The Most Helpful Dishes In Silent Hope

Silent Hope is a dungeon crawler where you will face many challenges and frightening foes, but there are also many components that you find in life sims. Use life sim mechanics, like farming and cooking, to help you complete all the challenges ahead of you in the dungeon levels.



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The dishes you make in Silent Hope can be used to support your dungeon activities and help you achieve more in the game. Make the dishes that will give you the best buffs for the task ahead, as some of these will boost your stats, increase your resistance, and even help you farm XP.

8 Turnip Fried Rice

The fighter preparing a dish in the kitchen at base camp, and an overview of forgotten town when choosing all dishes in Silent Hope.

You have to defeat the boss in the fourth layer to get the Turnip Fried Rice recipe, but it is well worth the effort. This recipe will give you plus ten EXP gain, which makes it a little easier to level up because you’ll get a boost to every point of experience.

The recipe is a bit complicated and takes several ingredients, so be prepared to do some farming in order to make it. You will need one Leek, three Rice, one Carrot, two Eggs, and one Turnip to make this recipe just once.

7 Fruit Sandwich

Silent Hope player at the home base, showing the cooking area .

When you need to boost your health to take on a particularly gnarly boss, make a Fruit Sandwich. This recipe does not take a ton of ingredients and it gives you a mad HP boost of plus six percent, a healthy jump up for your health.

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To make a fruit sandwich, you need one Wheat, three Cream, and three Strawberries. You need to return to your base to cook recipes and speak with the kitchen cook, where you will find a record of all the recipes you have learned.

6 Pineapple Juice

Silent Hope home base showing farm player walking around

To unlock the Pineapple Juice recipe, return to your base with 500 runes in your inventory. This is a simple recipe to make that gives you 50 percent Poison Resistance, which is a massive boost.

You can make pineapple juice using one Pineapple, and once you learn how to make it you should keep some with you, in case you encounter a toxic enemy.

5 Orangette

Silent Hope player fighting a monster at night near a glowing stone.

You will find the Orangette recipe in a treasure chest in the fifth layer. It does take a lot of ingredients to make and it is difficult to get to this recipe, but it’s well worth the effort because making this dish gives you an extra eight percent evasion.

Make this recipe using three Cacao, three Oranges, and five Honey. Once you have some Orangette, you will be able to handle a lot more damage, so you can take on the most dangerous enemies.

4 Turnip Egg Rice

Silent Hope player walking in the overworld with a sword and shield equipped.

You will get a bonus of five rune gain when you make Turnip Egg Rice, which is a great boost that you can start using as soon as you learn this recipe. However, you’ll want to make this recipe regardless of that boost because it will unlock the Tea recipe, which will give you 50 percent freeze resistance.

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Make turnip egg rice using two Tomatoes, three Eggs, three Rice, one Butter, and one Turnip. The extra rune gain will make farming go a lot faster, which can help you farm the 500 runes you need to learn the Pineapple Juice recipe, another highly useful recipe that you’ll want to have in your collection.

3 Egg Bowl

Silent Hope player finding plants near an open chest in the overworld.

You will need to get the fourth layer and open a treasure chest to find the Egg Bowl recipe. This recipe is complicated, but it’s worth all the energy it takes to find and make because the buff it provides gives you a huge advantage.

Once complete, the egg bowl will give you a minus two percent skill cooldown, which can allow you to get some things done much more quickly. To make an egg bowl, you will need one Leek, one Onion, three Rice, and three Eggs.

2 Turnip Parfait

Silent Hope in game cinematic showing player with pitchfork and characters gathered around

After you defeat the boss on the third layer, you’ll get the Turnip Parfait recipe, which is one of the most useful recipes in the entire game because it gifts you with plus one percent movement speed. You will literally do everything faster and that’s a huge boost.

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Make turnip parfait with one turnip, one Orange, one Peach, three Strawberries, and three Cream. It’s a lot of ingredients, but the benefit you get from this recipe makes it well worth all the farming you will do to make it.

1 Turnip Ice Cream

Silent Hope cinematic showing homestead overhead view

Boost your stats with a plus 13 percent crit with Turnip Ice Cream, which is an enormous boost to your stats and is incredibly useful in any battle. This huge increase in your crit will make your blows land much harder and help you defeat any particularly difficult enemies.

Make turnip ice cream with one Turnip, three Milk, three Cream, and five Honey. This will become a go-to pre-fight food for you, so you’ll want to make this recipe once you get it, and you should use it for all your big battles to maximize your fighting powers.

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