretty hilarious line that further drives the point that Ergo is used as a means of unlocking accelerated evolution and eternal life. It’s said proudly by Champion Victor during his intro as he enters the arena to battle it out. Looking at his design, you immediately think Bane, but powered with Ergo fluid.

The giant mutant monstrosity that is Victor is pumped and eager to show you what his evolution from too much Ergo can do to you, and is probably Simon Manus’ biggest champion not just for battling but in ideology. This quote is what you might call an odd flex, but there’s no doubt you’ll forget it anytime soon.

7 “Ah, And When I Return, I Will Find Her. For Sure. Another Key Of Ours, Dorothy.” – Paracelsus

A tease of Dorothy on a rooftop in Krat tapping the ruby slippers together during the post-credit cutscene in Lies Of P.

This quote leads to a lingering question Lies of P ends on – is Dorothy Gale from The Wizard of Oz the next character being adapted by Neowiz? The mere mention of her name in the post-credits scene, followed by the final shot of her tapping the ruby slippers three times, is one of the most mind-blowing moments in the game.

This quote reveals that Pinocchio and Krat weren’t the only targets, or “keys,” in the quest for immortality the Alchemists are searching for. Philippus Paracelsus, disguised as the merchant Giangio in the game, is based on a true historical figure and is said to be a leader in the organization who vows to find Dorothy before their next meet, which perfectly sets up the sequel story adaptation.

8 “Give Me Your Heart, Son.” – Geppetto

A lifeless Pinocchio lying on the ground as Geppetto uses his heart to bring back his son Carlo.

The final choice you’re forced to make in Lies of P. Should you give Geppetto your heart, or refuse his demand? He promises to turn you into a human, as per the lore of the original story, but something’s not adding up. You placed your trust in him this far. However, Geppetto turns out to be nothing more than a traitorous villain in the end and requires your heart to resurrect his actual son Carlo.

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A decision leading directly into one of the multiple endings while setting up the Geppetto twist, giving up P’s heart will require more consideration than usual. You might even have to revisit it once you’ve beat the game to try and see different outcomes, as it’s a life-and-death moment for Pinocchio and Geppetto.

9 “Moneybags Himself, Lorenzini Venigni, Is Inside The Factory This Very Moment.” – Red Fox

Pinocchio talking with Venigni inside his factory, asking to decode the Rusty Cryptic Vessel.

Lorenzini Venigni is a fun character not only for his first and last names rhyming perfectly and sounding like a pasta entrée but also due to his reputation as the arrogant, genius, and wealthy inventor of Krat’s puppets, which earned quite the silly nickname for himself – “Moneybags” Venigni.

He’s first referred to as “Moneybags” by the NPC Red Fox near his factory. When you first meet Venigni for yourself, you’ll immediately see his vanity and success on full display in his office room decor, and in the way he talks about himself, that Moneybags will just stick.

10 “People Have No Idea So Many Secrets Are Buried In Krat…” – Antonia

P Sitting Behind Lady Antonia as she looks at a portrait in Lies of P

Antonia may be an ailing hotel owner in Krat, allowing her establishment to be a haven for those escaping Petrification Disease and the Puppet Frenzy, but she knows more than she lets on about the town’s sinister history and true purpose.

Throughout the game, you feel sympathy toward her Petrification illness, but there’s an eerie and mysterious vibe to her character as well. This is an intriguing yet unsettling quote that proves this exact point. However, what other secrets she may know, she takes with her to the grave.

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