The Main Characters And Cast Of Gotham Knights

Batman has a long history in games, but no titles are quite like Gotham Knights. And that is not just because The Dark Knight doesn’t really feature in it. The title also takes a bit of creative liberty with several of its characters. They’re all clearly influenced by the original versions, but the developers tweaked them a bit. It makes sense that they would be a little different, considering they’re living in a Batman-less world. After all, the Caped Crusader significantly impacts his friends and foes.



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Not only are the characters different, but so are the people who play them, as the team behind the game didn’t hire the same actors that usually play Batman characters. Here are the people behind the new voices.

10 Alfred Pennyworth – Gildart Jackson

Split Image Of Alfred From Gotham Knights And Giles From Whodunnit?

As in most Batman projects, Alfred is a loyal ally to the Bat Family. Without the Dark Knight around, he has to guide the young heroes and help them become Gotham’s protectors.

The wise old man is voiced by Gildart Jackson. He is a British actor who has appeared on many American TV shows, such as Charmed, Whodunnit? and Supernatural. In fact, in Whodunnit? he also played a butler. You also may have heard his voice in Star Wars: The Old Republic.

9 Mr. Freeze – Donald Chang

Split Image Of Mr. Freeze From Gotham Knights And Donald Chang From Younger

Mr. Freeze is a classic Batman rogue, and he takes on the Bat Family in this game. In the Gotham Knights universe, he has just returned to his life of villainy and he’s not exactly the sympathetic figure he is often portrayed as.

He is brought to life by Donald Chang. The actor isn’t incredibly well-known, but he has appeared in various shorts and occasional episodes of TV shows. He also provided the English voice for Hwang Jun-Ho in Squid Game.

8 Harley Quinn – Kari Wahlgren

Split Image Of Harley Quinn From Gotham Knights And Rena Tracey From Criminal Minds

Few Batman villains have appeared in as many games as Harley Quinn. Yet, the version from Gotham Knights is very different from the others. She is a bit older and more mature than she is typically depicted.

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Her voice actress is Kari Wahlgren. You have likely heard her voice before, even if you don’t know it. This is because she has voiced countless characters throughout anime, western animation, films, and video games. Her most famous video game characters are Kitana and Mileena from Mortal Kombat 11 and Mortal Kombat 1.

7 Clayface – Brian Keane

Split Image Of Clayface From Gotham Knights And Brian Keane From Law And Order

Once an actor named Basil Karlo, Clayface is now a shape-shifting criminal with a vendetta against Batman. The new protectors of Gotham have to stop him from causing problems throughout the city.

The actor behind the actor is Brian Keane. He primarily works in television as he’s appeared in plenty of different series, typically in one-off episodes or short stints. Billions and House of Cards are two of the biggest shows he’s been a part of.

6 Penguin – Elias Toufexis

Split Image Of Penguin From Gotham Knights and Cold From Star Wars Discovery

Oswald Cobblepott, better known as Penguin, always tends to be a problem-causer in Batman media. That doesn’t entirely change in Gotham Knights, but he is also a bit of an ally in the game, too, albeit an uneasy one.

The complicated character is voiced by Elias Tourexis. While the actor has been in a fair few TV series, he is mostly known for voicing video game characters. He has been Leonidas from Assassin’s Creed: Odyssey and Vince from As Dusk Falls. His most famous role, though, is Adam Jensen from the Deus Ex series.

5 Talia Al Ghul – Emily O’Brien

Split Image Of Talia From Gotham Knights And Gwen Rizczech From Days Of Our Lives

With the passing of her father, Talia al Ghul serves as the leader of the League Of Shadows in this game. And she is seen as a potential threat to the Bat Family and Gotham as a whole.

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Emily O’Brien is the one to provide her voice. She is an experienced voice actress, particularly in the gaming realm. She is Sarah Morgan in Starfield, Scarlet Witch in Marvel’s Midnight Suns, and Mary-Ann Ronan in Tell Me Why. She is even in another great Batman game called Batman: The Enemy Within, where she voices multiple characters.

4 Red Hood And Jason Todd – Stephen Oyoung

Split Image Red Hood From Gotham Knights and Stephen Oyoung

Jason Todd, aka Red Hood, is the tank of the Bat Family. But he’s not as ruthless as the standard version of Red Hood, as he avoids killing people in Gotham Knights. Mentally, he is still recovering from being murdered and revived.

Red Hood is played by Stephen Oyoung. The actor has been in several big movies and series, such as Terminator: Dark Fate and The Book of Boba Fett. His most famous role in video games is as Martin Li in Spider-Man.

3 Robin And Tim Drake – Sloane Morgan Siegel

Split Image Of Robin From Gotham Knights And Dwight From Dwight In Shining Armor

Robin is the youngest and smallest member of the Bat Family. He’s also the least experienced, so he’s arguably got the most to prove in Batman’s absence. He is the stealthy one of the group.

The character is played by Sloane Morgan Siegel. While he isn’t in many video games, he’s been a part of a lot of other projects. For instance, he is the star of both the Dwight In Shining Armor series and the Gortimer Gibbon’s Life On Normal Street series. He has also appeared in shows such as The Goldbergs and NCIS.

2 Batgirl And Barbara Gordon – America Young

Split Image Of Batgirl From Gotham Knights And America Young

The Barbara Gordon in Gotham Knights has returned to crime-fighting after her stint as Oracle. This return came about in the wake of her father’s death. In the game, she is grieving both her father and Batman.

Her actress is America Young. She isn’t a common voice in the video game world, but she has plenty of TV and film credits. Several of them are for various Barbie projects on Netflix. She is also a regular in The Monster’s High series.

1 Nightwing And Dick Grayson – Christopher Sean

Split Image Of Nightwing From Gotham Knights And Paul Narita From Days Of Our Lives

Without Batman, Nightwing is the most natural leader of the Bat Family, even if he’s not technically in charge. This is because he has the most experience and even served as a city’s main protector when he was in Bludhaven. Yet, he still struggles to get out of the Dark Knight’s shadow.

Portraying the acrobat is Christopher Sean. He has been a part of several big projects in his career, from playing Paul Narita in Days Of Our Lives to portraying Brandon in You. He’s also lent his voice to various video games, such as Horizon Forbidden West and Fallout 76: Wastelanders.

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